After Action Report: One Armed Customer vs. Four Armed Robbers

The Houston Chronicle reports on an attempt to rob a bar by four armed men in Harris County. The robbery was foiled by a customer who was carrying. He fatally shot two of the robbers who fired at least three rounds at him.

O’Donnell, who was not there at the time of the incident, said a head bartender and waitress were closing up for the night when two men walked into the bar and demanded everyone get down on the floor. Two other men “lingered at the bar door,” she said.

That’s when a customer at the bar pulled his own gun and started shooting at the men, she said. The attempted robbers fired at least three rounds inside the bar, said O’Donnell.

“That man was a hero,” said O’Donnell. “We could have had some bodies.”

The customer fled the scene and has not been located by police. As Vox Popoli noted on his blog, four robbers were not enough to guarantee a successful robbery.

Steve Johnson

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  • Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action. Sounds like he had all three.

    • Paranoid Android

      And a strong motive to avoid the fuzz.

      • Being that carrying in a properly posted bar is a felony in Texas, I would imagine he had a good reason to be somewhere else when the police arrived.

        • SD3

          Could be a panda: eats, shoots & leaves.

        • Andrew

          And possibly a misdemeanor for discharging a firearm while under the influence of alcohol as well.

        • He will be hard to find if he’s not a known patron and personally I don’t know that I’d be ripping the countryside up finding him.

          • Rusty Shackleford

            I’d give them the infamous Chief Wiggum description:
            “This is Papa Bear. Put out an APB for a male suspect, driving
            a…car of some sort, heading in the direction of…you know,
            that place that sells chili. Suspect is hatless. Repeat,

          • Yellow Devil

            “I hope they throw his hatless but in jail!”

      • Ryan

        Considering how recent self-defense event’s have played out, I don’t blame him for running. However, I hope he comes to his senses and makes contact with the authorities.

        • Man pippy

          And reveal his identity to the probably criminal friends and family of the two criminals he killed. Sounds really stupid.

          • William556

            That’s a very real threat these days. If some crusading liberal DA doesn’t ruin your life, the thugs might take it.

        • Mark

          If he’s smart he will get a lawyer and his ducks in a row in case the law catches up with him. That said, taking this to jury in Texas is a pretty safe play.

          • Bubba

            “….get a lawyer”….as if that is like buying a carton of eggs. You effing ‘tards who comment like folks have the financial assets of Bloomberg, make me sick ! So smart guy, along with your unsolicited advise for the HERO will you send him a few thousand dollars to help pay for several hours of attorney time ? Yeah….that’s what I thought.

          • Standard Velocity

            Settle down Francis.

          • gunslinger

            lighten up?

        • Bubba

          “Make contact with the authorities”.

          Why ?

          • RaunchyDawg

            Because the sheep don’t think for themselves. They do, what the boys in blue, tell them to do.

  • M

    Apparently the customer lso fled the scene. Methinks he was carrying in a place where it was illegal (alc establishment) or he didn’t have a permit to carry

    • Bubba

      Is it illegal to defend one’s self ?

      • Joshua Madoc

        It’s illegal to even sneeze in a public establishment. The book of law says so.

  • pineywoodsplayboy

    Just like the guys who started shooting at random people on I-45 a few months back , they also messed with the wrong Texan.

  • TexasCHL

    EJ’s Place shows to be a 51% location according to the TABC website. That means by Texas law, unless you are a peace officer, carrying a gun inside the establishment is a felony. Your CHL doesn’t matter.

    • Bubba

      Hey TexasCHL…you’re a pussy. Shove your illegitimate law. In the meantime bend over and grab your ankles.

      PS: Eff that neocon fake (oxymoron, eh) Rick Perry too !

  • big daddy

    Anybody says I don’t need a gun is crazy. I’d rather go down fighting than give up and let some lowlife have their way, taking what’s mine and having control over my life no matter how short that time might be. That’s what America is about, don’t tread on me. Anti-gun people might not mind being cowards and victims, I refuse.

    • Joe Schmoe

      And what gives you the right to decide to place all the other patrons in the establishment at risk over a few measly dollars!?

      • Tinkerer

        Actually, it was the robbers who decided to place the patrons at risk over a few measly dollars.

        • Hooray for Captain Spaulding


        • Roger V. Tranfaglia

          I severely agree!!

