Aimpoint T2 and ACO – SHOT Show Optic Preview

For SHOT 2015, Aimpoint has two newish products: the Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO) and the Aimpoint Micro T2. Both features improvement comes from the full size Aimpoint CompM4 red-dot sight.



The Micro T2 features an improved optical design. The 2nd front lens from Aimpoint’s dual-lens design is now slight angled. Aimpoint told me that the new feature helps to reduce flares and also focuses the dot more precisely.



The 2nd update is much welcome the compact flip-up covers. The Micro T2 will comes with the clear version that allow see through with or without illumination. The solid covers is available as optional add-on. The 3rd update is that the top turret is now protect with a metal bumpers like the CompM4.




The new Aimpoint ACO is defers from the popular Aimpoint PRO in two areas. The ACO uses a 2-oz lighter mount with a simple slotted nut mount. It also has the low profile turret and cap design that comes from the Aimpoint CompM4. Aimpoint said that may adds the low profile turrets to the PRO model too.




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  • James

    Any word on pricing?

    • Patrick Mingle

      I’m pretty sure both are already available I think MSRP for the aco is $393 and I think the T2 is like $800

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    I know you guys love spitting out these articles every 5 minutes during SHOT, but please please please SCAN FOR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. I feel like I’m reading a half-assed high school current event paper.

  • Amsdorf

    LaRue is selling the T2 with mount for around $600, I think.

    I still can not think of any good reason to sell my T1s and move to the T2.

    • Timothy G. Yan

      Pre-order perhaps? The Aimpoint rep told me that their production of the T2 is currently so low that they can’t even get enough for dealer display sample.

  • Kivaari

    I still don’t understand why a clone costs so much less than the original. The T1/2 has copies of it. Just what do they do that makes them so much more costly? Glue? Glass? LED? It seems that a clone has 95% of what it takes to make a T1. How much more does it cost to make the clone as good as the high dollar model?

  • John Yossarian

    This is hilarious: The angled front glass now on AimPoint’s T2 seems to have originated with the Bushnell knock-off (TRS-25). You’ll notice that angled glass has been mentioned regarding the TRS-25 since it first originated.

  • uisconfruzed

    I love my T-1 Micro on my Colt Anaconda, enough that I’m replacing my EO Tech EXPS2-2 with another Aimpoint.