“Solvent Traps”, Still VERY ILLEGAL to Use As Intended

I regularly get emails from people asking me to tell them how to do something illegal. Often these people phrase the questions they ask in such a way as to trick me into telling them how to break the law. Today someone told me his friends and him were having a debate whether or not a .300 BLK round could be suppressed with a oil filter, and if so, which would be the best brand to use … I was not born yesterday. I am not going to tell you what brand of oil filter to use to illegally suppress a rifle.

For those of you who are not aware, a couple of years ago the concept of using a automobile oil filter as a suppressor spread across the internet like wildfire. One company began making cheap $70 adapters that were legally registered as suppressors. Other people committed felonies by using simple cheap thread adapters to make illegal suppressors. These adapters are now sold as “Solvent Traps” or “Solvent Catchers” … like you cannot use any random metal or glass container (or just a dirty rag) to catch solvents poured down a barrel.

An oil filter, very suppressor like.

An oil filter, very suppressor like.

I thought the oil filter craze was long dead and retailers had stopped selling them. After achieving the above mentioned email, I did a Google and found the trade in them is alive and well. One eBay merchant is selling around 1,000 simple thread adapters each year for just $9 (including shipping!). He also sells a range of adapters for popular unthreaded rimfire rifles. They are sold as “Solvent Traps”.

solvent trap2


Using these, or being caught with an adapter, a threaded rifle and a oil filter could land you in Federal prison. In 2012 a man was sentenced to 2 years in a Federal penitentiary for illegal possession of a homemade suppressor.

Yes, the law is ludicrous, I am not defending the law. That a simple thread adapter can be illegal to use on a rifle, but a muffler can be used on a car makes no sense. But regardless, spending a couple of years in prison and never being able to own or buy guns and ammunition again, is far too steep a penalty to justify the risk. Suppressors are fun, but they are not that much fun. Trust me, I own many suppressors. Save up and buy one legally. In the day of camera phones, all it takes is for one friend or neighbor to photograph/video you using or making an illegal suppressor and you can then kiss all your guns, and your freedom, goodbye.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • James

    Are they legal to own or not? That jackass in the link got busted on over 228 charges including illegal hunting and selling meth! Oh and even then he only served 12 months and some probation. I would never buy an adapter as it is risky but I’m pretty sure they are perfectly legal if used as intended… you just can’t shoot thru the filter. Anyone with more info able to shed more light on this?

    • jeff

      if you register it as a suppressor and live in a suppressor friendly state then yes it is perfectly legal . in fact you can still buy the oil filter adapter intended for a suppressor online today.

    • Random FFL

      Technically they are legal to own, as long as you don’t own a gun that it would fit on and an oil filter.

      However if you DO own a gun that the thread adapter fits on, the ATF see’s this as “intent to assemble” an illegal NFA item. This same type of charge can be applied to someone who owns an unassembled AR-15 upper receiver AND a compatible barrel under 16″… the ATF see’s it as intent to assemble an illegal SBR.

      So if you own a gun, don’t get caught with one of these adapters because you can absolutely be prosecuted for it and the penalty is IMMENSE.

      • John

        Historically, “constructive intent” has never been able to be proven beyond a shadow of doubt in court, such as one man in the 1970s who the ATF alleged had intent to use black powder to reactivate demilled hand grenades. Those charges quietly fell away.

        • jpcmt

          Yep, there is no “Intent to assemble” writing anywhere or precedents. This is total BS. You can have the parts for an SBR, for a solvent trap and threaded barrel and not have broken the law under intent. I guarantee RANDOM FFL can’t produce that beyond heresay.

          • Random FFL

            In my haste to reply this morning I used the wrong wording. It’s called “constructive intent” and has indeed been confirmed by the ATF in various response letters. As for producing it, do your own googling. I don’t have time.

          • John

            I own an AR-15 pistol and an AR-15 rifle. By your logic, that means the ATF can prosecute me for constructive intent to build a short-barreled rifle by swapping the uppers. Good one.

          • Yellow Devil

            I think the ATF only considers it constructive intent if you had one (or more) short-barreled upper receivers and only one lower receiver with buttstock even if you another 16″ barrel. Your specific case wouldn’t apply, until of course you actually do switch out the short barrel with a pistol lower receiver and take it to the public range.

          • Hank Seiter

            Operative words … “I think.” The government could still arrest your ass fast enough to make your head spin and then force you to sort it all out until you’ve exhausted your wealth. Yet another definition of a mind-reading tyranny.

          • Bruce Brunken

            Yes, they could. But only if they were going after you and had nothing else to try and make stick. They don’t want you–remember, there is a limited number of agents, a limited number of attorneys to bring cases, a limited number of judges to hear cases, etc. So they make you think they’ve got you, but what they really are is a gigantic Paper Tiger. Know how I know this? Look at all the drug dealers out there–they aren’t exactly cleaning up the streets of these mental midgets, are they? If the DEA can’t do it, the ATF is even less capable. So yes, they’ll make an example out of this or that dumb ass, but in reality, there’s not a hell of a lot that could be done when people just flaut these laws.

          • Cymond

            Ignore Bruce Brunken, constructive intent only applies if you don’t have another clear, legal use for the parts.

          • some legal services consumer

            I generally try to only take legal advice from lawyers who can spell “hearsay.”

          • Charles Applegate

            I love it when laypeople type ‘heresy’ instead of ‘hearsay’ – makes my law degree seem all the more worthwhile.

        • nova3930

          The problem is that while you might beat the rap, you won’t beat the ride and suddenly there are police, prosecutors, lawyers and judges in your life, none of which make it better. Plus you’re left trying to explian to your employer, friends and associates exactly why you were arrested along with pay a lawyer a lot of $ to get you out of it. It’s basically a no win situation for Average Joe….

          • Grindstone50k

            Yep, they make it so the system wins even if they don’t.

          • Bruce Brunken

            True, but freedom isn’t about comfort. When you get right down to the nitty gritty, our silly suburban lives of smart phones and video games, and the jobs we grudgingly go to in order to fund this stupid lifestyle, well, it’s all bullshit anyways. So don’t forget that. I’d enjoy watching this nonsense all burn down, even if it meant survival may not be any kind of guarantee, just because I’d enjoy watching all the wimps who rule us crap their pants.

