Crosman MAR177 AR-15 Upper Review

MAR177 on a Cavalry Arms lower

Oleg Volk has reviewed the Crosman MAR177 .177 upper receiver attached to a standard AR-15 lower receiver, resulting in something that is legally a gun (the lower receiver) but fires pellets using air. It is a pre-charged repeater designed for competition training. Oleg really liked the upper as well as the concept

When I first saw a .177 upper for an AR-15, I laughed. It wasn’t suitable for defensive purposes, therefore wasn’t interesting to me. The next time I saw it, I thought it was a cute idea for entirely too much money, $600 retail. And then I grew up and realized that I have more defensive guns and ammunition than time for training, and that’s when the pre-charged airgun upper suddenly made sense.

Not being a fan of public ranges — I dislike being exposed to other people’s noise — I mostly shoot on farm ranges. Every one of those is an hour away from me, so the minimal time investment for a range trip is two hours. Not even counting gas, that’s a lot of billable hours spent on the road and a lot of fatigue. So I started playing with air guns which I can shoot in my back yard or on nearby properties. Unfortunately, my favorite air gun up to now, the Crosman 2300S, was quietly removed from the manual of arms and the general feel of my typical defensive rifle. I wanted to try something more AR-like, especially since I’ve been neglecting shooting with iron sights lately.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jimmy Ray

    Mine is WAY MORE AWESOME!!!

    • Ron Fox

      Is that a laser/light/IR illuminator on the side?!

      • Jimmy Ray

        Yes, it’s an AN-PVS 99X Sparkledazzleilluminator and dog whistle.

  • Baendu

    These are becoming popular in the highpower community for practicing offhand. You get to use your same trigger and you can weight them the feel as close as possible to your service rifle.

  • This appeals to me for some reason.

    My city no longer has any laws against shooting air guns in my back yard (thanks to a change in the preemption law). So being able to practice in my backyard sounds like fun.

    Just need to get a lower to build a 20″ gun to go with it.

  • E M Johnson

    Excellent concept but that price is way out of line.

    • iksnilol

      Not really. An accurate airgun (especially a PCP repeater) is more expensive/harder to make than a firearm.

      Firearms are simple, airguns less so.

      • E M Johnson

        Ok, I’ll give you that a complete precision airgun can be expensive. But this isn’t a complete weapon. I also imagine the smaller volume of units drives the price up. If I had this in front of me a few years ago I would have snapped one up. These days I have to be more considerate with purchases. In my situation I might swing for a 22lr AR before the .177. But for those with very restricted opportunities to practice it would be worth it.

        • iksnilol

          No it isn’t a complete airgun, just the most expensive parts except for the trigger.