Police Officer in TX Shoots Suspect At 104yds, Holding Horses, With Handgun

One thing that I learned early on at the range was to trust my handgun to get the job done when needed.  Which is why we were shooting out to 120yds with service handguns.  Learning that you can land combat effective hits on a torso at 100+yds was eye opening to some people, including seasoned shooters.  Even with a slightly high point blank hold, you can land shots with proper breath and trigger control.  If you have access to 100yd range and a torso sized steel give it a try next time you head out shooting.

While I do not in any way want to diminish the shot that this officer took, it was indeed one of the most impressive handgun combative stories I have heard in a long time.  It should be noted that in a pinch, when all else fails that you can shoot your handgun at those ranges, landing combat effective hits.

The officer that took this shot should rightfully be commended for ending what could have been a much worse shooting.  This is a classic example of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun, and doing so while holding horses, with a .40 S&W at 104yds.

Here is a story:

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The gunman who attacked the federal courthouse, the Mexican consulate and the Austin Police Department headquarters was killed by a single shot taken from 312 feet away by mounted patrol Sgt. Adam Johnson who also held the reigns of two horses.

Sgt. Johnson told Chief Art Acevedo that he credits “divine intervention” and that the other officers in the mounted patrol unit who were advancing on the shooter should get the majority of the credit.

Acevedo described Larry Steve McQuilliams as being heavily armed with two “long rifle guns” including a .22 caliber and an AK-47-style weapon. In the rental van he used during the attacks, police found a book titled “Vigilantes of Christendom” as well as multiple propane cans fashioned as Improvised Explosive Devices. Also inside the van, officers found a map with 34 targets, including two downtown churches.

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  • Zachary marrs

    If i tried to shoot a pistol on my local ranges 100 yd line, the rso would flip out and explode

    • Rob

      We let people shoot pistols at the 100 yard line. We won’t let them shoot closer because the angle makes the bullets skip off the ground instead of hitting the impact area. At 100 yards you are looking a 10 to 15 inches of drop with most centerfire pistols sighted in at close range. That’s manageable. We watch them and make sure they aren’t shooting up the target frames, but the bullets hit the berm all right.

      • Zachary marrs

        You aren’t the local rso

        If you have a scoped rifle, he will try to put you at the 25 yd line because “yer just adjusting yer tube (scope)”

        Want to see how accurate you are with a shotgun and slugs? Too bad, “yew can’t shewt a shotgun that far, the 25 yd line is all yew need”

        1 shot per 2 seconds

        Once a guy was shooting an ak variant, and the rso called a cease fire, went to the ak guy (who was putting his rifle on the rack since it didn’t have a bolt hold open) the rso took the rifle, and crammed in a 5.56 round in the chamber backwards. “To hold tje bolt open”

        I think he was fired, but i still refuse to go to that range

        • Just to cleat things up, is their any good reason why gun ranges would put up those “X shots per y seconds” rules? Just seems idiotic to me, to be frank.

          • Zachary marrs

            Probably afraid of shots going over the berm

          • Grindstone50k


          • Meaning?…..

          • Just looked it up on UrbanDictionary, apparently “Fudds” are the “Filthy Casuals” of the firearm world, except 10 times as cancerous. But, even with this understanding in mind…why would a range feel they have to cater to these types of people? What would these types of people even COMPLAIN ABOUT?!

            “Whoa, Whoa! Mr. (Insert Generic last name here) I think it’s illegal to be that awesome in this state!”

          • Grindstone50k

            “why would a range feel they have to cater to these types of people?”

            Because the range is run by those types of people.

          • Zachary marrs


            I had the owner ask me several times why i always bring such large clips :/

          • Andrew Hobby

            Its okay, I brought an sks one time and one such guy was *convinced* that the bayonet was illegal.

            He kept referencing the assault weapons ban…which expired in 2004. And in RI, we don’t have “banned features” laws.