      • LongBeach

        Who’s to say it was just about money? And who’s to say they would’ve left peacefully once they got aforementioned few dollars? Witnesses and all that. Compliance with a gang of crooks does not guarantee safety. Sorry, but I’d be shooting too.

        • Bubba

          Lbeach….Schmoe is like the multitude of Americans today, willing to live their lives on their knees. I’m glad you’re not one of them.

      • Jim_Macklin

        The robbers were armed and might well have decided to kill all the witnesses.
        The law in all fifty states, with some small variations, on the justifiable use of force, commonly called self-defense describe the common law right of every human being to defend themselves, their family and society.

        The 2014 Florida Statutes

        Title XLVI
        CRIMES Chapter 776
        CHAPTER 776
        Use or threatened use of force in defense of person.
        Home protection; use or threatened use of deadly force; presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm.
        Use or threatened use of force in defense of property.
        Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use or threatened use of force.
        Use or threatened use of force by aggressor.
        Law enforcement officers; use of force in making an arrest.
        Use or threatened use of force in resisting arrest or making an arrest or in the execution of a legal duty; prohibition.
        Deadly force by a law enforcement or correctional officer.
        Use of force to prevent escape.
        Forcible felony.
        Defense to civil action for damages; party convicted of forcible or attempted forcible felony.
        Retention of records pertaining to persons found to be acting in lawful self-defense; expunction of criminal history records.

        • Bubba

          Thank you Jim. Good to read your remarks and that masculinity and the defense of Freedom still has some practioners.

          • Jim_Macklin

            You’re welcome, about the only reason I post on the web is to try an educate people with facts, history and posting the laws with the note that I am not a lawyer, so I try to link to the actual laws or tell how to find what they need.
            I’m pushing 70 years, most of my teachers and friends have passed on, but they were great influences on my attitudes.
            We had as many as 50 students in one classroom, for each grade. One teacher taught the entire class for nine months. Everybody learned to read, write and the teachers cared, the students learned. Seventh and eight grade teachers were WWII combat vets and they were great teachers.
            I tell everybody who can, get a gun, learn everything about its proper use, get a license to carry it and as was said a long time ago, “Defend the Right.”

      • Bubba

        Hey Schmoe….the right given us by the Good Lord, to SELF-DEFENSE.

        Odd how you claim the HERO put the patrons at risk. But the armed bad guys don’t merit a mention by you.

        Because you are willing to live your life on your knees doesn’t mean there aren’t others willing to die on their feet.

        • Joe Schmoe

          I hope that is comforting to the mother who’s daughter got killed in a shootout so you could be the “hero” to save a few bucks.

          • Bubba

            Well Schmoe….the armed citizen who shot the 2/4 bad guys didn’t put those perps in the morgue to “save a few bucks”. He terminated with prejudice their threat to kill innocent people in that bar.

            Once again you justify yourself by attacking those who defend themselves. In the meantime you continue to ignore the perps who put innocents at risk of death. GFY.

      • RaunchyDawg

        Hooray for another mindless goat!

      • big daddy

        Hey Joe, I guess you where never robbed, attacked or was ever in danger from being so. I have been and now that I live in Texas I can legally defend myself. I guess you don’t mind losing thousands of dollars of your hard earned money, your life or having your wife/daughter/GF/ or even your butt raped. I will NEVER allow myself to be a victim. In a place with other people I would not draw my weapon unless I as in the best place and time to do so. I train as much as I can and have become a pretty good close range shot. I grew up fighting, I was trained to fight and have military experience, I have confidence I will prevail and if I didn’t I would not put others in danger. My balls are huge and I’m a man, I guess you do not understand how that feels.

  • Peaches

    Two words for that cat should the long arm of the law catch up with him: Jury Nullification.

    • Jim_Macklin

      Exactly correct

    • Kurt Akemann

      Maybe, but that is never a thing to count on. Sometimes you can have all the moral right on your side, but the jury simply decides “The law is the law.” and votes for conviction.

  • I’m going to be smacked for this but… Looks like those robbers didn’t get their payday.

    • Cymond

      *puts on sunglasses*

  • HonorablePaladin

    The person who defended his friends in the bar doesn’t need to go to prison.
    He should be given the highest award a civilian can receive and let go.
    He protected others.
    There is no more A virtuous thing, that a human being can do, than to lay down his/her life for another.

