When (Root) Beer & Guns Mix: M-LOK Bottle Opener from MI

Token safety reminder included, Midwest Industries has posted up pictures of their M-LOK compatible bottle-opener. At first I was questioning the reason for its very existence, but knowing that IBC goodness can only accessed by an opener, I am staying open-minded. Those with a far-forward grip may find it actually useful as an indexing point and tiny AFG.

No word on pricing or availability. MI has a thread going on ARFcom with additional pictures. 

The title picture is courtesy of Predator Intelligence. Hit the link to be take to their coverage of the opener release. 

Nathan S

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  • jamezb

    The next step would be a flip-out corkscrew, and perhaps tiny scissors.

  • 1leggeddog

    I second the use of root beer at the range.
    Ice cold root beer.

  • Zachary marrs

    What do trees drink at the end of a long work day?

    Root beer


  • Jeff Smith

    Or a nice Mexican Coke!

  • Cknarf

    Kalashnikov magazine is most glorious bottle opener.

    • mechamaster

      It’s multipurpose tool actually. ^^

  • andrey kireev

    I think a tactical toilet paper roll holder would come more handy in the time of need….

    • Cymond

      If I ever truly need my rifle, I’ll probably need the paper afterwards.
      You could probably put one of these under the quadrail and hang a roll off it. A funny person could probably make a good joke on Youtube.

  • Zeke

    They put bottle openers on everything now. It’s just beyond ridiculous. Don’t encourage these unimaginative clods. I think I need to start a gadget company called No Bottle Openers.

    • Chris

      About circa 1980, a copy of the bad old ‘Soldier of Fortune’ magazine I have kicking around has an interview with Uziel Gal discussing his design for the then new Galil rifle for the IDF. He decided to incorporate a bottle opener into the pivot block of the standard equip bipod as troops were warping out the feed lips on their magazines by using them to crack open beers. As the last few decades show, not exactly the neighbourhood where you want an unexpected failure to chamber a round

  • LongBeach

    IBC caps are twist-offs….


  • mechamaster

    Why bottle opener ? I think can-opener more functional or something practical yet funny like FRED. ( pssh.. victorinox, please make picatiny rail-friendly of your multi tool-knife )