AP-Rhino Release Gen II Carbon Fiber Handguards

AP Customs – Rhino Firearms has announced the release of their latest Generation II carbon-fiber handguards. At first glance, they largely look like the Generation I, but there are improvements in the interface with the handguard to the nut. AP-Rhino claims the system is more rigid.

Other changes include a new dedicated bipod stud location and the optional full-length picatinny rail for optics and accessory mounting.

The handguards are available in .223 and .308, ranging from Carbine-length to a whopping 17 inches. Prices range from $135-$299 and are available from AP-Rhio directly.


At AP-Rhino, we’ve made our name on the strength of our engineering and on our commitment to quality.  For our second generation of Ultra-Light Series Carbon Fiber Handguards, we took something that wasn’t broken, and we fixed it anyway. Because at AP-Rhino, we never stop innovating.

What’s New?

  • Aluminum trim cap
  • More rigid rail attachment
  • Rock-solid proprietary trunnion system
  • Dedicated bipod stud location
  • Barrel Nut Included
  • Full length top rail now available as aftermarket accessory
  • Optional Simple Fit trunnion system allows installation of handguard without removing mil-spec barrel nut

Barrel nut and trunnion system is backwards compatible with Gen I

Nathan S

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  • WV Cycling

    No details on weight? Shameful

    • It’s there. Select the handguard you’re interested in on AP Custom website, and click the “Additional Information” tab.

      The Rhino rifle-length Keymod handguard with top rail is 13.53 ounces. My UTG 12.5″ slim Keymod handguard with top rail is 11 ounces, and way cheaper. The BCM 12″ Keymod handguard is less than 8 ounces, IIRC, because it’s made of a magnesium alloy.

      • raz-0

        Yes, but the round tube ones are affordable and very light. I have a couple gen 1.5 tubes (real gen 1 only came in glossy and had some differences to what was for sale most places a bit later). 5.4oz for the 12″ version is pretty light.

  • Nicks87

    I’d like to see an extensive review on these. Can anybody point me in the right direction.

  • Don

    I bought one of their 12″ carbon fiber keymod handguards to lighten up my AR with a 24″ stainless bull barrel. It is a well built item and it feels as light as they claim. Most of the weight is at the rear in the nut area. The only issue I had with it was that it wasn’t a perfect fit for my setup. I have a bull barrel with a low profile adjustable gas block, the barrel at the gas block is .936. When the handguard was installed it rested on the top of the gas block just enough to push the handguard up so that there was a 1/16″ gap at the bottom where the handguard meets the upper. I tried to adjust the aluminum end cap on the end of the handguard but I had no luck. So I will save it and use it on one of my other builds that isn’t using a heavy bull barrel. I’d still recommend the handguard for anyone looking to lighten up their AR as long as you don’t use a heavy bull barrel.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I just bought what I presume is a Gen 1 for my Gucci gun build. I’d like to know if the Gen 2 parts can be purchased alone and retrofitted, because this build isn’t even finished yet but the tube is installed. It is a bit loose at the tube-to-nut interface, though probably not enough to be concerned for normal use, it is bothersome for this build. I really like the rails design and quality, it turned out to be a good choice over the PRI Delta rail that I couldn’t bring myself to buy for $380. That’s over twice the price of the AP and more expensive than any other component in the build, which I can’t make peace with.