Great White Albino Shotgun Seen Out In the Wild

Last year we reported that Mossberg will be selling their shotguns in Kyptek Camo. I finally saw one in the wild, so to speak. My local gun shop got at Mossberg 930 in Krytpek Yeti. It stands out amongst the other shotguns. I had the store employee take some pics with my phone as he was setting it up for display.

The Mossberg 930 comes with a tube extension. It looks very similar to the ones on the JM Pro series 930s. The JM Pro 930s come 9+1 or 8+1. This shotgun is 12+1. The JM Pro 9+1 shotgun has a 24″ barrel whereas Moby Dick here has a 28″ ported barrel. So if you want to run this in 3Gun, the ported barrel would put you in Open Division. It is going for $829.99. Oh and it does come with a standard magazine tube spring and endcap if you had to use it in a restricted capacity. The endcap is also dipped in Kryptek Yeti.



Nicholas C

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  • gunslinger

    nice looking gun

  • wetcorps

    Do you think the muzzle blast could darken the mag tube over time? That could compromize the snow camo and make a difference between life and death when hunting wampas on Hoth.

  • echelon

    Ok…that thing looks BA.

    But I want a HD shotgun in highlander please Mossberg…

  • ghost

    No, just, no.

  • Laserbait

    I like it, but having the mag tube longer than the barrel makes it look funky to me. I wonder if they’ll offer a tube that’s the same length as the barrel also.

  • Big Cat

    token white

  • 1leggeddog

    Thats very cool! I love white guns!

  • spencer60

    I’ve been doing project guns in ‘winter camo’ for years now. Started with a Hi Point 9mm Carbine and finished off with an M1A ‘Loaded’

    Winter camo is the best camo.

  • Booth

    Everybody knows that hunting Wampas requires more elegant weapons from more civilized ages. Ps I just saw one of these last weekend at a gun shop.

  • Rusty Shakleford

    Will they be using Kryptek Mandrake on any of these? I don’t know why almost no one who makes Kryptek products offers it in Mandrake.

  • Nergyl

    That gun needs to see a dentist–it has quite the underbite.

  • Juice

    I blame District 9 for my love of white firearms.