SUPCOV Suppressor Covers

US Tactical Supply is offering the SUPCOV suppressor cover. The SUPCOV is a low-profile composite material cover that slips over a suppressor to mitigate mirage by more effectively combating heat build-up and dissipating it more effectively. The US Army is requiring a similar device for the CSASS program.


Covers are available for a variety of suppressors including purpose-built covers for the M110 and covers that can be cut to length for common 1″, 1.5″, & 2″ diameter suppressors. Covers are typically available in black of Coyote.

Covers retail from $35 to $55. 

Claimed testing results:

Test Results on the M110 SUPCOV:


Daylight hours

94 degrees

3 x Sniper Instructors

Standard Iron Maiden targets (40”x 20”)

   TEST Parameters:

1 x M110 Sniper Rifle fired 1 round every 2-3 seconds with no suppressor sleeve.

1 x M110 Sniper Rifle fired 1 round every 2-3 seconds with a suppressor sleeve.

Both weapons continued with this rate of fire until barrel mirage was too great to accurately engage targets.

Both weapons engaged the same target at approximately 467 meters.


M110 with no suppressor sleeve began to have significant barrel mirage at 21 rounds; shooter was unable to engage targets and be able to identify what he was engaging after 25 rounds.

M110 with the suppressor sleeve did not have any significant barrel mirage until 91 rounds; shooter was able to engage targets for another 3 rounds until he was unable to identify targets.

Nathan S

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  • KestrelBike

    I know a guy (he’s an auto-mechanic by day) in California that can make these bad boys for $500 each.

  • mzungu

    How does adding a layer of plastic help with heat buildup? plastic is less conductive than metal, will act more like an insulator, and make it hotter even..

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Point? The idea is not keep the mirage out of the optic. Yea, they all insulate. You pull them backwards if you can to let them cool off.

      • mzungu

        That will merely delay temperature rise for a little bit, ultimately the temperature of plastic will equal to that of the metal, if not higher.

        Better off add some fins to the metal suppressor to dissipate the heat as quickly as possible, not holding on to it.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          That is 110% wrong. And MAYBE you could have determined that by the fact there are plenty of suppressor wraps out there and ZERO finned cans.

          But do please keep making wildly inaccurate assumptions of something you clearly have no experience with. OR, maybe you know something every suppressor mfg doesn’t, maybe something every precision a shooter doesn’t, something the US corps doesn’t. That seems likely.

  • wetcorps

    So it is low-profile. Because there are high-profile covers?

    • gunslinger

      low speed, high drag

      oh wait. flip that

  • They used my picture from my Bowers Suppressor Cover article.

  • MclarenF1Forever

    Yep, I got one for my CAC45 a long time ago. Wonder if these are the same thing, just sold by US Tactical.

  • MclarenF1Forever

    serves me right I suppose. I did not click into the individual product page, stopped at the linked page showing 5 covers.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    So far I my research either they are stupid expensive, or stupid heavy, or both. The last one I looked at was 8oz… No thanks.