  • Asdf

    I am glad the hero ignored the sign on the wall stating that it is a felony to carry in a bar in Texas. Poor dude, if he is ever found, he will be facing the loss of this gun rights.

  • Eric S

    Now I must conclude that this story is made up. See, TOP people have assured me that never at any point in human history has an armed member of the public stopped a criminal by using a weapon. These TOP people assure me that whenever a civilian takes matters into their own hands, they injure or maim other civilians only, leaving the perpetrators unharmed.

    But good on him.

  • USMC03Vet

    Pretty telling how ridiculous our government is that most comments regarding this story are about how a hero will get in trouble if found by the authorities.

    Just more ridiculous laws to protect criminals and make law bidding citizens victims to appease some theoretical sissy’s myth about being secure when guns are prohibited from good guys.

    • Yellow Devil

      Sign of the times brother, sign of the times….

  • Aaron Russell

    Lol ultimate hero, he vanishes into the night to avoid being arrested for saving the day.

    A burden he’s willing to bear

    • Bubba

      Kind of a modern day Robin Hood, so to say.

      Remember the story of the no-good tyrant, the Sheriff of Nottimgham ? That’s what those we call “government” today are….Sheriffs of Nottingham, who do no good. The HERO defender is a Robin Hood. Seems like a good analogy, to me.

  • Aaron E

    I applaud the customers quick and decisive actions! I’m sure as the smoke settled he had a moment of clarity that being armed in a bar was a bad idea for him especially if he had a distinctive odor on his breath!

    I understand those laws because alcohol and guns don’t mix … In public! But the workers should be armed!

    • Andrew

      Bartenders don’t drink on the job? lol

  • valorius

    “Do you mind if i pay you in bullets?”

  • Scott

    I feel like I have to qualify my interests, unfortunately, as a lover of all things firearm-related. That being said, I have to wonder why there aren’t more reasonable commenters on here who are as confused as I am when they hear this man referred to as a hero. Without any supporting facts, it could be argued that he made a rash and dangerous decision to escalate the situation to deadly combat that could just as easily resulted in the death of unarmed noncombatants.

    • Bubba

      Hey Scott, seems like you’re another millemial American male who left his ‘nads in the maternity ward.

      So, the dangerous decision by the armed robbers to accost innocent people publicly, couldn’t have “easily resulted in the death….” of innocent patrons ?

      What IS it with you cowards ? Better to live on your knees, correct ? And fools like you would trust your lives to the armed thugs compassion ? Like maybe their brandishing a deadly weapon was wasn’t a threat to murder patrons ?

      No wonder this nation is lost.

      • Pseudo

        You disgust me. There is a legitimate concern of private citizens taking the law into their own hands. I firmly believe that people should have the right to defend themselves but it is not universally O.K. to start shooting up criminals. Scott raises a totally legitimate concern and we don’t have all the information about what happened. All you seem to have done on these comments is call people pussies. There is a huge difference between not being O.K. race back to the wild west and living life on one’s knees. Posters like you make me ashamed to be part of this community.

        • Bubba

          Well, folks like YOU make me ashamed to be an American.

          I guess there isn’t much commonsense in that left-wing, socialist, obama-like mind of yours, is there ? First, “….the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Secondly, like all the other pussies whose manginas are all aflutter, you don’t say a word attacking the two hold-up men threatening murder, do you ? Why is it you ignore the two assailants who brandished weapons and threatened innocent people with their lives ?

          Here’s another question for your Marxist mentality….at what point in time is it okay to exercise one’s right to self-defense against thugs threatening with drawn weapons ?

          And your Wild West analogy is crap. There was less violence against folks then because more people were armed. Folks were more polite to each other. So, in your leftist mentality the good people who defend themselves are bad. And the bad people who attack innocent people are bad. Correct ?

          Well guess what pussy ? The two bad guys who attacked innocent people are DEAD. Effing, damn terminated, laying on a slab in a morgue where they won’t threaten innocent people again.
          Thank the Lord there are still men in this country. Unlike citizens like you who DO live on your knees.

          So, I say to you….”Better to be despised by the despicable, than admired by the admirable”. – Kurt Hoffman –

  • Roger V. Tranfaglia

    Weather its illegal to ccw in a bar in TX, or alcohol on the breath, or even no ccw. I believe he did the right thing and made the right decisions.
    Now weather he was a regular,irregular or brand new customer there, if the bartender and any other customers handle themselves correctly…(gee officer…never saw him before) and (if any ) surrvaillence tape “survives” a “glitch” it will just show the other 2bad guys as they turn and run for their lives……
    Practice makes perfect!…….

