Saiga 9 Available in Europe

According to TFB reader Mac21500, the civilian version of the 9mm PP-19-01 Vityaz submachine gun has hit the European market. Apparently, the weapon is available for under $1000 (it’s unclear whether that’s USD or something else). The magazines are limited to ten rounds to comply with most European laws.

The Vityaz has been in production since 2007. It operates as a closed bolt, blowback submachine gun, but otherwise is based on the more famous “Bizon” submachine gun, itself derived from the AKS-74U subcarbine. Like many 9x19mm submachine guns, the Vityaz is capable of firing high pressure ammunition, in this case the very high pressure Russian armor piercing 7N21 round.

Further pictures are available in an imgur album.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Marty Ewer

    it would be pretty cool to have these here in the U.S. 🙂

    • Scott P

      Except it will never happen with the ban.

      Funny how the Europeans did not consider Kalashnikov Group significant enough for sanctions but we want full on through with ours.

      It was veiled gun control nothing more.

      • Marty Ewer

        I’m hopeful that the whole Russia-Ukraine thing will blow over in a year or so, and our next administration (R) will lift the silly sanctions.

        • Scott P

          Except it won’t. Look at the Chinese ban. Still in force even when GW was in office and he signed his own EO with barrels and extended the Chinese ban further in 2003 probably in anticipation of the sunset of the AWB.

          No president since Reagan has ever rescinded an EO on firearms imports and never will. Not only does it get the job done on gun control but protects the domestic industry from competition so they can jack up the prices to whatever they want since where else can you go?

          • Sulaco

            Russians moved a 32 tank colume into the Ukraine over the border this morning…don’t think the ban is going away any time soon.

          • Barry

            Can you imagine the number of kabooms that was prevented with the Chinese firearms ban? They already flood the US market with cheapo scopes/red dots that don’t hold zero, weapon lights that fail on the first shot from a real firearm, countless mounts that snap due to inferior materials, etc.
            I don’t doubt they can make good, reliable products; but from what I’ve seen the majority is junk that is shaped like it came from good designs.

          • Steve Truffer

            Chinese AKs are among the best made, and can command full custom prices ($4,000/+)

          • Mr.T

            Maybe in US where most AK’s are some cobled up parts kits ,here in Europe where we get them unmolested i can tell you that Norinco AK is not even close to Russian ,Bolgarian or Serb AK.

          • Steve Truffer

            We get Bulgarian and Serbian AK’s, all but the safety trip (since our Bureau of All Things Fun & Exciting deems that to be the full auto component).

          • Scott P

            You are making a false equivalence of cheap products that are bought by equally cheap American companies to sell to people too cheap to buy real accessories for their guns.

            Pray tell show me these “crappy” Chinese guns that go kaboom?

            Funny thing is the shotguns coming from China are better quality than anything Remington is putting out these days unless you consider Freedom Group quality firearms. I would trust any gun made in China before anything FG makes these days.

            Ever heard of Ed Brown, the high-end 1911 builder? Guess what gun he started his 1911 customizing from? Yea those “crappy” 1911’s the Chinese built with better steel than what is found in 1911’s built today hell even the originals and many performance shooters still use them as base guns. And they came standard with better sites than what others were offering back in the day.

            And those M-14’s? Yea screw those what with their forged receivers that again many people today build into custom M-14’s. Never mind the fact Ron Smith of Smith Enterprises praised them for their builds. Yea that Springfield Armory M1A that has nothing to do with the original Springfield Armory, cast receiver, questionable QC, no GI-spec parts, and button barrel is so superior.

            And don’t even get me started with their AK’s which are much better quality than any U.S. builder could build at least even remotely close to what they were going for price-wise when they were still importable.

            Plus ammo that people could actually afford to shoot. Where if it was imported today with free market competition the others would have to adjust accordingly to compete and with the Chinese dumping 7.62×39 for their new caliber it would price it where 7n6 was before it was banned. Now that same ammo instead of being bought by us to shoot paper targets it is probably being used to shoot at our troops and allies so tell me what alternative you would prefer??

            So yea keep buying the shit and drinking the Kool Aid from Freedom Group and Springfield Armory.

          • Jeff Smith

            As the owner of a Norinco 1911, I can attest to their build quality.

