Upcoming Gear: GORUCK Firearm Cases

Some of you may be familiar with GORUCK packs. Albeit pricey, they are some of the most well made packs I have had the pleasure to abuse. They are also 100% made here in the USA.

Not content with just making backpacks to hold your stuff (and survive GORUCK Challenge Events), they are making a push into the “Firearms Gear” market. The gear is made to be a modular, Velcro based system of pouches inside a carrier shell. One of the big problems they are trying to solve is the “gypsy camp” that tends to happen inside gear bags, which I am totally guilty of. They also have a lifetime guarantee on their gear (and they are not kidding about this), which interests me since I have destroyed 3 different range bags in my shooting career.

The catch is that they are doing the first run of gear as a “pre-order” to gauge interest (so it could become commonplace, or never again seen). The three main components that they are offering are:

  • Pistol Rug
  • Pistol Case
  • Rifle Case

The Pistol Rug is a minimalist case for a day at the range. The Pistol Case is quite a bit larger and is designed to hold more ammo and accessories for storage as well as range days. And the Rifle Case is a discreet carry case for a broken down rifle (while also holding gear and ammo for a storage and range time).

Yes, they are pricey, but I can personally attest to the quality and workmanship of the gear. And dozens of people can vouch for the guarantee policy of their other gear.

  • Pistol Rug: $185
  • Pistol Case: $325
  • Rifle Case: $365

If you are willing to take the chance on some solidly built, USA constructed range gear, head over to their store and give it a try (the pre-order ends on September 1st). And even if you don’t buy anything, the explanation videos are humorous.

I have a full set (a.k.a the “Everything Bundle”) on order for a full review and photo shoot, so stay tuned.

Tom is a former Navy Corpsman that spent some time bumbling around the deserts of Iraq with a Marine Recon unit, kicking in tent flaps and harassing sheep. Prior to that he was a paramedic somewhere in DFW, also doing some Executive Protection work between shifts. Now that those exciting days are behind him, he has embraced his inner “Warrior Hippie” and assaults 14er in his sandals and beard, or engages in rucking adventure challenges while consuming craft beer. To fund these adventures, he writes medical software and builds websites and mobile apps. His latest venture is as one of the founders of IronSights.com; a search engine for all things gun related. He hopes that his posts will help you find solid gear that will survive whatever you can throw at it–he is known (in certain circles) for his curse…ahem, ability…to find the breaking point of anything.


  • Cayton Jones

    First off, I think these bags look great, and I’m sure you will enjoy it. That being said, I will never be able to justify that kind of cost for any of it.

    The rifle bag looks suspiciously similar to this case from LaRue Tactical (and you can buy two for the price of the Goruck): http://www.laruetactical.com/covert-rifle-case-mkII
    If I were insisting on spending $365 for a gun case, I would buy a pelican case with custom foam, and probably still have money left over.

    Their other bags look good too, if they were 10% of their current price. Great quality does not have to be that expensive, and it usually isn’t. Even if the Goruck equipment lasts forever, I doubt I could destroy enough normal bags in my lifetime to equal the cost of one of theirs.

    I’ll pass.

    • Doc Rader

      Yeah, it does look close to the LaRue. I think the GORUCK stuff is a little more velcro happy though.

      Funny thing, I had a case with foam many years ago and I went through a couple of replacement sets as the foam broke down. Yeah crappy foam and replacement wasn’t too horrible a cost, but still. I’m on my 4th range bag now, and they have all failed for a variety of reasons. All of them eventually failed at the zippers and two (including my current one) had failures in the stitching. My latest one cost ~$150–so sometimes expensive is crap quality too.

      So, my experience has not been yours… 🙂 That said, I know the GORUCK stuff is solidly engineered and tortured tested. And carries their lifetime guarantee–so if I do wreck it, I know the company will stand behind it.

      • Cymond

        “Lifetime guarantee” doesn’t necessarily mean the lifetime of the owner. I seem to remember a case analysis in my college ‘business law’ class involving a backpack. The backpack had a “lifetime guarantee” and after many years of heavy use, the backpack began falling apart. The company refused to replace it under warranty, arguing that the warranty was for the ‘expected lifetime of the bag’ or something like that. Apparently, the court sided with the bag maker. However, I can’t seem to find that case again.


        • Doc Rader

          True. But so far GORUCK has done a pretty bang up job of supporting their product. More so than any other company I’ve known (other than Arcteryx). Plenty of posts on the internet about people’s experiences.

          Guarantee is here: http://www.goruck.com/en/scars

          But they are also only about 5 years old, so we shall see how it goes long term…

  • Bill

    The one looks great for patrol work, but 3 hours ago I was saying the same thing about a $40 tool bag at Lowes. I don’t mind spending for quality, but theres a utility versus value versus cost issue that I don’t think GORUCK has ever worried about. The “funny” thing is that the grunts and street cops just starting out who need something that is indestructible and will last a career are the least likely to be able to afford it. $365 is a month’s rent for some of the guys and girls.

    • Doc Rader

      I know they have a discount program for LE/MIL. But yeah, their stuff is pricey. I’m going to wait to get my hands on them before I pass any other judgements though.

      I know the quality is amazingly high, and I’d rather buy kit once than several times.


    That Rifle case looks nice. Go Ruck makes the best gear.