GLT Muzzle Brake


Great Lakes Tactical (GLT) is now selling a muzzle brake for .223 caliber rifles. GLT states the brake also acts as a flash suppressor.

The brakes are machined from 17-4 stainless steel and Melonite coated. I received a sample brake from GLT for T&E (range evaluation coming soon.) The machining and finishing all appear superb. I look forward to comparing this to the standard birdcage and other muzzle devices I have on hand.

The brake uses standard 1/2-28 threads and should work on any threaded barrel AR-15 on the market. The MSRP is $85.

Richard Johnson

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  • Cymond

    After reading that Vuurwapen Blog post, I’m really sick of seeing brakes that claim to work as flash hiders. They may not be as bad for flash & concussion as a dedicated brake, but they all seem to fall short of even a $10 A2 flash hider.

    • JumpIf NotZero


      GLT states the brake also acts as a flash suppressor.

      It’s almost certainly not doing one of these things, or both.

    • One or the other not both—

  • Doop

    How does this thing hold up to the EFAB?

  • JD

    As the folks in Vietnam learned, if you’re crawling through grass or walking through brush, weeds and twigs will get stuck in those slots in the side of the brake.

    • claymore

      None of those at the range and they frown on crawling around LOL. People here mostly aren’t old enough to remember those.