          • Grindstone50k

            I would back away slowly. That man has no business running a range.

          • nadnerbus

            I always assumed it was about controlling the weapon and where the shots go. Given the average ability of your everyday range goer, I might be a little nervous as a range safety guy with a bunch of younger shooters out with their shiny new ARs doing mag dumps. The target stands are bound to get shot up a lot more at the very least.

        • Phillip Cooper

          There’s a phrase for guys like this.

          “PX Rambo”. Well, “Imbecile” applies as well.

      • Andrew Hobby

        Wait a minute, at your range you CANT shoot pistols closer than 100 yards?

        There is a disturbance in the force…

        • Rob

          I should have been more precise. We don’t let peope shoot handguns closer than 100 yards on the 100 yard rifle range. We also have a 50 yard pistol range where people can shoot anywhere from 3 yards to 50 yards. 🙂

        • FourString

          The Kentucky Windage is strong with this one.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Find another range. as long as you’re shooting downrangeand not impacting over the berm, they have no leg to stand on.

      • Zachary marrs

        I did, around 4 years ago 🙂

  • SP mclaughlin

    And I was impressed by the Canadian Parliament Sergeant-at-arms putting down a wannabe aloha snackbar, meanwhile in Texas.

    • Zachary marrs

      He knows what he’s doing.

      Which is why we need to get him out of Austin

  • Nicks87

    What’s that I keep hearing about cops not being able to shoot? Yeah… Thats what I thought.

    • Grindstone50k

      I’d bet he didn’t have a 12lb trigger…

    • Zachary marrs

      Yup, one cop is representative of every single police officer ever

      By your logic, the average joe can shoot as good as jerry miculek or tom knapp

      • Nicks87

        You dont have to be jerry miculek or tom knapp to make a 100 yard shot with a pistol. It just takes practice and I would bet that most police officers practice more than the average joe.

        • Zachary marrs

          Lol ok.

          While a limited sample, most cops i know aren’t gun guys, the qualify, and thats it.

          Everybody i know that has a concealed carry license practices at least every other week

          You must watch too much crime shows. Cops are nowhere near as accurate as you think

          Im on mobile, so i can’t link

          A study done by newsweek found that only 2% of civilian shootings involved an innocent person

          Cops? 11%

          Stop with the hero worship

  • Blake

    Nice shot. Glad this officer (& hopefully more like him) was trained to be able to make it under pressure.

    Unfortunately the “divine intervention” bit sounds a little too much like “Allah will guide your bullet” for me. A statement like “thank God I was able to apply my training effectively under pressure” would have been better…

    • Grindstone50k

      “It wasn’t the training, skill, or circumstances that made the shot effective. It was totes God.”

      There’s humble, then there’s just this…

  • meeester

    Either that or he would put it on target as he planned.

  • nadnerbus

    If I’m not mistaken, it was very early in the morning and few people, if any, were about.

    Bullets will fly in a shootout. You can’t hold an officer defenseless because he might miss. Hell, they usually miss sixty percent of the time at ten yards (percentage pulled completely out of my ass).

    • claymore

      And it shows.

      • nadnerbus

        Dunno if I can post links but here goes: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/08/nyregion/08nypd.html?pagewanted=all

        It’s the NYT, so lefty agenda acknowledged, and it only represents one city, but they cite 34% hit rate. So not bad for a rectally acquired figure, if I do say so myself.

        • The hit ratio used to be much higher when us older guys were young and working the streets. The reason is we grew up with guns and hunting. Now many have never shot a gun before the PD.

  • dan citizen

    Good for him!

    SOP is usually to spray all the ammo you’re carrying in the general direction of the suspect, fellow officers, civilians, houses, etc.

    • claymore

      HYPERBOLE much?

