Ruger’s New Charger Pistols

Ruger Charger

Ruger is now shipping two new Charger pistols. The first is a reworked base model, while the second is a take-down version of the gun.

Ruger Charger

The guns have a number of new features that will appeal to many shooters. Among the new features are:

  • 10″ threaded barrels (1/2″-28) for the addition of a suppressor
  • includes an adjustable bipod
  • laminate stock
  • BX-15 magazine (15 rounds)
  • A2-style grip that can be replaced with any standard AR-15 grip

The Charger Takedown uses the same type of disconnect that the company used on the 10/22 Takedown rifle. This model has a Green Mountain laminate stock, but otherwise shares the same features as the standard model.

Ruger Charger

Both pistols are chambered in .22 LR. The MSRP for the standard model is $309 while the Takedown is $409.

From Ruger:

Ruger Introduces the Re-engineered 22 Charger Pistol and the New 22 Charger Takedown

Sturm, Ruger &amp Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) proudly announces the re-engineered 22 Charger™ pistol with enhanced features and introduces the new 22 Charger Takedown pistol. First introduced in 2007, the 22 Charger pistol became a favorite for .22 LR pistol shooters and plinkers alike.

Weighing just under 3.25 pounds, the new 22 Charger pistol has an overall length of 19.25 inches and features a 10-inch precision rifled, threaded barrel with a 1/2″-28 thread pattern to accept most popular muzzle accessories. The redesigned brown laminated stock sports a standard A2-style pistol grip, which makes the platform easy to customize with the MSR grip of your choice. The matte black receiver features a factory installed Picatinny rail which provides ample space for a variety of optics, from scopes to red-dot sights. Like the original 22 Charger, these new pistols are built on the legendary Ruger® 10/22® platform and offer the same proven reliability.

The new 22 Charger Takedown model has all the features of the standard model, plus the very popular quick disconnect feature found on the full sized 10/22 Takedown® rifle. This feature allows the firearm to be taken down quickly and easily by simply pushing the recessed lever in the forend, twisting the subassemblies, and pulling them apart. The 22 Charger Takedown features a Green Mountain laminate stock and comes in a custom hard case for easy transport to the range.

Also new and included with both models is the BX-15™ magazine, a 15-round version of the very popular BX-25® magazine. The BX-15 is the perfect height when shooting with the included bipod from either the prone position or from a bench. The BX-15 fits all 10/22, 22 Charger, Ruger 77/22® and Ruger American Rimfire® rifles chambered in .22 LR. The bipod (included with both models) easily attaches to the forend.

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  • echelon

    That thing needs a Sig brace adapter – stat!

    • Guest

      Or an adapter for the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer. Just sayin’. 😉

      • why i cant shoulder it

  • Jeremy Star

    MSRP for the takedown is $409. ($309 for regular) For that price, I’m game for one. Better velocity than the 22/45 but still very compact.

  • Jack Morris

    As a handloader, it’s getting harder and harder to justify shooting anything rimfire. I can load up centerfire cartridges for just slightly more cost per round than what I can buy 22lr for. I’m glad Ruger is still making great rimfire guns, but until 22lr is easily available at fair prices, buying another rimfire gun is out of the question.
    And before the chorus chimes in with their 22lr finds, and statements about needing to look harder: That was never the point of owning a 22. I will shoot 22 again when I can walk into any given Walmart and buy a brick or two on regular basis at fair market price. It’s a shame too; because I just recently got back my tax stamp for a 22 suppressor 🙁

  • iksnilol

    The takedown version would make a perfect “assassination” gun. That is, a gun that is in separate pieces that has to be assembled together before being used (preferably the parts are kept in a case with foam cutouts).

    Just add a detachable SIG brace, and a suppressor and you are game.

    • Sadler

      The takedown actually does come in a hard case with foam cutouts.

    • 1911a145acp

      LOL! “assassination” gun- That was funny as hell!

      • iksnilol

        Oh come on. You can’t assassinate someone with a regular, old and boring rifle. You need that fancy IKEA marksmanship.

    • gunsandrockets

      Expect to see it in movies like RED 3.

    • MclarenF1Forever

      Make that a side-folding Sig SB15 brace, 4.5″ threaded barrel (keeps even cheap hi-vel 22LR subsonic), and I’d get one, even at $500.

  • schizuki

    Greedo. I was just going to see your boss. Tell Jabba I’ve got his money.

  • Don Ward

    Buying a rifle with a shortened barrel and pretending that it’s a pistol. Then adding a couple extra pounds of optics, suppressor, bipod, rail system and extended magazine. Now pretend that you’re only going to fire it one-handed. Brilliant!

    • DIR911911 .

      I hardly fire any pistol one handed , I like to hit targets 🙂

    • 1leggeddog

      Of course, this is only to get around your stupid SBR laws.

      Next week: This pistol with a SIG brace adaptor!

  • Gwolf

    Aside from target shooting and plinking, what types of things do people use this Charger setup for? Always thought they looked a little weird. To each their own though.

    (As an aside, a charger is prison slang for something. Look it up. The luls.)

    • JSmath

      Varmint hunters who decide to bring their kids into the fold.

    • Jack Morris

      Not all guns need to be super operator war machines or super secret spy pistols to dispatch alleyway burglars and parking garage rapists.

      Sometimes, plinking is good enough reason to buy a gun. I think this is a refreshing firearm announcement. (Even if the grip is kinda out of place on an otherwise elegant looking pistol)

    • Rimfire bowling pin matches. It’s almost like cheating.

  • Zachary marrs

    That magazine is dead sexy

    Im down for 15

    • Marty Ewer

      The BX-15 and BX-25 are so much more reliable than the 10/22 mags of days gone by. If you don’t have one of the new Ruger BX mags for your 10/22, give them a try. They’re really that good.

  • charlesrhamilton

    I have absolutely no use for one of these. So why do I have an overwhelming desire to have one? Takedown, please.

  • Not sure why I’d want to, but can the takedown version interchange barrels from a 10/22 takedown?

    • Sam Schifo

      I would imagine Ruger has made something different on the charger takedown and the full size takedown to prevent that from happening. But I’m just speculating.

  • That genuinely made me lol.

  • gunsandrockets

    Great! And here I was fearing that the Charger was discontinued.

  • Tassiebush

    I’d noticed those stock kits advertised and wondered about that. Awesome to know!

  • mig1nc

    I will have one… With a Sig SBX brace.

  • Rich Guy

    To be fair…

    The original Charger with a RDS was one hell of horse back gun. .22 is quiet enough that it won’t spook other horses to badly on trial rides who are not gun trained.

    It’s light weight, holds 25 rounds, and more then enough to deal with wild dogs or coyotes if I need it (and I have).

  • avconsumer2

    omg! but your deadliness factor will increase at least 10 fold!! omg! ;P

  • So cool, but I can’t think of why I would want it.

  • gunslinger

    i swear i didn’t intend to use the short charger barrel on my take down rifle!

    i must have accidentally picked the wrong barrel and started shooting.