Dolos Quick Change Barrel For AR-15

Huntertown Arms makes a quick change barrel for the AR-15. Military Arms Channel dubbed it the Dolos after Greek mythology.


Tim of MAC even took it a step further and added the Law Tactical folding buffer tube adapter.

Check out his video that was posted on the MAC FB page. When folded and disassembled, the AR pistol can easily fit inside the Condor bag you see in the picture below.

.Dolos 1

Nicholas C

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  • iksnilol

    Huntertown Arms are making some cool stuff IMO. Inexpensive suppressors and now quick-change barrels.

    While you can save length by separating lower and upper, a quick change barrel allows you to save even more space (especially with SBRs).

  • mechamaster

    I like the portability and the compactness of the Dolos, but MAC explained to us it’s not for long firing session because the tubular grip become hot.
    I hope there are room for a little bit improvement like the heat exchange airflow hole ( or maybe keymod hole ) in the tubular barrel shroud to save weight without reduced the durability of the system.

    • Ge

      I think a locking latch is in order for the Dolos too. Seems like it’s held in place by a ratcheting friction locking system

  • MAClol

    Not surprisingly, another advertisement by the Military Arms Channel.

    Have you noticed, MAC fans, that the only stuff he makes videos for now just so happens to be the things he sells in his gun store?

    Expensive custom AKs. Expensive HK style guns. Expensive custom Glocks.

    What happened to this guy? He used to be “THE” guy on Youtube. And how he’s just a walking ad.

    • ClintTorres

      Yeah…one who stretches 30 secs of content into 10 mins. Must love to hear the sound of his own voice.

      • joe schemo

        He also grew a beard to look more “navy seal, delta force” badass. I lol.

        • Ethan

          You LOL’d, but apparently not so hard that it motivated you to produce anything better. Talking crap is cheap, producing content requires work.

          • MAUSERMAN

            Did he say he wanted to produce youtube videos?
            Not everyone wants to be a youtube “star” but apparently fanboys of MAC just can not stand people calling out MAC for selling out.

    • mechamaster

      But he still give us the technical information about pros and cons about the gun he loves and reviewed. When he reviewed the Dolos, he tell us about the heat-buildup in the barrel shroud as the biggest cons.. ( He tell us watcher has some part in the Dolos development so I think he has some kind of personal attachment in it ).

      Not just a fan of MAC. Actually, I like so many Gun-youtuber like Iraqvet, Jerry Miculek, Polenar, Hicock, and ‘just-for-fun entertainment guy’ like RatedRR and FPS Russia.

    • Patrick R

      Hickok45 > MAC

    • Ge

      Didn’t really notice… MAC usually does reviews on expensive firearms (non AR-5.56 semi autos, high end AKs he’s been doing for a while, he was known as the tavor guy before his shop opened)

    • Ethan

      Nobody’s perfect. You are more than welcome to start your own channel and show us all how its done…
      Oh wait, you’d never do that because it would take a lot more *effort* and *creativity* than simply tearing someone else’s work down. He produces, you whine – hence the reason why he has thousands of Subs and you are currently making your scene in the comments section.

      Think about it.

      • Cymond

        So only creators are allowed to speak? How very elitist. It doesn’t take a genius to see a problem.

        I know nothing about rendering computer graphics, acting, movie making, dinosaur behavior, or military tactics.

        I can still spot bad CG, horrible acting, a terrible plot, idiotic dinosaurs, and an “elite special forces” soldier that cannot hit a freakin dinosaur that’s 30 feet away!
        (He mostly just shoots the trees while the dinosaurs just *stare* at him as he unloads in their general direction.)

        you might need to skip ahead to 42:40

    • Steve Truffer

      He has a store? damn, I only knew of the blog and the YT Channel. Got a link?

      • mechamaster

        copper custom armament. He has a link in his recent youtube channel.

    • Vitor

      He tested the K&M M17s that he and anybody else dont sell, since one must buy directly from K&M.

  • john huscio

    Mac does pretty concise reviews, as does mrgunsngear, sootch, hickok45 and several others….i probably wont end up buying the vast majority of the stuff he talks about, but its nice to get the specs and the pros/con’s of any given weapon…

  • Rob

    I watched the installation video and noticed a couple of things that I didn’t like about the product.

    The ring screwed on to the receiver is loose fitted and held by set screws. Every time you twist the lock nut to take barrel on and off you will be effectively trying to rotate this ring. I think the over time the steel set screws will win against the aluminum threads and the arrangement will loosen. A low profile locking ring behind the main ring would be much better, and are common on aftermarket free float tubes.

    The locking nut and handguard slide around on the barrel when the barrel is removed, but the gas tube is running through locking nut. The other end of the gas tube is fixed to the barrel by the gas block. It seems like it would be pretty easy to get a kink in the gas tube if these loose parts are rattling around in a bag as was shown.

    • Cymond

      Yeah, I looked at a similar QD barrel mount a few years ago, and was concerned with gas tube damage. The gun could be kept in a hard case, but that adds bulk & weight.
      It is an interesting way to do caliber changes if the same bolt is used (like 223 & 300 Blackout). However, I’ve read claims that using the same bolt with multiple barrels causes accelerated wear on the locking lugs.
      Despite all of that, I’m still tempted to build a pistol with the Dolos and a LAW Tactical folding adapter, as pictured above.

    • Ratus

      It’s not steel on aluminum. There is a piece of lead shot between.

  • Macbulldog

    Great idea ,can only get better..