M3 Carbine Infrared Sniper Carbine

Ian over at Forgotten Weapons, takes a look at a M3 Carbine kit going up for auction through Rock Island Auctions later this December.

Weighing in at a stout 30+ lbs and an effective range of 75-100 yards does not make this that amazing compared to modern technology. However this was made back in the 40s and was used by the US military in WWII. At that time, this was an effective weapon. It uses a 6v battery backpack that has a transformer that ups the voltage to 20,000 volts. It can be mounted to any M1 carbine. In this auction it is installed on an Inland M1 Carbine.


For those interested in owning this piece of history, go to rock island auctions.

Nicholas C

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  • Tim U

    Great to finally see what was described so well in Stephen Hunter’s novel.

    • Pete Sheppard

      Beat me to it! The novel is “Black LIght”, for those who want a good pro-gun action read. WARNING: It’s just one of a series of novels–be prepared to do a LOT of reading! They are addictive.

  • Wasn’t this gun called “The Abomination”?

  • Pete Sheppard

    What was the weight of the scope+carbine by itself? IOW, how much weight did the soldier actually have to shoulder?