Steampunk Gatling Gun

I am not typically a fan of steampunk, but will gladly make and exception for this little wonder. YouTube user Alex Smyth has created a steam punk gatling based off of a 10/22. The a steam only powers the rotary barrels (for ATF compliance reasons), but it reaches an impressive ROF with the hand crank wheels.

About the only thing he could have done better is to make it belt fed. You can see his other works and even purchase a few on etsy:

Nathan S

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  • jeff

    are we posting news from over a year ago now? not busting but really i read about this in august of 2013. i love this blog but please do not post videos from youtube years ago just for content . be fresh and creative.

    • M.M.D.C.

      I think the thing to remember is that the internet is a big place and most of us see only a very small percentage of it. Most of us take a quick look at a few sites during a coffee break or lunch either to catch up on news or for a little diversion. The rather silly steampunk Gatling gun provides a small diversion and most of us aren’t expecting to be bowled over by it, so it’s fun.

      I think the worst thing you could say about it is that it’s a bit passe, but it doesn’t really matter because it isn’t meant to be serious.

      My two cents, and worth every penny.

      • grunion

        Your opinion…

    • Cymond
  • Pete Sheppard

    Cool! Why? Because!! 😀

  • gunslinger

    “built off a 10/22 to keep it legal so i’m not manufacturing a new firearm”

    what? i thought you could build your own firearm for personal use. i.e. all the 80% receivers for ar’s and aks and 1911 and such

    • Renegade

      Probably more from a sales perspective.

      • Anonymoose

        Not like you can sell guns on etsy anyway.

    • Cymond

      You can build your own, but many people don’t know that.
      Go read the comments on the video. It’s terrifying how many people think this is a “machine gun”. It’s nothing but a GAT trigger in a fancy case.

  • gunslinger

    i’m interested to know more of the mechanicals involved. he has a battery to rotate the barrel? i guess it’s tied to the crank and the crank is also tied to the trigger?

    • Anonymoose

      The rotation mechanism is steam-powered.

      • zardoz711

        he literally said a battery and motor turns the barrels

        • Cymond

          When? It looks like the rotating “barrels” are mechanically tied to the crank.

      • Andrew

        You didn’t even watch the video, did you? The rotating barrels are battery powered. The “steam” is just for looks and isn’t even really steam (dry ice). He clearly stated all of this in the video.

  • Renegade

    I don’t see any units for sale on his Etsy page.

  • Raven

    Good lord that copper casing is ugly. And the whole thing is kind of iffy as “steampunk,” it looks more like “let’s just cover everything in random gears and copper scrap.” Just once I wanna see a steampunk gun that’s not just a 10/22 in a fancy shell. Problem is, anything halfway reasonable is gonna take a lot of work and money to do.

    • Andrew

      Looks more like a reject from the Wild Wild West movie (starring Will Smith) prop department.

  • Matt

    I don’t think the rotary barrels are functional. It looks like the real barrel is fixed in the center of the rotary mechanism and that the fake barrels rotate about it.

  • USMC03Vet

    No way that thing weighs 60lbs…

  • Secundius

    I hope the Hand Crank is hooked-up to some larger gears inside, or this Steampunk Minigun is going to have rather dismal rate of fire.