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One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Andrew

    Stop it.

    • guest

      TBH, compared to tacticool hardcore porn this is if not a breath of fresh air then definitely a breath of something different.

    • Blake
  • Alec

    I like it. As far as steampunk goes it looks awesome. Wouldn’t buy it though haha

  • allannon

    Not really my thing, but if it makes the owner happy…

  • Kevin Harron

    Should have done somethng more interesting to the stock/buffer tube, and the blunderbuss muzzle sorta detracts for me.

  • valorius


  • dan citizen

    The hose clamp is what really seals the deal for me.

  • William Johnson

    Needs some sort of Optic

  • santi

    WHYYYYYYYY! just kidding, do what you want to your ar-15’s just dont shoot me with it.

  • Marc

    I can respect something that looks steampunk but is fully functional, like the Luger with a touch-actived light. Just gluing on non-functional gears is stupid.

  • me ohmy

    still looks pretty cool to me.. but yeah..almost unshootable unless you’re a youtube dirtshooter doing a mag dump by bumpfire retards

  • Raven

    Pls no. You want a steampunk-looking AR, check out those casehardened ones from Turnbull.

    • iksnilol

      While I am not the biggest fan of the AR in the picture I would never stoop as low as case-hardening.

      • Zachary marrs

        The hell you won’t

        • Thracian Beast

          For the man that has everything, and shoots nothing as not to mar the finish.

        • iksnilol

          That thing would look nice/classy if it weren’t for that case-hardened finish. Case hardening isn’t a “nice” finish, if I pay a lot of money for a “nice” gun it sure as hell won’t be case-hardened. Case hardening was/is cheap and intended for working guns. Heck, even working guns could afford a blued finish.

          • Zachary marrs

            So would you rather have some aluminum someone attacked with some steel wool?

          • iksnilol

            No, a nice blued finish is where it’s at. Nickel also works on pistols.

          • Zachary marrs

            Bluing is nice, if you absolutely need as much rust as you can possibly can get on your gun, all my guns are either parkerized, anodized, or cera/dura coated

          • iksnilol

            I have honestly never had that problem with blued guns… and I live in Norway (AKA, rain/humidty all the time).

          • Zachary marrs

            You have never been to the gulf coast

          • Geodkyt

            I learned not to carry blued guns if I had any choice while living in Hampton Roads, Virginia. ONE DAY carrying a blued pistol in the summer meant rust. 90+ degrees with 90%+ humidity does that, especially when you carry IWB.

            Even today, it’s amazing where proper gun finishes are found and where they are not. I have a Sig I love, and the slide doesn;t rust. . . but the mag release and slide release both rust when worn all day in the summer.

  • John

    There isn’t even any commentary, just a picture from…somewhere, most likely used without permission, with no source given. This isn’t even close to fair use. This site has really gone downhill as of late.

    • K.T. Huskyberg

      POTD = Picture of the Day.

      • John

        This picture is being used without permission of the original owner and no attempt is even being made to name the source of this image. That’s a violation of copyright law.

        • dan

          Who said it was used without permission? What if I submit a pic and say don’t name me as a source? How about not jumping to conclusions so fast until you know all the facts?

        • How do you know that—The answer is you don’t. Go to a website called Tin Eye. They do reverse lookups of images. That just happens to be what we use. If no owner is found we can’t very well give credit now can we.
          We do have those who submit photos and specifically ask that we don’t use their name. That’s especially the case on Facebook.

    • ColaBox

      “This site has gone downhill as of late”
      Translation: They posted something I don’t like! Curse them!”
      At least its firearm related, this could be TTAG where everything is either MDA or complaining about Bloomberg.

      • John

        Nah, it’s more about how this site is quickly becoming like every other bad clickbait website like BuzzFeed, with “articles” such as this, nonexistent editorial oversight, frequent errors by writers, duplicate articles submitted by different writers, everything. The last year has seen a significant decline in the overall quality of this site.

        • morty diamondstein

          I blame Phil.

          • LOL—-why? If you want things such as you guys have mentioned changed you need to email Steve. He’s the boss and he’s sets the schedule for posting and what’s posted when.

        • Emir Parkreiner

          Everything you’ve described was what I was afraid would happen when Steve announced the new posting schedule at the beginning of this year. I find myself nostalgic for the days where updates consisted of one or two articles that were worth reading rather than the status quo: the occasional satisfactory article and numerous mediocre filler articles (I use articles here in the loosest sense of the word as I don’t consider a half paragraph and embedded YouTube video to constitute an article, unlike Nicholas C.)

          I understand that it is Steve’s prerogative to change the site as he sees fit, however the fact that the quality of content is at an all time while the number of contributors is at an all time high. This is as unacceptable as it is indefensible. Furthermore, I suspect the new POTD to only exacerbate these symptoms as the name implies that only one of these “articles” will be posted daily, yet 5 hours after this picture was posted there was already a new POTD post.

    • We use a program called Tin Eye to search for the owners information. In this case there was none.
      If you don’t like the post you don’t have to read it or in this case view the picture.

    • It’s called the photo of the day no comment is needed. POTD

  • sianmink

    I gotta agree, steampunk implies a level of hand-crafted attention to detail that doesn’t exist so much today. Brilliant polish, brass and burlwood, meticulous fit and complexity that would make a German blush. Hose clamps, worn finish, leather straps, and too-long bolts doesn’t speak of personal attention to detail.

  • LCON

    Steampunk is a Art form the creation of “Victorian High tech” look around the net enough and you will find dozens of mods like this.
    personally I would have used a Mini14 as the base the wooden stock would have meant most of the work was already done, then add brass work. add a custom pistol grip, change the finish of the folding stock, have some magazines painted to match and mount a scope done up in a Antique finish.

  • Dürer

    How’s that muzzle device sound?

  • Blake

    It appears to be a “pistol”.

    It’s missing a steampunk Sig arm brace &ltgrin&gt

    • me ohmy

      it has a 16″ barrel,
      hence it is an UNCOMFORTABLE Rifle configuration and the BATF doesnt care if you use a square inch and half as a butt stock.. the over all length is correct

  • DaveP.

    I’d love to see more people decorating their firearms- shooting should be cool and fun, after all, and besides it gives the tactikewl types heartburn. To the owner, “Bravo” and “keep trying”.

  • Pete Sheppard

    The gas system is fascinating…how many shots per tank of gas and how is it recharged?

  • Patrick Mingle

    Not my style at all but definitely a pretty cool project

  • Crap. Taping, gluing et cetera non functional parts to something is not making it steampunk. It’s making it retarded.

  • Fred Johnson

    OMG. Just no.

  • Beaumont

    Weeeelllll, alrighty then. Moving along now.

  • CJS3

    It shows a lot of imagination. As far as you miserable whiners go, take a laxative.

  • gunslinger

    Awesome picture.

  • jeffrey melton

    Seriously, I wouldn’t be seen even holding this “toy”.

  • Cymond

    For years, I’ve said that I’d like to “steampunk” a functional firearm, like a beat-up old Mosin-Nagant or something. I have an old Hopkins Allen topbreak revolver that isn’t safe to shoot and has a trigger pull that feels like 15-pounds or something, but I’m not a very artistic person, so I don’t have a vision for it. Fortunately, one of my friends recently mentioned a project that needs a top-break revolver.

    • hailexiao

      Isn’t a Mosin already pretty steampunk? I suppose you could make it more steam punk by doing certain fittings in bronze and mounting a Malcolm scope on it.