Bushnell Improves Banner Rifle Scope

Most of us, at some point in our shooting careers, have shot a Banner scope whether we knew it or not.  They are a staple hunting scope for many thousands of hunters every year, and put meat on the table.  They are also affordable for those looking for a reliable scope that is not going to break the budget.  I can remember my first hunting rifle that had a banner scope on it.

Bushnell has made some improvements to the Banner scope, including the new Dawn & Dusk brightness and a sleek new look.  The Dawn & Dusk allows hunters and shooters to get the most out of the optic, allowing them to shoot sooner in the morning and later in the evening.


The new scopes will also have 1/4 MOA finger turrets, making adjustments easier in the field.  With over 19 different models, the Banner line looks to have been made new again and updated for another generation of shooters and hunters.  Below is the full release from Bushnell on the improvements to the Banner

Overland Park, Kan – Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry leader in high performance sports optics for 65 years, has introduced an improved version of its popular Banner riflescope line. Featuring the well-known Dusk & Dawn Brightness optics, the Banner riflescopes include new features and a sleek cosmetic redesign.

One of the best values in the riflescope category today, Banner scopes feature multi-coated optics for a bright and clear sight picture from the first to the last minutes of daylight. Built to withstand the toughest tests in the field, Banner riflescopes are constructed with a durable one-piece aluminum tube. Dry nitrogen filled, every scope in the line is 100 percent waterproof, fog proof and shock proof, ensuring it performs rain or shine.

When sighting in the rifle, windage and elevation adjustments can be made quickly and easily with the new quarter MOA fingertip adjustable knobs. Additionally, a new rubber-coated fast focus eyepiece allows hunters and shooters to conveniently fine-tune the reticle focus. The higher magnification scopes in the line feature an adjustable objective to eliminate parallax and maintain optimal image clarity at extended ranges.

The Banner riflescope family features 12 configurations, with a total of 19 models available, including scopes for centerfire rifles, rimfires and slug guns. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) for the Banner riflescope family range from $108.95 to $279.95. To learn more about Bushnell Banner riflescopes, visit the product section online or call 1-800-423-3537.


  • me ohmy

    and still made in china.. big whoop de whoo hoo

    • Paladin

      Your computer was also most likely made in China.

      • Yellow Devil

        Taiwan actually, so it’s fine.

        • Paladin

          Taiwan is where China gets its cheap stuff made.

        • Wetcoaster

          Are you sure? A lot of the big Taiwanese electronics manufacturers offshored their assembly operations to China in the last couple decades.

          The Chinese factories that make the iPhone belong to Foxconn – a Taiwanese conglomerate.

  • Geoffry K

    Is any scope made in the U.S.?
    My Nikon was made in the Philippines.

    • PatrickHenry1789

      Redfield still is I believe.

    • Jeremy Stanislav

      Leupold scopes are all made in the USA. Over in Beaverton, OR. Factory and everything is there.

  • Gunnutmegger

    “Manufacturing” does not necessarily mean the same thing as “assembly”. Also, the glass and the mechanicals might be made in different places.

    Pentax used to make riflescopes, and they made their own glass but had Burris do the rest of the manufacturing.

    Leupold is less clear today about where their scopes are manufactured and assembled. They clearly state, however, that the country of origin of their binoculars is printed on the product. Now that they own Redfield, the Redfield site does not indicate the country of origin. But it is almost certainly Asian.