Op Electronics TOP GUN Marksmanship Training System

Op Electronics Ltd. will be introducing their TOP GUN Marksmanship Training System at SHOT Show next week. It’s a computerized system that records information gathered from dry firing at an electronic target, immediately displaying information on the shooter’s computer. The company says it’s a useful tool for shooters of all skill levels and has released the following information promoting it:

“Top Reasons Why You Should Own a TOP GUN®

Whether you are a beginner, target shooter, law enforcement professional, long range shooter, or instructor, there is a TOP GUN® set for you.

An indoor training tool that can easily be setup at home, TOP GUN® not only saves time, but also the hassle of having to travel to a shooting range.

l  Dry fire only, the system allows users to practice as many times as they want, without the financial burden of bullets and travelling expenses.

With different modes designed to enhance specific shooting skills, you can improve your skills with instant feedback from TOP GUN®.

Special Sets!

TOP GUN® BA (Ballistics): Designed especially for long-range shooting, this set provides critical information such as hit position, aiming path, triggering pull, gravitational drop and cross-wind drift.TOP GUN® TS-LE (Target Shooting & Law Enforcement): Includes 5 modes (Targeting, Aiming, Triggering, Quick Response and Game) as well as targets available for both target shooting and law enforcement practice.”

According to the company information recorded includes: “Hit Positions, Aiming Traces, Triggering Pull, Distribution of Shots” (from Op Electronics press release).

At SHOT Op Electronics will be set up at booths #3528 and #3627. Their team will be available to give demonstrations and chat further about the specifics of the system.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    I like the idea of a system that shows tracking, shot, and follow-through line, that’s pretty slick.

    But coupling this with a real firearm that doesn’t have slide movment seems to be of limited use. Couple this with an airsoft gun that is gas powered to rack the slide at a realistic impulse and I could see this being more useful.

    • echelon

      That’s exactly what I was going to mention. +1

  • yardbird1947

    Come on now. This is an enhancement to dry firing.
    You could buy a FATS machine if you want to include recoil.

  • Bill

    I used a similar system for remedial training with shooters with trigger control issues, the improvements were dramatic. When they were actually able to see how the muzzle moved when they jerked the trigger it was literally a light going on.

    NOT having recoil or slide movement helped, because they finally realized that their problems were essentially concealed during live fire by recoil. But I also used it side-by-side with gas airsoft guns so that they could immediately move to a system that included a reciprocating slide, so the teachable moments got strung together.