          • It is a no win even if the case goes your way. You’ll still end up bankrupt from lawyers fees etc. Pay the $200 and don’t put your family through something like that. People can brag about what they would do all they want but if they do have a family and ARE willing to drag them into your mess they get no respect from most of us.

          • Hank Seiter

            And isn’t this simply another definition of tyranny? And what do you think the American founders would have done if King George and the English Parliament had passed a perfectly “legal” law that rifled muskets were illegal to own or sell in the American colonies? Heck, smoothbore muskets were the “assault rifles” of the day, let’s make those illegal, too.

            I’m confident the outcome would have been the same yet apparently we patriots lack the very cojones that made us “free” in the first place. The land of the free and home of the brave has now become the land of serfs and the home of bureaucratic fascists.

            I think Patrick Henry’s resounding oratory about “is life so dear and peace so sweet …” would fall on the deaf ears of our present generation. I mean, are we cattle or are we men?

            Having said that, I would only use a professionally-made silencer, but here in the People’s Republic of Illinois the fascist pigs have made that quite impossible without paying dearly for practicing ones Second Amendment right to its fullest. In a nutshell, given the language of serfs I’m seeing on this thread, we’re FRAKED.
            Just sayin’.

        • Captain Obvious

          Constructive intent only applies to machine gun parts, other wise anyone with a hacksaw could be arrested for CI. Buy all the solvent traps you want, just don’t shoot holes in them.

      • Bruce

        Buy one, engrave a SN on it, hand it off to your gun dealer and file paperwork for a suppressor. OR, buy a nice one and never wonder if your suppressor might blow up in your face.

        • Cymond

          One problem is that even the legally owned suppressor versions cannot be “repaired” by the owner by replacing the oil filter. The ATF views that the same as manufacturing a new core for a conventional suppressor. The entire “oil filter suppressor” must go back to a manufacturer (perhaps the orginal manufacturer, blame Gemtech) just to have a new oil filter installed on the adapter.

      • Mack

        If they are going to get you on constructive intent anybody with a plastic bottle and some steel wool and duck tape is screwed, or pvc, frost plugs, and duck tape. I have all of these but I have no intent to break the law. The constructive intent is bs, basically giving the ATF free rain on what they they think is intent, but I have never heard of it holding up in court.

        • Iam Spartacus

          It doesn’t need to be proven in court for TPTB to show their power keeping other serfs in line. All they need to do is bring charges, either you go to prison or you go broke paying for lawyers. Both are horrible & I doubt many if anyone gets returned court fees in the civil side of the case.

    • James in Australia

      You can and do shoot through the filter with the first shot.
      This type of suppressor gained notoriety locally when it was used in a multiple murder is the early 90’s.

    • SafetyDave

      In NY State almost any add-on to a firearm is illegal. BS infringement is what it is.

  • John

    Sorry, but their intended purpose is as a solvent trap. Using an oil filter as a solvent trap has a number of advantages over using any other container, such as the ability to take it to any auto parts store for easy and (relatively) green disposal.

    • gunsandrockets

      Sounds plausible. But I wouldn’t want to face the Feds using such a defense!

      • Blake

        Especially not an oil filter with a bullet hole in the bottom!

        (also because it won’t hold said solvents 🙂

  • Jeff Smith

    This is my general reaction when some asks me to do something illegal.


    • Anon. E Maus

      A solvent trap!

    • Mystick

      You beat me to it.

  • Phillip Cooper

    It’s almost ironic that this very product was promoted here on the Firearm Blog two years ago….


    • Drew

      They promoted the legal version, not the “solvent trap”.

      • John

        Solvent traps are legal.

    • Cal S.

      They promoted a cheap, legal suppressor and the article included the standard “Tax, tag, & fees” verbiage as well.

    • Thats not a “solvent trap”, that a registered suppressor. I have no problem with people using them. Also there are legal coke bottle adapters (or there used to be)

  • echelon

    I say the opposite. Everyone who has a spare $9 and a gun should buy one. When they come to prosecute your neighbor the next 10,000 people step up and say “well we have ’em too”. Just clog up the legal system until it breaks.

    This is why we live in our current state of affairs. Nobody has any cajones. When you deal with bullies and sociopaths there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. They’ll always come and take one or two to make an example and make the sheep tremble. When the sheep fight back the wolves depart.

    But no, by all means, let’s continue getting our rights wrecked and abiding these “laws” whilst crying like mewling quims…

    • sianmink

      The ‘I am Spartacus’ defense really only works if everyone involved is willing to take one for the team. In the real world, I don’t think it works that way.

      • M

        Yet so many people suggest it.

      • echelon

        It does if, as you say, everyone involved is willing to take one for the team.

        Isn’t that what gets us going when we watch war movies or sports movies? When we see a group of people unite and persevere through challenges while remaining bonded by a common goal? Why should “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” be any different? Isn’t that the abject point of all of the drama? What do the guys on the battlefield fight for? Personal glory? I thought Americans fought for “freedom”…but when I look around America I sure don’t see freedom. I see slavery and bondage.

        And, whenever a group does use this tactic it typically works. When the guys in Nevada stepped up to the gov. they backed down. When the good people of Mexico had enough of the corruption and cartels they formed “autodefensas” and armed themselves even though *gasp* it was illegal for them to do so. And guess what? In the areas where the autodefensas have taken stands the murder and kidnapping, etc. have greatly decreased. And now some of them or their leaders are getting hunted down and killed. But guess what? Freedom isn’t free and at least they’re doing something.

        It works. Men and women in America today are just not made of the right stuff, apparently.

        • sianmink

          And you’re right. People are comfortable. They’re content (if not happy) and they’re just not willing to put that at risk, even if the cause is right. It takes a more extreme threat to get people motivated to actually stand up.

          It’s easy to sign online petitions and say ‘this needs to change!’ actually changing things sometimes involves risk and the real chance of loss, and most people just like their 9-5 suburban-living, reality-tv watching lives to do anything that might disrupt that.

          • echelon

            Velvet chains and all that…

          • Pedro

            If we all stop paying our taxes, the IRS will not hound us . . . You go first. It’s got nothing to do with “cajones”, it’s about not leaving a wife and kids without a husband/father. Common sense; the law is stupid but get your stamps and your trust in order.

