X-Products Can Launcher Grappling Hook

X-Products made the Can Launcher.


Well they have expanded a bit and made a grappling hook projectile. You can see they designed the bottom just like a soda can. They said they were able to launch it 100 yards.


Nicholas C

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  • Roy

    Until that video, I didn’t know I “needed” this.

  • This just gives me one more reason to climb trees as an adult.

  • Blake

    I’m guessing that grappling hook would have just a wee bit more recoil than a soda can…

    • James Malarkey

      Actually it’s less, it’s lighter than a full soda.

  • echelon

    Ohp…you published that they launched it 100yds. Surely the ATF will figure out some way to restrict or ban this now. We can’t have mere citizens of the Republic launching projectiles like a grappling hook 100yds! That ability should be reserved for “approved personnel” only.

    • Ethan


      • Jake Hunt

        FTLA’s (Three-Letter-Acronyms).

    • Porty1119

      Worst case is that it could be considered a DD…but, if memory serves, line – throwing devices are exempted from this classification.

      • Tassiebush

        Hehe it could certainly be considered destructive if you fire it through a window and attach other end of line to recovery point of 4×4 then use it to pull the facade off the building 😉

        • BryanS

          OK, now its a must have.

      • echelon

        I think you’re underestimating the capriciousness of the ATF.

    • LCON

      two words: Sig Brace.

    • nobody

      Nope, it doesn’t fire fixed ammunition and therefore is exempt from the NFA/GCA. This will be regulated just like a muzzle loader.

      • echelon

        Until it’s not.

      • noob

        hey is a lemon cannon a muzzle loader, even though you spray the hair spray in the screw cap breech?

        I never understood the law on lemon cannons.

  • Marty Ewer

    Of all the things I want this year, a can cannon is top on my list–especially after stopping by the X-Products booth at SHOT. Very decent people.

  • Vhyrus

    You could become an actual mall ninja with one of these. I could imagine swinging between floors after grappling the adjacent railing.

  • LCON

    Finally My Utility Belt is Complete!! Robin to the Batmobile!!

    • jared

      Bah, you beat me to the batman joke.

  • mechamaster

    Imagine the can launcher used to launch cupcake or canned bread too.

    ‘Tactical pie-thrower’ lol.

    • sianmink

      I didn’t know I needed a canned brown bread launcher until now.

  • gunslinger

    bat hook

  • Rick

    I wonder how many out of shape tacticool guys will buy this? Lots – however they can’t lift their body weight to save their life.

    • Ethan

      SHUT UP!!
      You’re going to scare them off from trying it and rob us of watching some spectacularly entertaining natural selection. 😛

  • sianmink

    100 yards with cordage attached? Because I don’t see much use for a grappling hook launcher otherwise.

  • M P

    100 yds distance, but how high can you shoot the grappling hook? That’s the more important measurement in my opinion.

    • James Malarkey

      Depends solely on the charge of the round. An M200A lake city blank will only launch it about 60 FT vertical, with 42 yards of linear length with a rope. An up-charged load will send it much farther.

      • Nergyl

        That’s actually some pretty good performance. Now I just need to get my hands on a powered rope ascender…

  • And they’re going to sell this to??? 14 people with a legitimate use for it?

    Nah, thousands of spec ops wannabes!

    • James Malarkey

      Bingo! Actually it has practical use, launching lines for little Timmy who’s stuck in rapids, Arborist who need to pull the direction of a tree and dock workers who need to get lines to a boat. But don’t worry our creativity doesn’t end there.

      • Random Disabled Person

        …..Getting that rope up and over on that hard/unsafe to climb tree branch for a cool rope swing for the kids or for use at the river….. The uses go up rural areas. String on arrow will only do so much, and this removes the large part of the needed ability to use a decent to powerful bow.

        Although I see that nylon rope being replaced with wire rope, for many more aggressive pulling actions.

        Sometimes the novelty items develop a weird niche market. Orjust maybe its combination of “how can i do this” crossed with “what do I have”. I wonder if the LGS will stock the item.

  • Cheese_McQueen

    How would I live without Nicholas C telling me about the new gun fired grappling hook? My life is complete.

  • Matt Shermer

    Forget about mall ninjas, this will be a great tool for the tactical pirate, now anyone can be Errol Flynn during a boarding action…

    • noob

      something to muse about