Guerrilla Grip Mag Grip and Bullet Button Tool for CA AR15s

While walking the SHOT Show floor I stumbled upon a product from Guerrilla Worx. Their new Guerrilla Grip AR15 magazine grips include an integrated tool in the base of the grip for use with the bullet buttons used on AR15s in California. What the heck is a bullet button you ask? It’s essentially a device that replaces the magazine release and is used to fix your AR15 magazine into place in order to comply with the gun laws in California. The user must insert a tool, such as the tip of a bullet, to release the magazine. Before the obligatory “move out of Cali” post, it’s a stupid law. We know, but as a native Californian it’s the work around for AR15 owners there.

Instead of having to fumble with a bullet or a separate tool to swap mags out, the Guerrilla Grip allows you to use the tool on the bottom of the grip on your next magazine to press on the bullet button and release the mag. The Guerrilla Grip comes in a pack of three at $14.99 and is available in various colors. Check out for more info.





This is the Guerrilla Grip. Special attention has been paid to make sure that our fellow California AR-15 enthusiasts get the most our of their shooting experience.

Every Guerrilla Grip 3-pack includes Bullet Button® release tools that will work with standard Bullet Button® magazine locks. How will the Guerrilla grip enhance your shooting experience? Check it out:

Much faster reloads for California shooters with the use of the integrated Bullet Button® tool
Enhanced grip under stress and dealing with sweaty or slippery hands
Multiple color options allows for easy and efficient color coding of different magazine/ammunition types
Sticky, shock absorbing rubber makes for a very stable shooting platform
Durable rubber protects magazine base plates leading to extended magazine life and lower probability of failure
The Guerrilla Grip is like nothing on the market in terms of scope and function. This simple and affordable product offers more value than any other AR-15 upgrade available. The Guerrilla Grip will stretch over any standard rifle caliber magazine, and requires no permanent modification to your magazines.

We use the absolute best engineering grade polymers available to ensure maximum part life and durability. All materials are sourced from US based manufacturers.

Guerrilla Grips are designed and manufactured in the USA with pride.

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  • Joe

    Simple, but great idea! I wonder how well they hold up to use and age (ie embrittlement).

    • Vitsaus

      Its california so the guns only get taken out of the safe when the owner wants to take pictures to post on forums of how much he spent on accessories.

  • BattleshipGrey

    That’s genius! Though I was disappointed by the lack of the soviet spelling of Kalifornia or Kommifornia throughout the article.

    • gunhead

      I found it a refreshing change. Been a quarter century since the Cold War ended, for chrissakes.

      • Vitsaus

        The cold war did not end. We are now fighting it on our own soil. If anything it has escalated.

      • dave

        And yet the state is more and more infected with socialist scum

      • UpChuck.Liberals

        It’s a hot war here in Kommieforniastan as the D!ck heads in Sacramento keep trying to screw us over….MORE. Just an FYI our Dear Demented Moonbeam is considering going for a 4th go at the Presidency.

    • Taylor TX

      Not even a peoples republic either, for shame!

  • santi

    So simple and yet so brilliant. Still a reminder of how ridiculous that law is.

    • nadnerbus

      Could be worse. New York basically took the same law and removed the language that defined fixed mags as requiring a tool. So they cut out the loophole we have here. Well, loophole has negative connotations. Maybe air hole for us to breath in a our freedom box.

  • DrewN

    hmmm, I was under the impression you can’t attach the tool to the firearm, although that was a couple years ago. I gave up trying to stay up to date on current interpretations awhile ago though. Off to Calguns to try and figure it out.

    • Josh Blackfeild

      You can’t attach a tool to the gun itself, but the law doesn’t say anything about the magazine… yet.

      • Vitsaus

        Its a bit tricky, in theory, the reason its legal is that locking the mag has made it “integral” to the gun… thats why I’m not so sure about this feature… when locked in place, the mag becomes part of the gun, the way the magazine of a bolt action rifle would be. Seems a bit gray to me. Logically, then it would be no different than attaching your tool to the forend or the buttstock since those are both parts that can be removed from the rifle.

        • jared

          I do see your point, though I would argue the one attchched to the gun is completely worthless. You can’t actuate the bb while the mag is locked.

        • Phil Hsueh

          I know, let’s all send letters to the ATF to see if this passes muster and if they say yes, let’s keep sending in letters just to make absolutely sure until they think it about it some more and come to the decision that their initial decision was wrong and it’s actually not legal.

          • nadnerbus

            lol. “Sig Braced” is going to become a new verb.

            Unfortunately, as a Californian, I would rather answer to the BATFE for firearm regulations than Cal DOJ. They make the BATFE look positively consistent and fair.

          • Scott Jones

            True story!

    • Greg

      The “tool” in use can not be attached physically to the rifle. The “tool” being used is not attached, it is in your hand.
      I bought some of these several months ago and with a little trimming, they even work on 10 round magazines (PMags). They work well on the standard bullet buttons, but the tips do not work well with the AR Raddlocks or the Tavor factory bullet button.

      • Scott Jones

        My Thordsen UBBT’s get torn up by my radlocks too. I think that’s why Thordsen released their “Pro” UBBT’s which are steel instead of nylon.

  • Josh Blackfeild

    This is great! I wish more companies would make more products like this for us in the Golden State.

  • Taylor TX

    Neat product for those forced to comply with ridiculousness, curious to see how it holds up over time.

  • Yellow Devil

  • goalie

    I didn’t know this about cali. This is ridiculous. The control advocates should not buy guns if they don’t like them. If two homosexuals can do what they do in there lives freely I should be able to have a sbr that runs full auto if I want. Can shoot a semi auto almost as fast anyway. What the freak is the difference?

    • shh

      shutup for christs sake, they will ban semi-autos too if ya keep that up.

  • nadnerbus

    There was already an outfit a few years back that was making a similar device that had to be screwed into the mag itself. Worked the same way, but was more or less permanently attached to the mag. This seems like a much more elegant fix.