    • Bubba

      Hey Roger, the DA would never allow you on the jury. You’re too much about Freedom and Liberty !

      • Roger V. Tranfaglia

        C’est la vie!…..

  • Jim_Macklin

    Kansas is a much more friendly state than Texas. It is no longer a crime to pass a state “no guns sign” [[ Federal law still should be followed until the law can be changed, Vote the Democrats out ]
    It is legal in Kansas to have a social drink but illegal to carry while BAC is 0.08%, same as driving. If you have a drink and become belligerent, you are presumed to be legally under the influence even with a BAC below 0.08%
    All fifty States now have some sort of private citizen concealed carry law, some are terrible laws, such as New Jersey, New York, California [the California federal courts have ordered some changes, have to see how that changes] Hawaii, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts and Connecticut all should be avoid until their laws change.Let’s hope the police never find this person who may have saved lives. Maybe the PTB will tell the sheriff to have him “get out of town before midnight.”

  • Bubba

    I csrry concealed. I carry in a state where I don’t have a permission slip to carry. I carry into a bar in that state where the bar is posted “No Firearms”. Am I drinking in that bar ? No. They just himselfto have the best pizza in a 50 mile radius. I go there for their pizza.

    Amazing the many comments here attacking the person who defended others. In today’s America there are few people willing to stand up to defend themselves, let alone others. So, let me get this clear. Two potential murderers enter an establishment brandishing and threatening. Those two acts alone establish the intent of the two robbers to kill every person in the place, IF THEY DON’T GET WHAT THEY WANT, by threatening and robbing at gunpoint !

    And there are effing fools commenting here AGAINST the man who made the decision to do, what needed to be done ? WTF has happened to this once great country ? You fools attacking the HERO for defending himself and others, are most likely the same fools who have given FUSA the illegal foreigner Barry Barack Soetoro Hussein obama as POTUS. This is the America, the FUSA, we live in. An America where right is wrong and wrong is right. Where a man who is an illegitimate usurper to the US Constitution can be put in as POTUS; where a man defending others against, armed, threatening, bent-on-murder thugs is reviled and demeaned. This, you fools, is the former, once sovereign nation of the United States of America.

    I am ashamed you people are my countrymen.

    • anon

      way to pull your own string there, wind-up doll.

      firearms. not politics.

      get with the program or behold, the banhammer.

      • Bubba

        Hey Anon….nice handle there. Didn’t know TFB had their very own NoNads censor.

        Ahhh….”wind-up doll”. Is that your attempt at ridicule ? Not very Alinsky of you. What a dork you are. Hahahaha…

  • RaunchyDawg

    Well he broke the law now he’s a criminal. Too bad he saved all those peoples lives.

  • Joshua Madoc

    I’m quite certain the armed customer has already been shot dead by the police. They are, after all, so vain that a civilian claiming victory for the people is among the most caustic insults to most law enforcement officers.

  • FBHO

    Not sure if the guy who concealed carry panicked and fled, or had something more serious i.e on parole or an ex con with a gun. Either way, the story proves the asinine ideology of gun free zones. I wish people would start printing stickers labeled “Target Rich Environment” and place them on the doors of said establishments.

  • That’s a slippery slope. All of the involved persons were breaking the law. I think it might be difficult for the shooter/hero, as good a deed as he did, to get away with this one. It’s too bad that Texas has that law, basically protecting the antagonists.

  • Blake

    If the video shows the customer started shooting first then I’m not sure how sympathetic a jury would be.

    However you gotta admit that dude had both balls & skills to go up against 4:1 odds & come out with no one injured other than the perps.

    If they find the guy & this goes to court it’ll be interesting to see how the outcome of the case affects Texas’ firearms bar ban.

    BTW, from the same article: “A homeowner Thursday confronted three men breaking into his home and shot one of them, according to authorities.”

    • Bubba

      Hey Blake “If the video shows the customer started shooting first….” ? You’re not certain how sympathetic a jury would be ? Are you simply stupid ? The bad guys had weapons drawn.You mean to say the citizen only has a right to self-defense AFTER the bad guy hurts him ? Shoots him ? That reasoning is absurd. Then again your mentality is what prevails in America today.

      • Bubba