      • dan citizen

        I spent 14 years training LEOs. I come from a family of soldiers and cops. We know what skilled shooting is, and we know it’s as rare as chicken lips nowadays. Which is why this article isn’t “yet another fine officer demonstrates prowess with his sidearm”

        I had to watch our small city eat crap on a lawsuit because someone who should have been bounced out, fired 10 shots into an apartment while trying to shoot a dog,.. from 6 feet (missed). We could have bought a few needed patrol cars with what that cost.

        Or the idiot who wounded his partner and an kill an unarmed, unresisting suspect after firing 21 shots, he would have continued if he hadn’t tried to load the next magazine backwards. That cost us a whole police department because they shut it down and the county sheriff dept took over.

        Negliegently disharge your duty weapon in the locker room?
        Miss 90% of your “aimed fire”?
        Re-rack a loaded AR or shotgun without even the safety on?
        …These all warrant a lont term assigment on the rubber gun squad, riding a desk, but instead, they get glossed over and excused.

        If the guys I worked with, or the bozos who make the news, start acting like the individual in the article rather than shooting like a gang-banger with a badge…. then I’ll quit with the “hyperbole.”

        • claymore

          Yea sure you did. Now how about staying on topic of this thread.

          • ICBM904

            He was. And then he responded to your troll post. Maybe you should just admit your intended snark was an epic fail.

        • Nicks87

          I see what you did there…

  • USMC03Vet

    .40 caliber?

    But the internet says it doesn’t have enough stopping power and gun frames explode with that caliber. Surely the Internet wouldn’t lie.

    • Cal S.

      You are so right! I shudder to think they let this man use a non-Glock to do it with, too! Doesn’t the world know that a 9mm Glock is the only gun that’s any good?!

      Yeager needs to have a talk with this officer. The nerve, using a caliber that gods’ gift to the firearms world says ‘sucks’. Indeed.

  • I will never say “.40 Short and Weak” anymore after having read this story.

  • gunslinger

    blind squirrel and nuts

  • Grindstone50k

    Can you post a source for that? I’d like to have it on standby when dealing with boot-lickers and MDA-types.

  • Grindstone50k

    Mothers Demand Action, post-Newtown bloody-shirt waving hoplophobes.

  • Zachary marrs

    Roughly 780,000 cops in the us


    11.1 MILLION concealed carriers

    You make it sound like cops are really Albert Einsteins, even though in most departments there is a iq limit, so there goes that

    • Nicks87

      “in most departments there is a iq limit” which ones? Do you have a secret list of depts that have an IQ limit or is that something you heard on the Alex Jones show?
      “Their” or “They’re” at least YOU dont have to worry about being confused with Albert Einstein.

      • Zachary marrs

        Actually you can find that out by Googling it.

        You should try that out sometime.

        • Nicks87

          I think we’re done here.

          • Zachary marrs

            It was ypu who came here acting as if a 1 in a million shot somehow proves that cops are better shotss than the average concealed carrier

      • Zachary marrs

        All you have to do is Google it.

        Not hard

        Thanks for correcting my grammar.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Apparently you’ve not heard of the Crusades, or any of the multitudes of other bloodsoaked eras in Christianity.

    Christians want to seem godly and holy, they need to earn it.

  • Nicks87

    Maybe you should try reading articles before you use them to back up your BS. Nowhere in that article does it say “police force as a whole have less than a 14% hit percentage”. Also the article only provides stats on the NEW YORK CITY police dept. A dept. that is notoriously corrupt and run by a bunch of liberal politicians.
    What does being “paid to carry a firearm” have to do with cops being better shooters than civillians? The only thing that appalls me about this conversation is your pathetic attempt to try and disparage the marksmanship abilities of police officers.

  • Please, god help us!

    For many years I’ve made a game of impressing myself by making consistent off hand shots well within a 10 inch target at 100 yards. Of course, it’s easier at my indoor range (except for lighting), using my Ruger Blackhawk .30 Carbine with a 7 1/2 inch barrel and not having to hold a couple of horses. Not much bullet drop either.