TrakBelt 360

I saw this posted on Facebook. It looks rather interesting and rather adaptable for many professions and hobbies.

TrakBelt360 is a Kickstarter campaign for a belt system that allows 360 degree movement of the accessories attached to the belt. So something that is positioned on your left can slide around to your back or all the way around to the front. I could see it used for hunting and possible competition shooting. Perhaps even for law enforcement and military. Although I would not want my holster sliding around when I don’t want it to.

Check out the Kickstarter here.

Nicholas C

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  • Kung Pao

    Not bad idea but too bulky.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Next on the Firearmblog, a discussion on paper towels and motor oil, both of which can be used for shooting.
    Special feature next month on bubblegum, which may be chewed while shooting…

    • andrey kireev

      The air which can be used for breathing…. while shooting….

      • Phillip Cooper

        Now you’re just being silly…

  • Nergyl

    I refuse to participate in this kickstarter unless I can have belt accessory that look like a tiny steam locomotive. Also, it needs to continually circumnavigate my waist with an electric motor and toot out an occasional “woo-woo” with a miniature whistle.

    Why do I need this? Duh–to intimidate my enemies, obviously.

    • mosinman

      they’ll see you as an engineering genius and be in fear of what other technical marvels you may have… it makes sense!

      • Nergyl

        I know, right? I think it will go well with my razor-tipped propeller beanie and my exploding teeth.

    • USMC03Vet

      Apparently lumberjack operators exist that’s why.

      • Nergyl

        Sir, this is a deadly serious subject. I am a certified master of all 31 flavors of space karate, slapjutsu, high-capacity assault boxing, and I have “taken down” no less than 495 terrorist burglars who rushed into my house simultaneously.

        Thanks to God and my Cold Steel Avenger(TM) steel-toed bunny slippers, I made it out of there alive.

  • Bill

    I see a lot of use for this. Running and managing a range may mean juggling a sidearm, radio, blowout kit, tools because everything breaks, staple gun, timer and target parts, and a buttload of binder clips, pasters and markers. I’d hope that there is some way of locking the components so your waist doesn’t turn into a NASCAR race