World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

My favorite gun app is, without a doubt, Gun Disassembly 2 (read my full review here). For those of you who have not heard of it before, the app lets you explore and disassemble/reassemble a wide range of firearms. It has everything from the Ruger LCR to the M134D ‘Minigun’ and even a few WWII field artillery guns. The models are accurate and the gun can be fired to see how all the moving parts work. X-Ray/Cutaway modes allow you to see how the gas systems and trigger mechanisms function. It is the only app I use on all mobile devices: my Macbook Air, Android phone and my iPad. Each time I play it I learn a lot. I have even used it to figure out how to fit some old mil-surplus guns I own.


The company that makes it, Noble Empire, has just released a new version called World of Guns: Gun Disassembly. World of Guns has all the features of the old version but adds a number of mini-games which test your understanding of guns, as well as adding a range mode which lets you shoot the gun models First Person Shooter style.



World of Guns (and Gun Disassembly 2) get a new gun model added about once every month. The game is free and comes with just a couple of gun models and you must purchase additional models. I recommend buying the “Lifetime Access” pack, which costs $49.99, rather than the smaller gun packs.

World of Guns is available on the Steam store for PC as well as on Facebook.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • ATman

    I have been using this app for awhile I think I have the first version my favorite part though is that it taught me how to fully strip and clean my SKS and 10/22 which I thought was really cool.

  • mechamaster

    Great apps, but it needs 2 difficulty option : Armorer grade-disassembly, and Fieldstripping maintenance only. And it will be perfect.

    • karm42yn

      You usually have to fieldstrip the gun anyway before getting into serious disassembly. But for training purposes, yeah I can see that useful.

    • It has both. Field Stripping, Complete disassembly, Complete reassembly, Operation, and game modes where you challenge yourself to dissassemble and reassemble the models as fast as you can. There’s also leaderboards. I personally don’t really play the speed games, but they’re fun for those who want.

  • World of Guns is fairly fun. I think there should be more games like this.

  • I have a lifetime access on my Steam account, gifted to me by a colleague, thus giving me unlimited access to all models + all future ones (as well as the shooting ranges, which are surprisingly well done); it is a fantastic work tool and a very fun ‘game’ in its own right!

    • Grindstone50k

      This is available Steam? Ok, now I might be interested.

  • Oh, speaking of games, here’s a personal recommendation to the TFB team:

    • Grindstone50k

      Why did I know this was Receiver before I even clicked on it.

  • M32

    The problem is they are violating ITAR rules left and right! And every time I try and contact them they are un responsive.

    • sauerquint

      Show them your badge then. Oh wait…..
      You do not merit a response from them.

      • M32

        No badge needed F@ckhe@d . But its kind of crappy one company steals the IP from my company and receives money for it.

  • Greg

    I had fun reading some of the reviews on the Stream website.

  • Bigred2989

    It’s not perfect with this company. There are 2 apps: Gun Dissasembly 2 and World of Guns. The latter is Free 2 Play and you can unlock guns through grinding or paying money and has more features, but I hate the way they make it a “game”. I was content with paying 99 cents a model with the first game but then instead of adding new feature to the core game they made a F2P spinoff that has too many annoying features for me to get into. Also, weird payment options. If I try to buy something on a mobile divice the price is .99, but on the desktop version it’s $1.99. To unlock every gun available present and future, it’s $50 on mobile, but $100 on desktop. You can buy on mobile and redeem on the desktop version without paying the large price, so why the extra payment scheme?

    • Umm, the Guns Lifetime Access is 49.99 USD on Steam, and there is practically no reason anymore to use GD2; it seems to me that WoG is GD2 updated – and WoG is available on desktop. I don’t know what you’re raving on about, that’s making it on par with the mobile prices, and the two apps aren’t exclusive to each support. I very clearly have been playing World of Guns on my PC, and that lifetime access cost the same as it would have on mobile.

      • Bigred2989

        For GD2, the one I prefer, it’s $50 on mobile and double that on the desktop version. I’ve put a lot of money into that one and don’t feel like re buying all that stuff on another game.

        • Oh, that’s unfortunate indeed. It’s odd, isn’t there an account system with GD2? Unless GD2 accounts don’t carry over on to World of Guns, which would indeed be a bit dumb.

          • Bigred2989

            GD2 has an account system, which is why I can buy on mobile and play on desktop. WOG is it’s own game with basically most of the mechanics plus some addons. It kinda screws people who put money in the first game.

  • Grindstone50k

    $50 for an app? I don’t even pay that much for real games.

  • C-90

    The same company also developed a Steam app World of Guns, More guns, and you got ways of playing with each one for points, doing a quiz for points, having friends get onthe app for point, and buying new guns. Being a cheap Bastard, I’ve only bennin doing the various games for each gun and the quiz to get new guns.
    The App/Game also has the GD2 xray and slow motion so you can watch the actions.