          • echelon

            And you’re completely missing my point. If I, alone, stop paying taxes then yes they’ll just come and take me and prosecute me and end of subject. What do you think would happen if 10,000,000 or 100,000,000 people all stopped paying their taxes en masse? For one, the legal system just purely couldn’t bear the strain. It would collapse.

            Secondly, you’d have the undivided attention of the government now wouldn’t you? We don’t understand that we control the purse strings. Why do you think they have to threaten you with prosecution in the first place? It’s no different than highway robbery by common thieves. They have a symbolic gun pointed at your head and they make you pay up or there’s consequences.

            If our founding fathers thought as you do then they’d surely have been given over to King George’s rule. What’s worse, to make a widow and orphan while standing up for truth or freedom, or being a model father and husband under threat of death and servitude? I’ll let you be the judge.

            I know where I stand.

          • Pedro

            I didn’t miss your point at all, hence my statement: “If we ALL stop paying”. However, I live in a world that realizes that isn’t going to happen (as much as you and I would like it to). I think we are on the same page.

          • echelon

            I agree that it won’t happen anytime soon. I am a firm believer that we have the government we deserve. At some point our children or our children’s children, etc. will live in a world even worse than our present day world and maybe they’ll wake up and have the fortitude to bond together and do what’s right. Who knows.

            I vote with my money at this point so I don’t really care too much…I just hope and pray and try to wake people up now…you just never know…

          • SickandTired

            That’s your Food Stamps and Trust in Government!!

          • Kurt Akemann

            It’s also the ‘optics’ and how the story would be reported. I hate saying this, but if two or three blocks in a neighborhood took such a stand, it would be reported not as a blow for freedom but as armed insurrection driven by a hatred of government and probably minorities, too. The nation would hear a great deal about how “they want silencers in order to kill people!” and most people would never hear the truth. Enough of the public would eventually be willing to sign off on the storming of those blocks that it would be done, and then the residents would find out that rifle don’t do much to MRAPs.

            No, Steve Johnson has the right of it. On the matter of sound suppressors we need to obey the law, and if we dislike it we need to get it changed legislatively.

          • Hank Seiter

            And when they come for your bolt-action hunting rifle because it’s a “sniper rifle”, and when they come for your .22 pistol because it’s a “the assassin’s weapon of choice” and when they come for your 12 ga. trap gun because it’s a “street sweeper” … what then?

            I own nothing Class III but that reality won’t stop jackbooted thugs hyped up on a warped sense of law-and-order from kicking in my front door.

            Just askin’.

            BTW, when bad, capricious or unconstitutional government laws turn you into a criminal, my advice to you is to … be the best “criminal” you can be. You figure out the details. In this case it’s government that’s lawless with its capricious regulations and bureaucratic fascism … not the normal law abiding citizen who is availing themselves of the Second Amendment and its penumbral rights to be prepared to resist the very tyrannical government by which we are presently being intimidated.

            Just sayin’.

          • Kurt Akemann

            Those scenarios are very unlikely, but if the law were to declare those things illegal then I’d get rid of said weapons, regardless of what what I actually would have the right to do. This would be because I’m not willing to pick that sort of fight with the government.

            Others may thing themselves revolutionaries, but I’m not such a person.

          • Craig

            Fat Americans, drinking beer and watching football will complain, but never give up anything for “freedom”, after all, they have beer and football, in hock for their home and toys. We live in a nation of cowards, illegal aliens and welfare trash. There are few with skin in the game. 53% of Americans are OK with the idea of a socialist government. You are not free, you are a slave to state and federal government, try not paying taxes, see who owns what. There is conditional liberty, as long as what you want and do is OK with the authorities. Democrats and establishment republicans are the enemy and until we all recognize that fact, no fat hog will grab his rifle and fight the good fight, he’d have a heart attack within 24 hours, anyway.

          • Diamondback

            The founders didn’t pledge their “Fortunes, Lives and Sacred Honor” for nothing … nevermind.

        • PatrickHenry1789

          “Those willing to give up their liberty for security will get neither”~ Ben Franklin

          • cawpin

            If you’re going to quote somebody, at least get it right.

            “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

        • Core

          A true revolutionary..

        • tiger

          Right stuff? The avg. American will not even show up on election day. Yet they moan till the next one.

          • echelon

            What will voting accomplish? You get one side of the same coin…

            The two party system is completely broken.

            Nobody should moan, if they don’t understand that each and every person elected is a liar and a thief then why would it surprise them when they do these things?

            You play by the house rules and the house always wins…

          • Diamondback

            The Repukicrap party sprang from the old demondcrap party anyway. There’s less than a nickel’s difference in the two.

            Elections will NOT fix what is wrong with this country.

        • RaunchyDawg

          The diff is that when you watch the movie about the bonding and coming together, you are sitting on the couch naked eating pringles. To actually fight the fight, one must make personal sacrifice. Personal sacrifice is a term the current population knows little about.

          • echelon

            Indeed. Much agreed.

    • MANG

      Crying like mewling quims eh? I must say I am not a fan of this “Charge of the Light Brigade” approach to challenging the law and the accompanying moral outrage. This is not a Selma restaurant sit-in in the 60’s. You would have my admiration if you stood up for all liberties that hard.

      • MrSatyre

        So I guess that means you won’t stand up for any of yours? Feel sorry for you, bro’. Just suck it up and take your submission like a…well, like a slave.

        • MANG

          Naw bro, I just think the attitude that everything is messed up because nobody has enough BALLS is total blowhard b.s.

      • echelon

        Who says I don’t? My point is that one man standing alone in the wilderness can only do so much. The government does what it does because of numbers and force. In any other situation known to man, the same tactics used by any other group of people would be considered a criminal offense. But somehow when a “government” does it, then it’s sanctioned and legitimate.

        And I’m not positing that we should be aggressive or offensive in nature, but united and stalwart. Instead when one person gets thrown in jail for standing up for their liberty half of the people who supposedly profess to also stand for the same liberty point and laugh and say, “see that guy? He’s an idiot. Broke the law and got himself thrown into the slammer.”

        And if I were the government strategist I would be laughing all the way to the bank. That would be the textbook definition of “divide and conquer”.

