Jotto Gear Biometric Handgun Holster


Jotto Gear is now selling a handgun storage device that uses a fingerprint reader to grant access to the weapon. The rig is not a typical wearable holster. Rather, the unit mounts to a fixed object such as the underside of a desk or the concealed interior of a vehicle.

The system is a two-part unit with a fingerprint reader connected to the gun storage device by a wire. Presumably, the fingerprint reader could be mounted in such a way that the off-hand activates it while the dominant hand draws the gun. Currently, the unit sells for $397.


Jotto Gear is a brand of Jotto Desk, whose main business is making vehicle mounts for computers. However, they make a variety of other products including other gun storage devices.

From Jotto Gear:


Holster Utilizes Same Advanced Technology the U.S. Government Employs

Jotto Gear® believes all Americans have the right to bear arms responsibly. The company continues to build products in line with this belief and is now proud to introduce its newest product, the Biometric Handgun Holster. The technologically advanced holster offers quick and safe access to your gun recognizing you with a simple finger touch. The holster can be installed in your vehicle, home or office and has been designed to be mounted where you need it – whether in a desk, in an automobile console, in a nightstand or the side of a cabinet.

The Jotto Gear Biometric Handgun Holster provides for easy and secure access to your firearm. The holster features Smart Gun Lock Head, a military-grade biometric securing system designed so only you and those you choose can have access. Not swipe or scan technology, the biometric reader is a live fingerprint detector that reads the positive ions in the finger providing for accurate and high-resolution fingerprint recognition. The system allows for up to 99 fingerprints, which means you can save a number of your own fingerprints as well as other trusted individuals’ fingerprints.

Studies show gun ownership is at an all-time high, and continues to rise. Gun owners want quick, reliable and discreet access to their firearm for their protection and personal safety. Jotto Gear designers had these specifics in mind when designing the Biometric Handgun Holster.

“The last thing you want to do is have to remember a code, or where you left a key – especially if it’s an emergency or you are under duress,” said Curt Hatton, vice president of sales and marketing for Jotto Gear. “It’s a lockable firearm storage that a gun owner can access with a fingerprint at a moment’s notice. It’s not just a safe, it’s a solution.”

The Biometric Handgun Holster fits most full sized semi-automatic handguns as the barrel stop can be adjusted. Made in the USA, the holster can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Jotto Gear also offers officially NRA® licensed products designed to intelligently store and keep your firearms and other gear accessible. Products include the NRA Handgun Holster, the NRA Home Defense Cabinet and the NRA Cargo Slide for pickup trucks. All products are constructed of the finest materials and technologies available and are manufactured at the highest standards in order to deliver superior products worthy of the Jotto Gear and NRA names. NRA Jotto Gear is an affiliate brand of Jotto Desk, offering computer mounts and docking & mounting stations for mobile professionals as well as being the only Total Solutions Provider for the Public Safety market.

For more information on Jotto Desk’s “Official NRA Licensed Product” line Jotto Gear, visit or contact the company at: 800.979.3375 x6496 •

Richard Johnson

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  • andrey kireev

    Fingerprint scanners are kind of finicky… Murphy’s Law… ‘Nuff said

  • gunslinger

    can’t you get a nice desk safe with electronic lock (3-5 finger combo code) with key backup for less than half that?

  • echelon


  • Vhyrus

    Considering how long a fingerprint reader takes (up to 10 seconds) and how reliable they are (not), I hope that spending as much as the gun itself costs gets you at least an above average piece of equipment.

  • WFDT

    I made the mistake of buying a biometric gun safe- 9 times out of 10 it takes multiple tries, as many as eight, to get it to open. I keep the keep handy now. So no, thank you.

  • Joshua

    It’s a cool idea, but fingerprint scanners are often finicky and prone to not work.

  • WasThere

    this looks like a bad idea.

  • echelon

    You had me up until this:

    “Weapons, (Knives, Guns, Clubs, Shovels, Sticks (you get the idea) belong
    on your person or locked up …(not laying around the house) to include
    that Kitchen Knife Block Set (Make a locking drawer)…”

    When I’m asleep I’m not going to have it on my person, nor locked up so it will be “laying around”. I’m also not going to lock my kitchen knives up or my garden tools. It is possible to have things discretely hidden so that they’re not accessible to bad guys, children, dumb friends, in laws, you get the idea, but easily accessible to you and/or other designated persons in the event of a home invasion scenario.

    Nothing is 100% foolproof. It’s all about risk mitigation.

    • Grindstone50k

      If someone breaks into my house to steal kitchen knives, they’re going to have a bad time.

      • echelon

        Indeed. My thought as well…

        Dude can try to come at me with my shovel he took out of my garage but little does he know he just brought that shovel to a gun fight… 😉

  • Some Rabbit

    There’s a whole lotta ‘nope’ in that there gizmo.

  • Anon. E Maus

    I have to say, this seems like a much better idea than the super expensive Armatix popgun.