Grey Ghost Precision Specter Rifles

Specter Rifle

Grey Ghost Precision (GGP) will soon be selling the company’s first rifles called the Specter Heavy and the Specter Light. The GGP Specter Heavy will be chambered in .308 Win and set up as a designated marksman rifle (DMR.) The Specter Light will be a similarly configured rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO.

Specter Rifle

According to GGP, the guns are built by Mega Arms and are designed to be very durable. Features include:

  • 16″ 416 stainless steel barrel
  • 11˚ target crown
  • Gemtech Jake Brake
  • 7075-T651 billet lowers
  • True Black Type III hard anodizing
  • ambi bolt release
  • single stage, 4.5 lb trigger
  • 14″ KeyMod handguard
  • Magpul stock & pistol grip

Specter Rifle

From GGP:

Grey Ghost Precision Announces the Release of Their First Series of Rifles – the Specter Heavy and Specter Light

We here at GGP are proud to officially announce the release of the Specter Series, the first rifles from Grey Ghost Precision. The Specter rifle series begins with a Heavy (.308) and Light (5.56). The Specter Heavy is a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) class long gun; a rugged, lightweight and robust option for shooting out to 700m and beyond. Specter Light brings the same benefits to those who prefer a 5.56 weapon. Unlike so many other rifles on the market, the Specters are durable, reliable, affordable, accurate and attainable—all without compromising quality.

The Specters are built by Mega Arms. We have always admired the work of those PNW geniuses, who are well known for high quality design and strict production values. They maintain quality control measures of the highest order and have an incredible work ethic. Mega has built rifle parts and receivers for many other companies, but never before have they put together a complete rifle in its entirety—as it turns out, they were looking for someone they felt would make a good partner. Thus the partnership. It’s a huge honor for us.

We put prototypes through spin-up training for a unit deploying to Afghanistan. They took it through SWC with them and did their best to break it, delivering real time feedback about its performance and durability during the process, then providing and exhaustive debrief afterward. We also had prototypes evaluated by SOF marksmanship instructors, competition shooters and some die-hard hunters, with instructions to all – let us know what we can do to make this better.

Direct feedback militated additional changes. The weapon continued to evolve. What you are now seeing is the fifth generation of rifles produced.

Ultimately, the first full production Specter configurations are a reflection of who we are and what we’d want to take into a fight.

First and foremost, these are combat rifles. Although they are very accurate, they can be banged around, used and abused, all while maintaining intransigent reliability. They are crafted to discriminating specifications and we are supremely confident you are going to appreciate the attention to every detail on these rifles

The proprietary receivers for the Specters are built from a base of 7075-T651 billet. They are then True Black Type III hard anodized to military specifications with a surface hardness of 60 Rockwell. The forends are fourteen inch extended Mega MKM KeyMod handguards, with M-LOK versions available in the future. Each forend is hand fitted to every upper receiver using Mega Arm’s custom lockup system, which is stronger than standard barrel attachment.

The heart of any rifle is the barrel. So too it is with the Specters, which feature medium weight sixteen inch 416 stainless steel barrels and 11 degree target crowns. They are topped with Gemtech Jake Brakes and Black Nitrided inside and out for superior corrosion resistance without negative effect on accuracy.

The Grey Ghost Precision Specter rifles are specifically balanced slightly to the rear to balance out any front-heavy results from dressing it in optics and accessories.

Lower receivers feature ambidextrous bolt releases and BAD-CASS selectors. Specter Light comes equipped with enhanced takedown and pivot pins directly from the factory. Triggers are an incredibly smooth 4.5 pounds and single stage for precision work. Other features include properly staked mil-spec six position receiver extensions, Magpul ACS stocks, and Magpul MOE+ pistol grips.

In the future you will be seeing a number of exciting things from Grey Ghost Precision: a series of upper receiver groups in a myriad of lengths and calibers and even a high end handgun. We’ll advise more on that soon.

If you have any questions about the Specter Series of rifles, our methodology, manufacturing processes or quality control procedures, or if you just want to have a serious discussion about damn good rifles, don’t hesitate to contact us. Apologies in advance, our comms will be limited for just the next few days as our staff travels; we (and many Specters) will be at Range 37 PSR 10-11 NOV for the Green Beret 3 Gun Pro Am. Images and updates will be posted frequently on the new Grey Ghost Precision Instagram account (#greyghostprecision / and the Grey Ghost Gear Facebook page (

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  • Orion Quach

    I was reading about this on SolSys, as they wanted to do a higher end rifle, at a more reasonable cost with low wait times. Those seem like great goals to have and Grey Ghost has great products so I’m curious to see how these then out.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    I like them, hope this company gets traction

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Big fan of some of the parts there are using, key being the Mega lowers and MKM uppers. They’re going to have to make a name for themselves quick. I don’t see the $600 AR-15 going anywhere any time soon. I just picked up a brand new Colt 6920 for $850. Anyone making $2000+ AR15/AR10s is going to have to be able to hold out for at least two years before we see sales like the previous 6 years.

  • Grindstone50k

    *yawn* oh look, another AR.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      To me, that mindset says “I’m just into collecting things… My things of choice happen to be guns, and unique ones are “better” than common ones”. But hey, feel free to do embody that.

      I’d suggest you take a carbine class with some non-ARs, let us know boring the AR is then. Maybe there is a reason it’s so popular?

      I don’t know about you… But I’m insanely lucky to live in a place I have access to one of the best carbines ever devised.

      I’m not saying a new AR is exicting on it’s own just because it’s an AR, but these appear to be high quality at a good price. But sure, “yawn”.

      • Grindstone50k

        Well, you pull whatever you want out of four words, but hey if you feel another AR maker in a market overflowing with AR makers is something to be excited about, that’s great. We’ve pretty much reached the point of diminishing returns with AR quality. At this point, this company is as cookie cutter as most other AR makers out there, albeit they’re a bit late to the game. The market rush for ARs is pretty much bottomed out. They don’t even have prices listed on their site, so “good price” is TBD. I’m not saying they’re bad or shouldn’t exist. But this line “Unlike so many other rifles on the market, the Specters are durable, reliable, affordable, accurate and attainable—all without compromising quality” is just the same recycled line you see on every other AR maker that started up after the Big Scare. Hell, most of the rifle parts are third-party. And nothing they list that doesn’t have a different brand name attached to it is at all revolutionary or innovative.

        Please tell me, oh wise one, what makes THIS AR putter-togetherer so damn special?

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Remind me which other mfgs you can get a warranty and good price using MEGA receivers?

  • Rogier Velting

    Seemed just average at first… but then I read they were made by Mega Arms. So they do seem interesting.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      That MKM upper/rail is bad ass. Entirely removed the barrel nut from the rail and attachments. Just like the LaRue OBR is/was. I really wanted this for my SPR, but they weren’t out in time. They are now, but I’m not keen on switching over at this point, maybe if I saw some blackfriday deal or if they do an MLOK version and I were to switch over (also unlikely).