        And since that proves to be such a powerful and effective strategy, then we get the government we deserve. And most people just wail and gnash their teeth whilst the divided house falls…

        I do appreciate and respect your opinion though. Thank you for keeping the dialogue civil.

        • MANG

          No prob, y.w.

        • Diamondback

          Be sure and get the word out regarding JURY NULLIFICATION because it will be key to defeating the government’s prosecutions.

          If they can’t get a jury to convict …

          • echelon

            When a body or organization is lawless, such as our entire governmental structure, nothing within the bounds of their laws will be ultimately useful in their defeat, unfortunately.

            And that statement is not me suggesting violent overthrow or some such thing. The fact of the matter is that this thing will die of its own accord at some point. The fictional reality that they’ve tried to create cannot sustain itself and will not last.

            The real question is will we be the masters of our new future once it collapses or will a new master step in and pick up the reigns…

      • The Believer

        The Selma restaurant sitins against the rights of property owners to choose who could go onto their property? You’re quite right, this is about actual worthwhile individual freedoms.

        • MANG

          Solvent traps are more important than destroying Jim Crow? Hmmmmm, sounds legit!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          • Pedro

            It’s the same argument . . . FREEDOM!

          • George King

            Yes. The 2nd amendment is a true civil right. Unlike sitting at any lunch counter you want too irrespective of the property owner therof

    • meateater

      didn’t Oscar Zeta, Hunter S Thompsons lawyer, try this kind of defense in a marijuana case, instead of pleading guilty to a small possesion misdeminor he took a bunch of hippies to court and lost? or maybe just in the movies but the same idea of clogging up the system

    • jwn0001

      Cajones has more to do with everyday like than this. Cajones is supportign cantidates that are not anti american. Cajones is geting involved in local politics and making a difference. Cajones is gettign ont he school board and makign people stand by the morals and encouraging them to “do the right thing”… We are a neutered society (at least many are) Why si there no outrage these 6 years past over 3.00 plus gasoline? During 9/11 stations were charged with wartime profittering. We have bee at war int he middle east twice a long as WWII (WWII was for us at least Dec 7, 1941 – August 12 1945. Our election cycles last Almost that long!!! Shouldnt do somethign in secret or “shiftily” that you want to do. If you want silencers and supressors, then get peole together and bribve congresssmen to vote for it (it is not a bribe, you are a lobbyist)….the people in the lobby that bribve politicians. do this l;egally and you won’t go to jail. Even though I don’t want one, I’d support others right s to do so legally.

      • echelon

        If you play the House rule the House always wins. Just remember that.

        I agree that we are a neutered society but that’s just about as far as I go along side you, sir/madam.

        I never said do anything in secret or in any manner of guile. But you think it’s wiser to bribe politicians? So similar to begging your master correct? Also remember just because something is “legal” doesn’t mean it’s right or lawful and just because something is “illegal” does not mean it’s wrong or unlawful.

        You express your true feelings when you talk about people being idiots going about and shooting up your stuff. No respectful person would do that, and guess what, if they did that’s already illegal, suppressor or not. So why do you feel like we should trample on anyone’s rights just because we might not like it?

        Cars have mufflers, guns should have suppressors. And I think you too are smitten with Hollywood movies. Suppressors do not make a weapon so that you cannot hear it. Many times the dB level is still above the line that causes hearing damage even suppressed. It just makes it less bothersome. I would think that would be a good thing all around.

        • Diamondback

          Suppressors/silencers are sold OVER THE COUNTER in Europe as SAFETY DEVICES. No permits required.

          • echelon

            And they were sold here in the US at hardware stores for a couple bucks in the not too distant past…

            While suppressors aren’t so regulated in Europe it’s the actual gun that the suppressor attaches to that is so it ends up being a wash…

    • bleednomore

      bleednomore here….I agree with you….This current generation has beed taught to summit to the corrupt federal government….no way, no how, never….simply think where America would be if we had not sent the Brits a pack n…slaves to another one of their colonies….and a socialist communist Zionist controlled people….the short list says they almost have by the balls….yep…and England almost had us ,,,almost….keep em loaded guy ///I assure you it will mot be for naught…defend our rights as written in our constitution…our forefathers new what to protect….THEY HAD LOST IT IN ALL OF EUROPE…TO A BIG OVERGROWN FEDERAL CORRUPT GOVERNMENT …just like we have now…

      • echelon

        “But whether the Constitution really be one thing,
        or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a
        government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In
        either case it is unfit to exist.”- Lysander Spooner, No Treason 1867

        Our little experiment has failed. Time to take the strong foundation and build anew.

      • Diamondback

        The Constitution and BoRs are just “fkn pieces of paper”.

        Unless THE PEOPLE stand up and “support. protect and defend” them, they’re meaningless.

        That’s why the Constitution starts out, “WE THE PEOPLE …”.

        If enough of the people don’t stand and fight for it now, it WILL FAIL; and, we the people will HAVE to FIGHT another Civil War/Revolution to regain/restore protections for our natural rights.

        But …

    • Jimbo

      I learned not to trust my fellow man while I was in the service, finding out first hand how the US military works as a “team”. In my squad, we had four big guys who were only there because some judge gave them that option instead of prison. Every night they would pick one of the smaller, or weaker guys in the squad, and gang rape or sexually assault him. Our drill instructor must’ve known what was going on, but he told us that anyone who brought any kind of problem to him or the captain would be “set back” and never get out of basic, or wind up in a disciplinary unit for the remainder of their enlistment. No one wanted this to happen, so no one was willing to speak out. I tried to get the rest of the guys to band together as a group and take care of these guys, but everyone to a man said that they “didn’t want to get involved”. I was beaten unconscious one night with chairs and sexually assaulted. If I had had access to a weapon I would have used it.

      If you found 1000 other people with illegal silencers who promised you their support if you were arrested, they would all likely turncoat when you were arrested. That is a sad reflection on human nature, but it is true.

      • echelon

        Thank you for sharing that story. And yes, I agree with you for the most part.

        But I also choose, whether out of naivety or sheer madness, to believe and have hope that people will wake up and realize the truth.

        Experiences such as yours are horrible and they often shape our entire outlook on everything…and with good reason. I just hope and pray that in spite of these things people who know what you and I know are proven wrong in the end.

        I sincerely mean that.

