Hexcon1 Compensator

Allstar Tactical has a new compensator out now. The Hexcon1 is a hexagonal shaped compensator. It has three expansion chambers. The top of the compensator has three ports, one for each chamber. This helps reduce muzzle climb. They keep the bottom of the compensator closed so as to not disturb any dust from low shooting positions near the ground. The Hexcon1 retails for $95 and is available on their website.



Nicholas C

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    The hex shape in this is literally doing nothing. This is a giant three port brake, nothing more. We’re really skimming the bottom of the barrel now for accessories.

    I have this fear that as the Great Gun Surplus of 2015 approaches that we’re going to see a lot of ridiculous “LOOK AT ME” and “ME TOO” items coming out.

  • Patrick Mingle

    aaaaaaand the guy shooting next to you hates you

  • Marty Ewer

    I’m not one who usually cares about the “background” music on a product vid. But that noise is awful. Maybe I’m showing my age.