6mm Rail Gun Benchrest Shooting

Taofledermaus posted up this video of the world’s most precise rifle. They are called rail guns but that moniker is deceiving. Many people, like me, would consider a rail gun to be a large gun that uses electromagnets to propel a projectile. These benchrest guns use a railed bed with ball bearings. Their 200 yard groupings touch one another and the judges use micrometers to measure them.

Nicholas C

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  • Dan

    So who is going to be the first to claim they can do the same thing shooting prone with a bipod?

    • M.M.D.C.

      All day long.

      • Ratcraft

        and late into the evening

      • Dan


    • FWIW: I seem to note that the Unlimited (Rail Gun) shooters often post larger groups in matches than those posted by the winners in the Heavy Varmint and even Light Varmint classes. A quick look at the NBRSA world records for an individual 5-shot group have the Unlimited class coming up short. The Sporter class records at 100 and 300 yds even beat out the Rail Guns. The Unlimited class only starts to outshine its rivals with five-group aggregates and “grand aggregates” (aggregate groups for multiple ranges).


    • gunslinger

      freehand baby! all day everyday, twice on sunday!

    • dan citizen

      I can do it dual wielding my custom-zombie-green-bushmaster-with-8-picatinny-rails.

      Ok, maybe not dual wielding… but for sure with one, kneeling. Well, maybe not kneeling, but prone… with some sandbags… from a bench… and a different rifle… and better ammo… with someone else shooting…

    • Michael Bergeron

      Myself probably not, the Retired army and LEO sniper I shoot with using his custom rifle, probably, really those groups while consistent were not super human.

  • Rail guns have always fascinated me. Truly the pinnacle of accuracy.

    • Spidouz

      People that never shoot this kind of rifles, can’t understand.

      I do shoot light/heavy class 6PPC rifles (using tripod and sandbag) and now I do understand how difficult it really is. I’d love to try those Rail guns!
      Definitely a good way to learn all the things you need to know to be a better (long range) precision shooter with more standard rifles.

  • Andrew Hobby

    Man, this is AWESOME. Can you believe that a gun that weights 100 lbs that is bolted to a cement table is SO FREAKIN’ ACCURATE?!?


  • Ratcraft

    A Rail gun to me, was used by Germans in WWII, great big bastards on rail cars.

  • M.M.D.C.

    “Rail Man!”

  • El Duderino

    I’m sure Alien Gear will have one soon enough. Seriously though, I’m waiting for an N frame holster from them.

    If your home is at the bottom of a very, very narrow canyon and people with ill intent MUST walk through a man sized hole at 200 yards, perfect for home defense. 🙂

  • mechamaster

    Wow… my favourite man-carry railgun design from Metal Gear Solid 4 nearly come to real world. lol.

  • RocketScientist

    Ha, made me smile, as that is literally the exact set of conditions I last went to the range under. The morning after my birthday, with my whole family. Was a long-planned event, so I couldn’t back out. I was sweating and shaky and miserable. shooting chicom surplus out of the mosin. Still, a bad day at the range is better than a good day at work…

  • Halon330

    What is the benefit of letting the Action and barrel move backwards on a ball bearing rail bed. I understand that would absorb recoil, but the size and weight of the rigs solidy clamped to a table should handle that amount of recoil. Seems letting it roll back would introduce less accuracy. Unless those rails are that aligned to the barrel that the barrel, rails, and movement are all perfectly linear, just hard to believe they can get that precise rolling on ball bearings.

  • Spidouz

    This is the perfect example of a comment from someone that doesn’t know anything about it.

    Yes, Nascar or Top Fuel dragsters are not cars to drive for a quick stop at walmart… they’re the result of the best researches out there to get the best performance out of it ever. This is just about the same with those rail guns… if you can’t understand this analogy, I’m afraid you still have a lot of things to learn about shooting my friend…

  • dan citizen

    If I’m watching a guy get paid a million dollars per game to play football, and he suffers a compound leg fracture, I fully expect him to continue running.

  • dan citizen

    “Hold on while I get this bolted down!”

  • dan citizen

    I went to one of these matches a few years back to help a guy lug his gear (he’d hurt his back) It was really neat and left a lasting impression on me. A bunch of older guys standing around, talking, fiddling. The only shooting match I’ve been to where the shooters could be found standing around behind the firing line, focused on a custom milling bit somebody had brought to show off.