Trick Shots With .22 and Shotgun

.22 Plinkster gets together with the Gould Brothers for a little trick shot shooting. .22 Plinkster is known for his remarkable marksmanship with .22LR firearms. I was most impressed with his trick shot of shooting a round and then shooting the brass that was ejected. The Gould Brothers are no slouches either to manipulating their shotguns.

Nicholas C

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  • claymore

    Good stuff as usual. They use some good cameras everything is always nice and clear.

  • hajukop

    nobody else notice the cattle in the background? they are shooting in that general direction with no backstop, seems a bit careless

    • Blake

      you beat me to it

      it may arguably be a bit less dangerous as the primary concern in the situation in question is shot drop from birdshot, but it’s still not exactly responsible, especially on a high-profile video like this…

    • claymore

      Well it would be a large tragedy if they took a stray round BEFORE they were whacked in the forehead and ground up into hamburger or dog food.