      • Right Old Bastard

        Sure you did. What training unit? When? Drill instructor’s name?

        You’re simply a lying piece of shit.

        Put up, or shut the fuck up.

    • tiger

      Your “that guy.” The guy who gives us all a bad name. The guy with the flag bad bumper stickers that make people use terms like gun nut. The guy who take things just too far. Life that boring you need a suppressor? Apply for one.

      • echelon

        I guess I’m “that guy”…but by that I mean I’m the one who’s awake and not asleep. I’m the one who sees the cage built all around that is all but invisible to most people.

        My life is far from boring. It’s a matter of principle. On what grounds and basis should I or anyone for that matter have to “apply” for a suppressor? Where is the True legal basis? I’m not talking about some guys in some building somewhere made a rule and called it a “law” and so it is so, I’m talking about the true nature of the law.

        If I’m the guy who gives everyone a bad name, well then I’m glad I’m not everyone.

        And I’ll have you know, I have no bumper stickers on any of my vehicles… 😉

        I’m guessing that you would’ve been “that guy” who, if you lived in the days of our founding fathers, would’ve been the one calling them nuts and traitors for defying King George…

      • Right Old Bastard

        And you are “that guy” who went to the dentist and had all his teeth pulled so he could provide better blowjobs to the guys with the shint jackboots.

        You don’t need a suppressor. You need a shotgun, in your mouth. You can reach the trigger with your toe.

  • jpcmt

    How bout some PROOF? Define what is and what isn’t illegal. For example, the guy selling the thread adapter kit (including freeze plugs) to be used with maglite bodies has clarified with the ATF that you do need something with baffles attached to your gun AND it has to have a pass through hole in it. An oil filter, adapter, and threaded barrel is NOT illegal until that oil filter has a hole in the end. Maybe do some writing yourself to confirm if you weren’t born yesterday.

    • James

      This is what I meant by just don’t shoot thru it. I think you can legally own this and a filter and gun all legally, as long as you don’t fire a round thru the filter. Once you DO fire it THEN it’s a suppressor and you better have paperwork. Is this correct?

      Might all be a moot point since the BATFE makes their own rules and routinely breaks the law anyways.

      In other words for now if you want a legal suppressor just pay the damn $200.

      • Christina Leah

        But, it isn’t as simple as paying $200. You can’t just walk in to a gun store, pay your tax and the cost of a silencer and walk out the same afternoon. You have to have written permission from the CLEO in your area, a gun trust or an LLC.

        What other “checks” are being done that aren’t when you purchase a firearm? Why does it take 3 months to a year to get approval for something that is not a weapon or a part?

        Why aren’t we fixing this?

        • James

          I know there’s a lot more to it than paying $200. Hell, im going thru the same amount of bullshit just to put an NAA mini in a damn wallet… I’m not agreeing to the bullshit and I’m all for changing the laws and eventually doing away with the batfe as it stands today however, it IS the law right now so you either comply or run the risk of ruining your life.

          I think now that guns are mainstream our chances of changing this nfa bullshit is more likely. Just gotta get out and vote and keep the pressure high on the gvmt a-holes. The less they are in our personal lives the better.

  • turner92

    Tried it, then immediately threw away both the oil filter and adapter.

    Fun, heavy, and inherently inaccurate since I couldn’t use my sights worth shit on my 22/45 lite.

    Never again. Just isn’t worth the risk.

    • Of course you tried it in international waters I hope!

    • M

      And you’re publicly telling the internet why?

      • valorius

        Because he’s a moron.

        • Cymond

          Because on the internet, no one knows you’re really a dog.

          Seriously, even if his username could be tracked back to him, he could simply say that his online comment was a lie, mere bravado.

  • Antixx

    I was recently at a gun show here in PA and every MF in the world was selling these things. Initially when I walked in I saw a table with some prominently displayed AR’s sporting oil filters. I walked up and said to my buddy who came with “Hey check it out it’s the thread adapters that allow you to use and oil filter as a suppressor!” Well the moment I said that it was like someone scratched the needle on a record at a party. Everyone looks at me and the guy at the table’s panties went into full bunch mode where he starts saying that they’re solvent traps and blah blah blah. Of course he hints the whole time that can be used as a suppressor and that he has done so (f’ing moron). So I let this guy do his spiel and when he finished I proceed to tell him that he is an idiot who is going to get a lot of poor bastards who don’t know any better arrested.

    • PJ

      Gun shows typically have a large law enforcement presence, including ATF. I can’t imagine something like that getting past them.

      • John

        Solvent traps are not illegal so there’s no issue.

        • SafetyDave

          You dont live in New York.

          • Yuuzhan

            why on earth would anyone that enjoys rights live in ny?

          • Cymond

            You could say the same thing about California, and yet I lived there for 3 years.
            Why? Because I didn’t have much of a choice. I could either live in California or get a divorce. I chose to stay with my wife. Fortunately, she applied for a new job and was hired. It meant a promotion, a raise, and moving back to a free state.

      • Bruce Brunken

        Ah whatever. I’ve seen everything un-registered NFA in my time at one place or another and not a single one of those guys ever got arrested and did any time. Should you tempt fate? No. But the terrible boogeymen are not going to get you unless they want you, and if they want you, nothing is going to stop them from getting you, even innocence of any wrongdoing.

        • arizonafreedom

          me personally, I wouldn’t want to use them, I would prefer to use an actual suppressor.

      • Jim_Macklin

        ATF is not beyond running a trap to “catch” unsuspecting buyers.

    • Yellow Devil

      Hmmm…interesting. I go to many gun shows in AZ (I usually help man a pro 2A booth) and I usually don’t ever see “solvent traps” or thread adapters sold. Maybe I’m just not paying attention, I’ll have to see if that’s the case next time.

  • Anonymoose

    Shouldn’t homemade suppressors be the kind of thing you save as a last resort for SHTF, not messing around before it? If you buy stuff online, ebay, Buds, or w/e will have a record of your transactions, which could incriminate you or be used to create a registry.

    • MrSatyre

      “Create a registry”? My friend, look around you. The registries are already there. They’ve been in place since the very first email, the very first text, the very first ATM withdrawal, the very first online transaction. Everything is recorded and nothing gets forgotten. Unless you’re Lois Lerner or Eric Holder, of course.