          • As can I. The Norinco M14 is equally as good.

          • Ny MAK 90 is flawless and a wonderful trigger. My Cantamount Fury saiga style AK shotgun has digested every cheap light weight bulk birdshot round I’ve put through it. It outruns my Saiga which I made the mistake of dumping money into to get to work

          • Mr.T

            that is actualy true in Europe where firearms are proofed with overpressure cartridges some US made firearms that are readly sold in US proved unsafe meaning they blew up or or showed structural damage form a single 30% overpressure cant be sold on EU market.

          • FourString

            Norinco’s were quality clones though -.-

          • iksnilol

            I doubt it, Chinese guns are pretty good IMO. Yes, they are inexpensive and rough but they work. Though I do prefer Russian guns for my cheap guns there are some that Baikal or Tula don’t make which Norinco does.

      • Dave

        That and European countries didn’t really want to impose sanctions on Russia. More or less 1/3 of their fuel comes from Russia. That’s a heck of a dependency. You’re right. Veiled gun control and nothing more.

        Sweet SMG. The AKS-74U seems the ideal size for a sub gun. It makes one wonder why this wasn’t a thing sooner.

  • Lance

    Never coming here. Obama will make sure of that. I still want a Bison P.C.C version alot more than this though

  • wetcorps

    If I had the money I’d buy one just so I could post pictures of it all over the US websites 🙂

  • echelon

    Step one: Find creative way to license design to non-Russian entity. Step two: create short barrel version and affix SB-15 “brace”. Step three: Sell at attractive price in US by the boatloads.

    Feel free to use this method for import. I sometimes do pro bono work… 😉

    • FourString

      “Step one: Cut a hole in a box
      Step two: Put your junk in that box
      Step three: Make her open the box!”

    • MclarenF1Forever

      Can’t they just import pistol versions of this, like what Sig did with a small batch of SG 553 pistols?

      • Cedar_92

        Obozo banned all kalashnikov concern guns

      • echelon

        The issue is that it’s made by Russia and the sanctions against them do not allow importation into our country…

  • mosinman

    since this firearm was based of the Bizon can it potentially use the helical magazine?

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    Damn this gun is nice!
    When I first saw the Vityaz I thought it’d be a hit if the gun made it to the civlian market.
    Great to see that they’ve finally done it in the form of the Saiga 9.
    The factory railed dust cover is a huge bonus, also the curved mags.
    By the way, are those phosphated steel or polymer mags?
    Hard to tell from the pictures.
    (That limiter pin is a seriously dumb piece of work though.)

    The gun under the link with the railed forend and the folding buffer tube adapter
    is a particulary nifty piece! This gun is going to be a big hit for Saiga.
    Well, anywhere they’re allowed to export, that is.

    • Mr.T

      All saiga mags are realy heavy duty polymer.

  • Mr.T

    Germany is the one limited to 10 shot magazines in rifles, not most European countries ,but the magazine limiter is just a piece of wire you take out and and up with 25+round mag

  • AntiCitzenOne

    Just to clarify, Germany has the magazine limit, but France, Switzerland (well duh), Italy, and the Czech Republic don’t?

    • Marc

      The mag limit in Germany is a strange subject, as it only applies for certain uses and magazines themselves aren’t controlled in any way. The manufacturers usually provide limited mags with the guns, but also offer everything up to double drum mags for seperate purchase.

    • Guest

      Yup, no restrictions on mags in the Czech Republic.

  • noguncontrol

    if there is no gas tube and no gas piston and no bolt carrier, why are the sights still so high? they should have lowered the sights for use in CQC distances. this is a semi auto smg afterall.

    • Paladin

      Most likely for parts commonality and familiarity. The Vityaz is essentially a 9x19mm AKS-74U, and was built to be issued to soldiers already familiar with the Kalashnikov manual of arms.

      It also would likely have cost more than it’s really worth to redesign the gun around a lower height over bore. The dust cover, front trunion, front and rear sight bases, and stock would all have to be redesigned, possibly the receiver itself as well.

      Besides, the MP5 fills an identical role, and has very similar height over bore. And don’t even get me started on some of the newer SMGs/PDWs like the Kriss Vector The HOB on that gun would make this feel like you’re sighting directly down the bore.