Mission First Tactical Mags

Mission First is giving out their new polymer magazine, here at Shot Show. They will retail under $16. They are made with a unique Dupont Military Grade Polymer. The floorplate has a paint dot matrix for ID markings. There are two drain holes in the floorplate as well. The MFT Mag uses dual locking release tabs to secure the floor plate. The magazine body has stippling and ridges on the front strap. The MFT reps said that these are compatible with SCAR 16s and the H&K MR556.

IMG_9274 IMG_9275


Nicholas C

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  • What did you think of them?

    • Nicholas Chen

      I didnt get a chance to shoot with them yet. I’ll do that next week. I’m not terribly picky. I have some interest to see if it will drop free from my Troy Carbines (the billet lowers are a little too tight for Pmags to drop free). My favorite is my Lancer translucent. I got a Pmag, Hex Mag and the MFT mag free. So I will be comparing the Hexmag as well.

      • Ergo

        ETS wasn’t giving away freebies?

  • J

    magpul lawsuit when?

    • Vitsaus

      Magpul does not own polymer mags. They were not the first to make them, they will not be the last.

      • Ethan

        Though I do think the paint-marker recessed dot matrix is patented… I could be wrong

  • thedonn007

    The dual locking release tabs will make it a bit of a pain to remove the floorplate.

    • Mike

      Looks like the one in front allows you to slide the floorplate enough to detain the rear one when you press it so you can then push the front one in and remove the plate. I guess it’s a fail safe design but it hardly seems difficult to manipulate.

  • guest

    I didn’t like the name of the mag though. Should have been “mission first – tactical operator stealth raptor specops blackops pro super combat mag”