      • Anonymoose

        So let’s just do whatever the heck we want, right? Screw it. I’m gonna go buy that full-auto silenced 40mm I just saw on ebay. Seems legit.

  • IXLR8

    Possesion of an adapter may not be a crime. But having an oil filter with a bullet sized hole in it with gun shot residue, is a ride to jail.

    It is a potentially crappy design in that it would be difficult to have sights tall enough to see over it. Stick to the legal implementations.

  • Ker

    It’s easy to say, “just buy the real thing legally,” when you don’t live in a state that bans suppressors.

    • Yup I’m in Illinois so… no chance in hell.

  • Spindrift2010

    To all the people saying “go ahead and get one”- what you have to remember is that fighting the system (or proving that it was JUST a solvent catcher) takes time and resources ($). Until the time that you win and prove your point- your are still charge, probably out on bond, and most likely can’t purchase or posses a firearm. I’m all for fighting the fight, but not over an solvent catcher. I would have to agree with the author- save the time and headache and LEGALLY purchase a can. It’s not worth gambling with your freedom to prove a point- I fought for my freedom and I I enjoy it with my family and friends. To me, its not worth the gamble.

  • Cymond

    Those Kineti-Tech muzzle brakes with blast-redirecting shrouds have 13/16×16 threads, which I read somewhere is one of the standards for oil filters. http://www.kineti-tech.com/kineti-tech-muzzle-brake-with-sound-redirect-with-13-16-x-16-threaded-sleeve-2-piece/ The Kineti-Tech brakes were promoted on TFB and some people even mentioned the threads. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/06/05/kineti-tech-muzzle-brake-sound-directors/

    But this should drive y’all crazy. Look at the “Black Mamba” towards the bottom of the page. http://preppersdiscount.com/d-maglite-adapters.html

  • crusaderinsc

    This reads kinda like it was out of the Brady Campaign…it implies to persons not familiar with class3 items that suppressors are unilaterally illegal. very misrepresentative. you can, in fact, make your own suppressor legally. or did you not know that? you of course have to do the proper paperwork, registration, and pay the tax. does the author hate suppressors? does he hate guns? maybe he could inject a little fact and information somewhere between the fear mongering and scaring people away from suppressors? maybe? or is he unqualified to talk about such things? just continue to play up to others ignorance, its your blog…

    • Cymond

      I think he’s referring to the sale and possession of these “oil filter adapters”, which, by definition, are NOT legally registered suppressors. There is great concern about how many people may be buying these to use as de facto suppressors, and whether or not the oil filter adapters are defacto suppressors already, regardless of the owner’s intent.

      Are you new here?

    • He is qualified and does own suppressors. It’s not fear mongering—-call it a public service announcement:-)

  • SafetyDave

    When I see such things on ebay, I report them, in hopes I may be saving somebody from jail. Some laws just have to be obeyed! I am pro second amendment all the way and dont like any infringements, but like I said, no need to push our luck.

  • SafetyDave

    PLEASE PEOPLE!!!! Stop saying they are legal. In many states THEY ARE NOT LEGAL! In NY state they are a FELONY!

    • crusaderinsc

      ….we’re saying, if you can buy a gun in america, you can own a suppressor. you could move. they’re NOT ILLEGAL in the sense of say, a machine gun, by federal standards. You do realize, theres a whole lot more of America than NY. most of us dont wake up giving a huge poop about whats going on in your world. i’d go so far as to say most avoid even thinking about that generally poor example of America.

      • Iam Not Spartacus

        Do you know that suppressors & machine guns are both NFA Class 3 items with are legal with an approved IRS tax stamp? Same requirements for background, paper work & tax, only difference is you need an SOT & a form 1 (the peanut gallery can correct me if I’m wrong on the paperwork details) to register any machine gun manufactured after 1986, suppressors have no manufactured date restrictions.

    • MattInTheCouv

      noone gives a flying crap about your local nuances. there are some states (and many portions of other states) in which only shotguns are allowed to hunt deer. if TFB posts a review of a 308 hunting rifle and its awesomeness at taking deer, they do NOT need to disclaimer the fact that in certain places it is illegal for that purpose. if you live in a terribly restrictive firearms locale, it is your responsibility to know your own arcane and draconian legislation, not everybody else’s. tired of hearing people in NY and CA and MD and such bitch about this like it’s our responsibility to be your nanny about your nanny state’s peculiarities.

      also: i’m not talking about people who just casually state “not in california” or “wish i could own that in NY”. just wanna make that clear

  • imaghn

    Solvent catcher / suppressor
    Arm brace / stock

    • E Wolfe

      Neither is true. Solvent catcher-no longer, arm brace-never was.

  • Christopher J. Joubert

    I have a real question though, does the threaded barrel need to be handled as an SOT item? (Your topic of illegal suppressors made me think about the people I’ve seen on ebay selling threaded barrels.)

  • crusaderinsc

    They’re perfectly legal in most, less communist, states in America. We assumed most would understand we’re talking about the whole county, and don’t really give alot of concern about NY’s pitiful gun laws.

  • Gunhead

    You also have to take into account the fact that Silencers are more heavily regulated in the US than other countries like Norway or New Zealand.

  • MattInTheCouv

    I am (like many others) disappointed with this article. Right off the bat, the title is very negative, and presumes these things are manufactured with an illegal intent in mind.

    There have been a seemingly large number of products in the gun industry in the past couple years that have seemingly sought to push the boundaries of what is and is not legal in the world of firearms. I see these as being helpful, as they are sort of forcing the ATF into corners, and making them actually declare a more black and white set of lines by which to abide. Many of us here see those lines as battle lines, and support organizations which can use those well defined lines to better know where to apply force and seek change.

    I would have no problem with this article if it was in the form of a PSA from a pro 2A sort of perspective: “just a reminder guys, if you shoot a round through that oil filter, you could be spending a LOT of time in club FED”. Versus “we all know what these things are REALLY for… and you’re a criminal if you use them that way”, which is fairly preachy, a tad holier-than-thou, and something i would expect to hear from an MSNBC anchor, not on my favorite firearms blog.

