Mesa Tactical Releases Remington 870 20ga Adapter

Many people I have talked to have expressed interest in getting a 20 gauge shotgun.  Many of them are looking for one as a home defense gun that their spouse can feel comfortable using as well.  20 gauge is a great round, with relatively low recoil that can be used quite effectively as a home defense round.

There have always been two options in the inexpensive, effective pump action shotgun market, the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500.  Both are offered in 20 gauge along with their 12 gauge counterparts.  I have always been a fan of both, and recommend them to people all the time.

But there has been one problem that always needed to to be mentioned with the 870 20 gauge.  Aftermarket stocks will not fit the receiver, even though they carry the same model number as the 12 gauge.  Meaning that you cannot use all the products that you see online or in the gun store that are marked 870.  For some people this is a deal breaker, some do not care in the least.  But it is something that I usually mention.


Now there is a adapter from Mesa Tactical that allows the use of all the aftermarket stocks for the Remington 870 20 gauge.  This will dramatically open up the options for the user to use whatever stock they want to, including several of the stocks with a pistol grip built in.


For more information, check out the press release from Mesa Tactical.

September 30, 2014 Costa Mesa, CA — Mesa Tactical, supplier of rugged and reliable tactical gear for law enforcement, military and personal protection has introduced an adapter for 20 gauge Remington 870 shotguns to use 12 gauge 870 butt stocks. Called the Lucy™ Adapter, this elegantly simple coupler simply bolts to the back of a 20 gauge 870 receiver, allowing the 12 gauge stock to then rigidly bolt to the adapter. This greatly increases the options and availability of butt stocks for the 20 gauge shotgun. The 20 gauge Remington 870 is an excellent platform for personal defense, but it suffered from fewer tactical butt stock offerings than its 12 gauge counterpart. The Lucy Adapter solves this problem. AI&P Tactical has long been an advocate of the 20 gauge shotgun as a tactical platform. Needing professional use tactical products for their 20 gauge shotgun builds, AI&P contacted Mesa Tactical about making an adapter to fit 12 gauge stocks onto the smaller 20 gauge frames. The resulting adapter helps AI&P meet the needs and requests looking to fit Mesa Tactical stocks onto their 20 gauge Remington 870 shotguns. The adapter’s namesake is Mesa Tactical’s Sales Director, Lucy Espinoza. After receiving numerous requests for Mesa Tactical’s popular Urbino Stock for the 20 gauge Remington 870, and being a 20 gauge fan herself, she pushed for the development of the adapter. Made from cast steel with a parkerized finish, the Lucy Adapter is now available for purchase.
93890 Lucy 12ga to 20ga Stock Adapter $20.00


  • Zachary marrs

    Wow, I’m so impressed by the quality of the fit.

    With all the reduced power 12 Guage loads, whats the point in using the 20?

    • MattInTheCouv

      for one, they are (usually) lighter than their 12ga counterparts

      • Zachary marrs

        What, like a pound? Most 20 ga iv seen are fudd guns

        • MattInTheCouv

          Yes, like a pound. Plus specific low recoil 12ga shells are a bit more expensive and less common than 20ga buckshot. Plus a thinner forend, and shorter length of pull.

          • Zachary marrs

            That is, if you can find any 20 guage other than birdshot.

            As for shorter lop, you know you can get it as small for the 20 as you can the 12, right? Ive handed off my 590 off to new shooters, including my 12 y/o nephew, and ive never heard a single complaint

            It isn’t a field gun, you aren’t going to climb a mountain with it. extra weight will reduce felt recoil.

          • MattInTheCouv

            There are more 20ga options specifically for smaller shooters, setup that way from the factory. Also, just because your nephew didn’t complain, doesn’t mean the gun fit him well. Lastly, who says the guns in question aren’t also for field use? I’m sure lots of folks use their home defense shotgun for hunting as well. I have a semi 20ga that is for home defense, and I take it out hunting during muzzle loading season, because after I fill the elk or deer tag, but my buddies still have tags to fill, I can’t carry the hunting rifle with me anymore legally. The 20 is super light, easy to carry, and I can take forest grouse with it, plus keep slugs in the pocket for coyotes.

          • Zachary marrs

            Geez im done. You can fit a 12 Guage to a person just as easy as a 20. Ive never seen a 20 guage with a sub 22″ barrel, so what advantage is the cheaper ammo if you have to buy an extra barrel, plus a mag extension?

          • MattInTheCouv

            a quick search of the terms “youth” and “compact” in the shotgun section bass pro shops’ website yielded like 10 results, all were 20ga. the barrel length issue (if it is one for you) can be remedied with saw types one might have in their garage. or keep the long barrel as is, and get an 18″ slug barrel to add to the gun’s versatility.

            nobody is saying you’re wrong for choosing a 12, but you asked why someone would use a 20. i’m just supplying you with answers. kinda seems like you didn’t really want em, though.

          • epwrangler

            There is always some overblown jackals who thinks thumping his chest and acting stupid makes him God’s authority on everything. Don’t worry about such fools and just carry on. By the way I shoot both 12 and 30 ga guns at times. My guns my choice

          • epwrangler

            12 and 20 not 12 and 30.

          • Zachary marrs

            Where did I say I was gods authority?

  • Zeropoint

    “Many people I have talked to have expressed interest in getting a 20 gauge shotgun. Many of them are looking for one as a home defense gun that their spouse can feel comfortable using as well.”

    I’m probably just being oversensitive, but this comes across as implying that “people = men”.

    • Zachary marrs

      Oversensitive? No
      observant? Yes

    • Anonymous

      Uh. It was written that way specifically so it COULDN’T be directly read as men buying it for their better half to use too.

      It was perfectly gender neutral. If you choose to read in what was carefully edited out, so be it. Not the authors fault!

  • gunslinger

    why are we not funding this?

  • tyler

    this kit should also alow you to adapt 870 furniture to remingtons 7400 family of centerfire autos and pumps. If one was so inclinded that is

  • ghost

    Is that a 20 gauge?? Shoot me fool.