Ruger Tent at SHOT Show Range Day 2015

Ruger had numerous guns on display at their range day, and some of them were more exciting than others.

Ruger was showing the LCR in 9mm.  It was available to shoot, and shot very well, with relatively easy recoil for such a light gun.  It does utilize 5-round full moon clips.  Loading a full moon clip was a little stubborn, but that was probably a byproduct of the LCR 9mm being shot and fouled over and over throughout the day.

The new lightweight 1911 from Ruger was on display as well.  With an aluminum frame and some titanium internals, including a titanium feed ramp, weight was significantly reduced from its steel-on-steel counterparts.  This looks like Ruger trying to up the 1911 concealed-carry game.  The trigger on this gun was excellent, and it was truly well balanced and felt surprisingly light for a 1911.

Ruger also had the LC9s, which is the striker-fired variant of the LC9.  Those of you who have read my reviews before may know that I am critical of the long and heavy LC9 trigger, so this improvement was a welcome one.  The trigger in this striker fired version was much, much more manageable, and a good trigger by any measure for an ultra-compact concealable pistol.

Ruger also brought a GP100 custom to the show, with handsome, oversized woods grips and a satin steel finish.

P1370294 P1370297 P1370299 P1370296 P1370292 P1370291

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  • mindflayer

    That 9mm LCR is very tempting.

  • Anonymous

    While these guns are nice, I was hoping they’d be unveiling some new stuff from their last VoC survey…

  • Randy Pimento

    Is the SR22 pictured in the foreground of the bottom photograph a new variant, or the standard fare?

  • M.M.D.C.

    I would love to see a blued SR1911.

  • Disambiguation

    I’m in for a SR1911 lightweight.

  • gunner

    Need a mini 308, like we were promised 30 years ago……

  • Huehue

    Honestly I’m really bummed to not see a 1911 with a rail