    • Cymond

      I think this post is worse than “we all know what these things are REALLY for… and you’re a criminal if you use them that way”.
      He’s arguing that you’re a criminal if you have one, regardless of how you use it. He’s stating that they’re illegal no matter what.
      I honestly don’t know if they are or are not legal if used as a genuine solvent trap.

      • tiger

        Officer that is not a crack pipe. It is a cough drop inhaler…..

        • Cymond

          It’s NOT a crack pipe unless it has crack residue in it. Just look at the ‘paper flowers’ sold in glass tubes. They’re perfectly legal to own, until you put crack in it.

    • tiger

      Presume? They have no purpose but be illegal.

  • Ole joe

    Every bodys thinkin this so im gonna say it, if the NFA were repealed this wouldnt be a problem. I know it would be like catching a unicorn and political suicide to try but still it would fix the problem 🙂

  • Mike Price

    In this day of worrying about health care costs and Obama care. Obama should be pushing for reducing noise damage from guns and noise pollution. Everybody should be required to use a suppressor to reduce noise pollution. They have everything ass backwards. I have hearing damaged now at 65 since I shot guns back as a teenager and didn’t worry about hearing protection and worked in high noise factories most of my life. How many hearing aids does the government have to pay for due to loud gun blasts? Even with hearing protection I still get some ringing in my ears after an afternoon shooting. The guns are bigger and louder. I just got an AR pistol and you talk about muzzle blast, you need double set of hearing protection. Now with shooting in close to housing area’s, noise is becoming worst. Our gun range is inside the city limits and the police range is just at the edge of city limits. Houses all around both. I say we need a push for suppressor’s on all guns.

  • gunsandrockets

    Dang, if anyone is so eager for a quiet semi-auto .22 rifle, don’t break the law. Just shoot some standard velocity .22 shorts from the old Remington Speedmaster.


    • Cymond

      I love Aguila Super Colibri out of a rifle. I have an old Marlin 81, and the 20gr Super Colibri comes out around 500fps. The tube mag holds like 20 rounds. I’d love to buy a lever-action eventually. Unfortunately, the 20 grain bullets don’t fit right in a 10/22 magazine, so I can only put 3 or 4 in a 10-round mag. (plus it won’t cycle a semi-auto action)

  • John

    Since this article has gone up, dozens of those solvent traps have been sold. I guess the guy who makes them should thank TFB for the free advertising.

  • dan citizen

    Oil filters are silly.

    A potato makes a great suppressor.

    Cram that sucker into your action, I mean really jam it in there, fill the chamber, mag well, everything. That gun will be good and quiet.

    • Marcus Toroian

      Should I mash the potatoes first? Or use them raw? I mean, raw potatoes in my bore, chamber, mag well, receiver, etc. may be a difficult task.

      Epoxy may be easier. Hell, why not just melt the whole gun down, and send the chunk of steel to Everytown for Whogivesadamn. That would silence your weppun and help silence everyone else’s. Everyone wins!


  • maximus

    “related” five articles on making illegal suppressors. You need to talk to your site admin ASAP.

  • There’s a reason for every law out there, ludicrous or not. As far as suppressors are concerned, I can’t see any reason why they are STILL NFA items. Really? Where I live, you can own one, but get ready to pay $500 for one on top of your $200 contribution to Uncle Sam for the privilege of owning it. In short, like machine guns, they are priced out of reach of a lot of the general public anyways so not everyone can own one. I had never heard of “solvent traps.” Like the author said, just stick a pop bottle on the muzzle. it’s free. Leave it to the people to take something legal and turn it illegal I guess.

  • timmy

    Theoretically, having the solvent trap attached to the barrel of your rifle isn’t illegal.

    However, firing the rifle with the solvent trap attached to the barrel will punch a hole through the end of it, effectively manufacturing a silencer.

  • LibertyDwells

    Thx for letting me know these are out there. Time to go ebaying.

  • matt

    This post has been a great ad! since posted It sold 2000 pcs….

  • You criticize all of the people that discuss oil filter silencers in a round about way and yet here you are telling us how to find “solvent traps” online and educating us on their actual intended uses

  • mosinman

    i just find it humorous how highly regulated a safety device can be.
    if i’m not mistaken there are countries with much stricter gun laws than ours that allow silencers.

  • thebronze

    I’ll bet 90% of those eBay sellers are undercover ATF agents.

    No way I’d buy one of those things on eBay!

    • Fed Fred

      Guaranteed the lowest price seller is an agent with a honey pot.

  • LT

    Wow, lively discussion here! While I don’t recommend tempting fate by trying these things out, the article linked about the LA man arrested should be educational. He was not arrested because somebody saw him using an illegal suppressor, or he talked about it on Faceblog; he was arrested for a huge pile of things, and one of them they threw in was the illegal suppressor.

    I’ve never heard of someone being chased down just for something like a can or SBR – it’s always an additional charge added on top of the other illegal things they were doing. Once the ATF starts kicking in doors to search people’s gun safes, we’ll see an entirely new set of issues – not least of which will be a lot of armed resistance.

  • jwn0001

    You know what is really really ludicrous? The concept of someone who was in a Ebola Hot zone in Africa either treating or directly exposed to Ebola who returns to the USA and free to walk around. Potentially killing people quietly, without a sound, almost undectable. does that sound like a Supressor or Silencer to you? Does to me. time Delay Silenced WMDs.

  • jwn0001

    Why do you need a supressor? Seriously? I can see the home defense option (guns kinda noisy in the house), so that might be a valid excuse to get it legalized, but for hunting, if you can’t “take it down with one shot”, spend your money on some range time (or at least a red dot)

    • Cymond

      Even a single round from a hunting rifle will cause some permanent hearing damage. The result is that hunters must choose between damaging their ears, constantly numbing their awareness by wearing ear protection constantly, or missing a shot because the game got away while the hunter was putting on the ear protection.

  • jwn0001

    If you need an oil filter for your GUN you MIGHT be a redneck!! (and be using too much gun oil)

  • Jamie Clemons

    Thanks for telling everyone what to search for “solvent trap”

  • hawk60ce

    Yes the man was sentenced to 2 years in the federal pen, but read that article. He was poaching, selling drugs, and selling stolen property. I agree that an illegal silencer is illegal, but he didnt go to jail solely for the suppresor, that was an added charge, and he probably wouldve gotten 2 years without the suppressor charge. A better example shouldve been provided if trying to scare someone away from using a suppressor.

