Magpul UK SA80 E Mag

Larry Vickers posted this on his Facebook page. It is an E Mag for the British SA80. Not too common around here in the US. Pretty cool for you Magpul fans.

SA80 Mag SA80 mag 2

Nicholas C

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  • An Interested Person

    Now I want a ‘Murican flag stamped on my mags.

  • Sixshot6

    I have some E mags, but they don’t have a union jack on them. I have them to run in my magwell adapted vz58 Mars rifle. You have to do a little mod at the back of the mag to not interfere with the last round bolt hold open. Good mags though.

  • Neat! That’s definitely not the E mag I first bought when they were advertising compatibility with the Tavor…

    • Sixshot6

      Did you buy yours for the same reason I bought mine for my VZ? More compatibility? I bet you still needed to mod it so it didn’t interfere with the last round bolt hold open.

  • atomic

    A point of contention, it’s only a “Union Jack” when it’s flying from the mast of a ship, the rest of the time it is a Union Flag.

    • Sixshot6

      That is technically correct, however in everyday usage its a Union Jack regardless. Its also not the flag of the united kingdom by law, its flag simply by virtue of being used by the monarch. To be fair and this is gonna sound political, I’m agnostic on the UK’s fate. I wouldn’t feel too bad if Scotland or Northern Ireland left in the future (yes I know the Scottish Referendum is over). I’d just wish them luck. Like any flag it exists as a symbol for people to rally around and like all symbols, it works to a point (see what is now all bar six Irish counties being an independent state). None of that was inevitable but too much craziness and stupidity abound (once again I have nothing but love for the Irish people, having had many Irish friends and having had a great visit to Dublin many years ago). I truly hate hardly anyone. We live in the world we live in.

      Back to the topic at hand. I love the E mag but will try some old colt mags with magpul drop in followers (the magwell adapter I have seems to love GI mags more, but E mags work with a slight mod and Czechpoint USA seems to think P mags would work too and one of the lancer lines with no mods).

      And to the person who asked for an US flag on on a magpul mag. They will do it. They have done many runs of magazines. All you can do is ask and they will do if the demand is there.

    • phuzz

      The Admiralty decided in 1902 that either name was acceptable, so your information is a little behind the times 😉

  • Sneeky

    Couple of squaddies I know posted pictures of their “in-country” mags to a re-enactment page, same general look but with generous amounts of spray paint 😛

  • USMC03Vet

    Mount Rushmore version, please.

    Teddy Roosevelt needs to make a comeback.

  • No

    That is a rare pre-production EMAG made for one specific group in the UK. Also note that it only has one window. The production EMAGs delivered to the UK MOD do not have the Union Jack, and have a second window.