DesertTech 1-Piece Scope Mount

Primal Rights has an excellent detailed overview of DesertTech’s 1-Piece Scope Mount built for serious long-range shooters. The mounts are designed specifically for their bullpup precision rifles but would certainly work on other offerings.



The 1-piece mount includes a built-in bubble leveler inserted into the base and is available in 20, 30, and 40 MOA tapers.The mounts are designed for 34mm scopes. For details and pictures galore, hit up Primal Right’s write-up.


DesertTech currently offers the 1-Piece Mount via phone orders and soon through their website. The mount is currently priced at $372.75 to $410.03 for the 40 MOA version.

Specs (Courtesy of Primal Rights)

Height: 1.5″
Tube Diameter: 34mm (with optional 30mm aluminum inserts)
MOA Slope: 20, 30, or 40 MOA
Material: 7075 T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

Nathan S

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  • Joshua

    $400 for a non QD mount…….sheesh talk about overcharging cause you can. Plenty of quality mounts for cheaper.

    You can get the Warne SKEL mount for $120 if you wanted a non QD mount of great quality, also one piece it just doesn’t come with bubble levels in it.

    • Primal Rights

      The reason it is not true “QD” is that it was designed for the DTA rifle systems which are switch-caliber, and use a 5mm hex interface on the barrel clamp. The mounts use this same interface and torque specs so the end users can avoid the need to carry extra tools. The Spuhr is really the only other mount out there that this one can be compared to, and it is cheaper than the Spuhr. 🙂

      • Thracian Beast

        5mm HEX INTERFACE SON!!

  • Andrew
    • dan citizen

      You win the internet today.

      • That price is pretty crazy! Not the one on Amazon but the DT.

        • Primal Rights

          The Desert Tech mount is most certainly expensive, but it is cheaper than the competing Spuhr models. It is also 50BMG rated and cannot be objectively compared to a $30 mount off We certainly are not going to sell a $5000 weapon system, and $4000 optic to someone and suggest they buy anything but the best mounts available. Also, those customers that call us direct can often find discounts available, especially if they are military or law enforcement, active or vets. Couple that with the level of service that DTA and Primal Rights is committed to, and we feel that we are offering an outstanding product at a fair price.

          • SlippedThroughTheCracks

            Get off your high horse. You’re offering a machined piece of metal with a bubble level in it.

          • Primal Rights

            I don’t ride horses. I drive around in a metal box with wheels. Yet it is amazing just how many different varieties there are, with so many different capabilities built into them. Still, I don’t go to a car dealership and suggest that a geo metro will do the same job as a ford 350 dually.

          • Sure glad to post it–

          • Thracian Beast

            Whats wrong with LaRue?

    • Thracian Beast


  • Will

    At the low end, it looks to be a competitor to the NF Unimount, but with a level. Cool.

    At the top end, though, you’re competing with the Spuhr ISMS, which offers a lot more than this.

    I’ve got an ISMS that came free with a scope and while I don’t know if I would have paid the full 400 odd dollars, that is a great, confidence inspiring mount. Remember, folks, these aren’t meant to mount your Burris to your hunting rifle.

    • Will

      Disregard the point about competing with the Unimount, I read the low price as 327, not 372.

      • Mack

        don’t worry, I’m lexdysic at times also! 🙂

  • guest

    I find it strange how rarely (if ever) are Era-Tac rings&mounts brought up. IMHO they make the finest mounts of all, extremely modular too. Real solid quick release too – none of that flimsy ARMS stuff. Rock-solid german quality.

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    Not to derail the comments, but has anyone heard of a price or time frame for the Desert Tech MDR?

    • Primal Rights

      Still looking like 2015 sometime before we get rifles. Check PR for an update after SHOT 2015. (January)

  • Blake

    Has anyone here ever had a set of good-old Weaver rings let them down? We’ve got about 6 sets of them on everything from 22LR to .270 Win & 50cal BP. If you set them up right, they never move again.

  • Gopher711

    You guys that own $ 100 “sniper” rifles win ! Cheaper than dirt is where you need to shop and get off PR’s website . Evidently you guys are experts , please carry on as I would love to hear the pros of your rifle mounts over the DTAs!