  • dave

    Why does a person really need a suppressor anyway, gonna be a hitman? Probably not. I just don’t see the advantage of having one.

    • hawk60ce

      Oh great, another uniformed person thinks suppressors are for hitmen. They dont go ‘pew pew pew’ like in the movies. Its is still a loud sound but is hearing safe on most calibers. They are especially great for teaching young kids or new shooters who may be noise and/or recoil sensitive as much of this is taken away. Great for home defense use at it will not destroy your hearing and you will still be able to communicate with family members. They also remove 99.99% of flash. In some states you can hunt with them and hunt without hearing protection so as to be more aware of your surroundings. The list goes on and on. Please quit spreading the rumors that only hitmen use suppressors. You’re only feeding into the anti-gun agenda and giving them more ‘fuel’ to try and get them banned all together, which they would ultimately want. Hell if gun owners think they are only for hitmen then it must really be true.

  • Secundius

    Isn’t that an OXYMORON? How can it be illegal to use something, the way it was meant to be used…

  • SickandTired

    With so many unknown laws, most of us do something illegal 10 or more times every day!! Probably not felonious, but still criminal activity! Only in Freedom Loving America!!

  • Matt

    Not that what he did wasn’t stupid, but the illegal suppressor he had sounds like the least of the charges and crimes that this nut committed.

  • Snitch_in_Time

    Choose your battles wisely. This isn’t my hill to kill upon. ( I don’t have hills to die on.)

  • E Wolfe

    I believe the author is working from outdated information. The below quote is extracted from a court declaration made by a retired ATF agent. This is related to the ongoing case against Ares Armor. The retired senior agent is a witness for Ares Armor against the BATF.
    Page 24 of 71
    Scott A. McMillan, SBN 212506
    Michelle D. Volk, SBN 217151
    Sean E. Smith, SBN 288973
    The McMillan Law Firm, APC
    4670 Nebo Dr., Suite 200
    La Mesa, CA 91941-5230
    Tel. 619-464-1500 x 14
    Fax. 206-600-5095
    Attorneys for Plaintiff,
    Lycurgan, Inc.
    B. TODD JONES, in his official
    capacity as Director of the
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
    Firearms and Explosives; and
    DOES 1-10,
    CASE NO. 14-CV-1679 JLS (BGS)
    Judge: Hon. Janis L. Sammartino
    Dept.: 4A
    Date: November 6, 2014
    Time: 1:30 P.M.
    I, Daniel G. O’Kelly, declare as follows:
    1. I am not a party to this action, and if called before this court or any
    other court I could and would testify competently to the following from my own
    personal knowledge, except as to those matters I state on information and belief,
    and as to those matters I believe them to be true.
    2. This declaration is made in support of Lycurgan’s opposition to the
    motion to dismiss filed by Defendant B. Todd Jones, in his official capacity as
    Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“the

    Pertinent section:

    “75. A recent reversal of this type of ruling is the recent allowance that
    the attachment of a plastic bottle or oil filter to the muzzle of a firearm for
    cleaning purposes is acceptable, despite the ruling decades earlier, that a
    soda-bottle adapter for a threaded muzzle is a Silencer by itself, and is subject to
    registration as such with ATF under the National Firearms Act.”

    • Cymond

      AWESOME citation!
      My only guess is that when Steve Johnson says that solvent traps are illegal to use as intended, he really means that “solvent trap” is just an intentional misnomer. He probably thinks everyone is winking & nudging each other while using their solvent traps as a suppressors.

  • Aaron Biiker

    I Disagree completely. I actually use mine for what it’s intended for. Since I live in an apartment and have no garage, or much space, it’s nice to attach this to a rifle and spray my solvent down. No Muss, No Fuss and easy cleanup without the residule smell of solvent left in a sink. For my non threaded rifles, a funnel works well to channel solvents and such into the filter. It holds a lot, cheap to replace and can be taken back to the auto parts store for proper disposal when full. Just because something “Could be” used illegally doesn’t automatically make it illegal. Booze is legal, even though you “Could” drink and drive. It’s what you do with it that defines the legality. Guns “Could be” used in a crime, yet we have our second amendment rights that say we can keep and bear arms. Now, if you have it attached at a range, with a hole shot through the end, well, you’re breaking the law. If it’s undamaged and has dirty solvent in it, and used as intended then not illegal. It’s really only a common threaded nut adapter for matching up 2 different sizes of threads.

  • Douglas Ervin

    I would LOVE to have a suppressor, but at age 72, two years in prison would be a life sentence. Besides, only in the movies does everyone stand up and say “take me too, I have one”. Take it from someone who has grown up with firearms, have been in many countries outside the US, and have had the pleasure of serving this country. I know it is easy to say “it is a terrible law”, and you would be correct, but prison and NEVER BEING ALLOWED TO SHOOT AGAIN, is simply not worth it.

  • tiger

    Some of you need to back off the wing nut window ledge. Save your idle hand & cajones for election day.

  • Rick

    I find it ironic/amusing/disgusting that I would do more actual time for posessing a solvent trap, than a gangster dealer with one strapped to a stolen gun.

    He’d be out on the streets in a week, plea bargaining with a very good “community” provided attorney and a complicit Bay Area prosecutor crying about “unequality” and getting rehab for the lowest of the arrested offenses.

    Me, it’d be “lose everything”, and spend that entire two years to “make an example”.

    I’ve seen gang members in my neighborhood involved in disputes where weapons were found, SWAT team called, and somehow EVERYONE is back arguing turf the very next Saturday night. Even the guy with the pistol shoved in his waistband and a different ID card every time the police stop by,

  • Matthew Hardwick

    Yes, but are they not legal if you pay the $200 tax stamp to the Feds??

  • Secundius

    The Solvent Trap 1/2-28″ to 13/16-16″, can also be used as a Thread Reducer or Ncreacer, too.

  • John Smith

    Roberts was charged with 228 counts of illegal activities. Including illegal possession of stolen things, possession of drug paraphernalia,
    hunting with an illegal firearm, hunting deer with illegal methods,
    hunting and taking deer during illegal hours, hunting from a public
    road, possession of untagged deer, failing to maintain sex identification of
    deer, failing to tag deer and possession of illegally taken deer.