New ADI Australian Ammunition Coming To The USA

Australian Munitions (ADI) is bringing their Australian Outback ammunition to the United States. ADI has been making ammunition in Australia for almost 130 years. The new ammunition features ADI’s “Ballistic Temperature Independence” propellant, which like the SMP-842 propellant used in Mk. 262 Mod 1, Mk. 318, and M855A1, reduces the variation in pressure (and thus performance) over a wide range of temperatures (stated in this presentation to be -65.2 degrees F to +176 degrees). BTI propellant is used in the new Australian standard round, the F1A1, a modification of the old F1 (SS109) standard with a new boattail for energy retention and long-range accuracy, and a finer meplat.


Australian Outback ammunition will come in .223 Remington (55gr Sierra BlitzKking and 69gr Sierra MatchKing loads), .308 Winchester (150gr Swift Scirocco II BTS, 165gr Sierra GameKing and 168gr Sierra MatchKing), and .300 Blackout (125gr Woodleigh Protected SP, 144gr AM FMJ, and 125gr HP MatchKing, all with blackened cases).

While due to legal restrictions there is no market in Australia for tactical weapons and ammunition, ADI has further set its sights on the American market with its new ADI MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) line of ammunition. MSR ammunition also features BTI propellant, and annealed cases. MSR ammunition will come in the same calibers and loads as the Australian Outback line, except for the 150gr Scirocco .308 Winchester load.

ADI’s MSR brochure featured a lighthearted comic specifically targeted at US shooters:

DSC007042 DSC007062


Nathaniel F

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  • Plumbiphilious

    I’d love some well-priced, affordable .303 British if possible…
    MMM, EXTREME PERFORMANCE would be nice.

    • Jeff Smith


      • James in Australia

        Yes, and sell it Locally at the same pricing as you get in the US.

        • Tassiebush

          Hear, hear!

  • TheShaft

    I hope they have Garand friendly ammo

    • They did not advertise any .30-06. If you have a .308 Garand, I have no idea what sort of ammo you should be looking for.

      • Tassiebush

        Seems to mostly be in .308 and .223 so far with ADI commercial ammo down here. Can’t remember the prices though but it’s apparently good stuff. Definitely not cheap high volume stuff but not exhobitant either.

  • Grindstone50k

    Any word on price?

    And I’m not sure what to make of that comic…

    • They did not have any prices for me. I expect the MSR stuff to be a little bit higher than imported ADI military ammunition.

      • Grindstone50k

        Never even heard of imported ADI mil ammo, so this is all news to me. I’d imagine they’d have to price fairly competitively to gain any reasonable traction in the US.

  • Don Ward

    I don’t trust a comic-strip firing range that has so many left-handed shooters.

  • E.D.M.

    I guess I wasn’t aware this was news, or they just started recently importing. I ordered a bunch of ADI 69gr SMK a couple weeks ago and used it at the range this past weekend. It was about $12 per box of 20. It performed well enough for my uses.

    • Ergo

      I’ve had the adi ss109 in my ammo cans for about 8 months. The only real difference between it and what the product in the article is the bullet design. If they changed it at all. Never really thought about breaking it open with a hammer to look at the bullet.

  • Don Ward

    Forget all of those calibers. Send us .22 long rifle, Australia ammo makers. Send us .22 long rifle before it is… too late!!!

    *Cue narrator*

    My life fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, I remember The Road Warrior. The man we called “Max”. To understand who he was, you have to go back to another time. When the world had plentiful .22 long rifle ammo. And the desert sprouted great cities of plinkers shooting cans and steel. Gone now, swept away. For reasons long forgotten, two mighty warrior tribes went to war and touched off a blaze which engulfed them all. Without .22 long rifle, they were nothing. They built a house of straw. The Ruger 10/22s sputtered and stopped. Their leaders talked and talked and talked. But nothing could stem the avalanche. Their world crumbled. The cities exploded. A whirlwind of looting, a firestorm of fear. Men began to feed on men. On the roads it was a white line nightmare. Only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage would survive. The gangs took over the highways, ready to wage war for a box of CCI. And in this maelstrom of decay, ordinary men were battered and smashed. Men like Max. The warrior Max. In the report of a sub-sonic round, he lost everything. And became a spent shell-casing of a man, a burnt out, desolate man, a man haunted by the demons of his past, a man who wandered out into the wasteland. And it was here, in this blighted place, that he learned to live again…

    • ATman

      Here in Canada we have been getting Ausie .22 for some time marketed under the Winchester brand. The only difficulty is that the price is not that competitive once you factor in shipping from down under. Although I must say the ammo was of high quality.

  • TiC

    Good to hear. ADI makes very high quality rifle ammo. I’ve been very pleased with their 69gr SMK .223 loads.

  • sianmink

    You sure that comic isn’t for the Canadian market eh!?

    Their temperature-blind performance claims are pretty impressive.