New Ruger Rifles

American Ranch

Ruger announced a number of new rifles in the American Rifle line: Ranch models and left-handed models.

The new Ranch models come with a 16.12″ threaded barrel and can be had in both .223/5.56 and 300 BLK calibers. The new Ranch rifles will be available in both standard and compact sizes. The length of pull for the standard length is 13.75″ while the compact is12.5″.

The stock is flat dark earth while the metal is finished in a matte black color. MSRP runs $489 for all Ranch models.

American left

Left-handed versions of the American Rifle all have a 22″ barrel and the other standard features and dimensions of the original gun. There is no premium on the left-handed models. All versions sell for $449. The same calibers are available in left- and right-handed models:

  • 22-250 Rem
  • 223 Rem
  • 243 Win
  • 270 Win
  • 7mm-08 Rem
  • 30-06 Sprg
  • 308 Win

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  • Basil Sever Moulds

    700 action?

    • Duray


      • Basil Sever Moulds

        IDK what I was thinking this morning. Haha Ruger 700? WTF Coffee didn’t kick in yet I guess.

  • Zachary marrs

    Keeping In line with the 5.56 scout, it utilizes barett m82 magazines

  • Nimrod

    Oh man, I like that Ranch rifle. Sign me up for a compact stock version. Street price on Americans are about $350. Wait a few months and it will be a good deal.

    • Renegade

      Street price everywhere but CA*


  • Michael

    I would prefer a AR or Mini 14 magazine. How about a version in 7.62×39 or 7.62×51.
    This rifle would also be cool in pistol calibers

    • Dude behind the post

      7.62×51 is .308…

    • Nimrod

      Their regular compact American comes in .308, 223, 243, 7-08. It has an 18″ bbl not a 16. It could be cut down and threaded to 16″ for a better caliber choice.

      • atfsux

        Sure,…but then it costs more than it should. I want it from the factory like the picture, but .308

  • Comeonruger

    I feel they missed the boat not producing a Ranch model in 7.62×39. Sure 1-2 decades ago no one had interest in a M77 in that caliber, however today is a different story. Inexpensive ammo, in a light bolt action rifle, come on Ruger. WTF?

    • Fred Johnson

      It would seem that some American firearms makers are giving up on future 7.62×39 guns in favor of .300 Blackout guns. Considering the ammo price differences, I didn’t see that change coming.

  • ensitue

    My love affair with Ruger never really blossomed, it ended at the Mini and 22LR standard pistol

  • TFB Reader

    Damn, no left-handed Ranch. Maybe later.

  • leftyranch

    sign me up when they offer a lefty ranch rifle. until then, well, I grateful for a regular lefty, but I want threads.

    • Ross


    • Mark N.

      Ummm, they are in lefties also.

  • truthsayer

    When are they releasing the MINI-308?

    • Jim_Macklin

      They tried a few years ago, called it the X GI, it was too light, not nearly accurate enough.
      It doesn’t look like at AK or an AR, so the sheep won’t be afraid.

      Right now they are at 100% and deliveries are slow.

      • truthsayer

        Did they actually sell any? I thought it was created, but never sold.

        • Shep Schultz

          My understanding was that they sold a few, but that it wouldn’t group on a dinner plate at 100 m. I have seen one in a collection.

      • ensitue

        The XGI was terminated due to going BOOM on the wrong end of the barrel

    • Zachary marrs

      You mean thec m1a?

    • Duffey

      You mean the Springfield Armory M1A?

  • P210SIG

    Chamber a Ranch in 7.62×39 & i’ll buy 2 for sure if not 6 in this caliber.
    Iron sights on these rifles would be even better.

    • Shep Schultz

      I had a stainless Ranch in 7.62×39 in 1999.
      Magazines were prohibitively expensive.
      The problem with venturing away from the AR and AK platforms is that magazines which should cost $8 to $10 each may cost $40 to $100 each. This quickly negates any savings made by using less common platforms.

      • Fool_Killer

        Are you are familiar with the Mossberg MVP Predator, which uses AR-15 magazines?
        I haven’t fired one yet, but I am hopeful that it is as good as reported.
        Especially since I was blessed by the AR-15 magazine fairy.

        • Shep Schultz

          I’ve read a good review on it, either in American Rifleman or America’s First Freedom.
          I have held and examined one at H&H here in town. It was nicely done, and the oil dipped graphics were flawless.
          I have not shot one yet. Most of my buddies already had two or three ARs when this one came on the market, so none have bought one for me to try yet.
          If it has a chrome bore, I would probably be good with it.
          I do have a preference for Bushmasters, even over Colts. That doesn’t mean I would turn up my nose at any nice AR.

          • Fool_Killer

            “I do have a preference for Bushmasters”

            Ah ha! Great minds DO think alike.

            All of my ARs are Bushmasters.

            I’m particularly fond of the Dissipator configuration,
            even if it does render the bayonet lug cosmetic only.

          • Shep Schultz

            Chrome bores, mil-spec or better parts, and a bolt that is designed to keep going when hot.
            Colt’s semi-auto bolts are designed to stick when they get hot to prevent unauthorized conversions. I’m not ever going to convert anything, but I hate the idea that my rifle would have a part designed to fail.
            I may buy a DPMS for my next AR10. Prices are very reasonable and they come with some slick looking Mag-Pul furniture. I am thinking about an M3 configuration with the intention of setting up a low-power optic with a coaxial, removable starlight set up over the fore end. That oughtta be able to kill hogs over bean fields all night long. I can start with a set of those slick Mag-Pul flip up “irons” and add the optics over the next year or so. If I’m really feeling froggy I can set up a gas system after that.
            Also, the magazines are reasonably priced. Having been through a magazine ban, my plan is to always have 7 for each weapon. Word to the wise, unlike AR15s, all AR10 magazines are NOT interchangeable.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I wonder if they’ll let me trade a Remington 700 in on one of those chambered in 308.

  • 300 BLK? Okay, now I’m interested.

  • Greg

    I would like to see a Ranch type carbine in .44mag, .357mag, .45LC or ACP.

  • Norman Shzu

    I hope Ruger brings us a 7.62×39 version of the American Ruger RIFLE that would be awesome. The Russian round is affordable to shoot and great for most 300 and less rifle ranges that make up most of the ranges in my area. I hope they consider offering the American in the AK 7.62×39 ROUND for practical plinking.