AR15Targets Inc. Skeletonized Lower

Nick Atkinson of Team Crimson Trace was using a skeletonized AR lower at the FNH 3Gun Championships. It is a prototype and as you can see it is not fully finalized and coated.


According to the lower, it is stamped “AR15TARGETS INC.”

lower stamp


DSC_0998 DSC_1002


No other detail on this custom lower but NIck was able to finish the fastest on stage 8 of all the 3Gun shooters that day.. Perhaps the lighter lower helped.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • jeffek

    sweet i cant wait to get my hands on one of these. the lighter the ar the better imho

  • gunslinger

    how many ounces does this save? 6?

    • Abakan

      Bigger effect is probably psychological, the lightest lower there, means greater confidence and better scores.

      • Cymond

        Also, sometimes the best answer to “WHY?” is just to say “Why not?”

        • sauerquint

          My favorite to why is, “Because Eff you, that’s why!”

  • guest

    Hate the term, but this rifle is “sexy”!

    Amongst race guns, AR-15 is truly in its element.

  • echelon

    No thanks. I’ll just continue to do bicep curls so I won’t worry too much about the weight of my gun That much!

    I pick things up, to them down!!!

  • The porting in the fire control areas you make me nervous. Lots of little stuff on there, just one rock and the gun will stop shooting.

    They could’ve also saved some weight by using the Magpul polymer trigger guard, that aluminum looks much thicker and heavier than the Magpul polymer.

    Ultimately I don’t think receiver weight is that big of a deal on ARs, the weight of your handguard is most important as the lever arm all the way out there is much worse than the lever arm of the weight on your receiver.

    • Brocus

      why a trigger guard at all? dustcover can also go. Much of the handguard can also be chopped off and the rest skeletonized. Magwell could be shortened. The mags could also do with some skeletonizing.

      • Dan

        I skeletonized my barrel and my bullets as well, I must not have it tuned properly though darn thing doesn’t shoot so well.

      • Doram

        Some divisions will not allow you to compete without a trigger guard, just like they won’t allow you do compete without a safety.

        With how so many of these competitions treat safety(immediately cleared/flagged chambers/sticking guns in plastic barrels, the chances of a negligent discharge would be still impossibly low.

        Magwell probably shouldn’t be shortened, but could probably tolerate it if it’s been flared heavily. The magazines shouldn’t be skeletonized because it would be extremely expensive to do so while keeping them completely reliable(all those little burs and whatnot to rub off and whatnot).

        If the division does not require changing of shoulders, the rail definitely could be completely hollow on one side .

    • sauerquint

      If anything gets in a slight tap or shake will let it right out.

      It’s way easier to let dirt out than to keep it from getting in. That’s why AKs are unstoppable.

  • Menger40

    Man, that is one sweet-looking race gun. Consider me jealous of Mr. Atkinson.

  • Phil Hsueh

    That’s one sweet looking gun, can’t wait to see what it looks like once the lower has been finished. I’ll admit, it is a bit impractical but for what it is those holes shouldn’t matter too much, it’s like this is being used for tactical operations, it’s a range gun and as long as you don’t go dropping it in the dirt or go shooting in the middle of a sand storm it should be fine.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Exactly, This is a race gun. It is for competition and that is it.

  • Matthew Brennan

    Its a gimmick until someone drops in a RDIAS or papers it.

  • Gyufygy

    If people keep lightening ARs at the rate they are, people are finally going to start complaining about 5.56 recoil!

    • 1leggeddog

      5.56 has recoil?

      • Gyufygy

        Start shooting it from 2lbs guns and it might. :p

  • USMC03Vet

    It’s painted red. Must shoot fasta!

    10/10 would dakka dakka

    • 1leggeddog

      Imagine if it had flames.

  • gunslinger

    you want real weight reduction..
    skeletonized polymer lower!

    • Then fire it remotely so when it blows up you’ll be ok.

      • Rick559

        Why would a lower explode?

        • David Sharpe

          I don’t think it would explode but it could break apart depending on the materials and how much of it was removed.

          • Oto

            So it breaks/misfires… boohoo, you’re out 40 bucks of polymer lower. The upper will still be intact, and will have no reason to damage itself or your face.

  • ColaBox

    That poor rifle.

    • Solom

      That poor rifle is going to be winning championships.

  • Gabe
  • floppyscience

    That looks very similar to the Detroit Gun Works skeletonized lower. I’ve always wondered how well it actually worked.