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Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Mystick

    Well… we certainly did learn something.

    • James Kelly

      Well, I was just this stupid too, when I was 15.
      How old is this kid? Maybe as old as he is going to get? At least, whilst retaining the ability to count to 10
      Black iron pipe. . . welded, with a seam . . . to hold maybe 12,000 psi chamber pressure . . . yeah.

  • Ken

    What’s the decibel reduction of a pair of headphones like that?

    • An Interested Person

      Depending on the fit and brand, probably between 5 and 15. At least that`s what it sounds like in my experience..

      • Ken

        I’ve had people show up to the range with headphones before for hearing protection. I usually hand them a pair of foam earplugs. We have a roof, so it reflects the sound back.

    • Dave Parks

      I used to use a pair of Shure E2C’s as ear plugs (until the dog ate them). For me, it was better than foam ear plugs, and I found some studies that rate them at around 22db. Now I use Surefire EP7’s.

  • John Kelly

    Someone buy this kid a slo mo camera. I’d love to see this stuff shot at high speed

  • Jeremy David Thomson

    What’s the danger of tapping in shotgun cartridges with the palm of the hand like that?

    • David Sharpe

      As long as you don’t have a nail or other type of “pin” in your hand there is no danger.

      If there was a danger using your palm, whatever ammo you have would slam fire with a normal gun.

    • Komrad


    • dan citizen

      chafing, if you do it a lot.

    • valorius

      Obviously none.

  • Davey

    So… this kid has uploaded several videos of himself using a home made shotgun. Is there any chance that the thing is serial-numbered and legally papered with the BATFE? I’m not passing judgement on that – I’m just in awe of the size of his brass balls. Anybody interested in a pool to pick the date that the Feds knock on his door?

    • Nicholas C

      He isnt making a machine gun so he should be ok. It is like building an 80% lower AR and completing it. He cannot sell the shotgun or even transfer it to anyone.

      • OliverTabuger

        There’s no law against transferring a firearm with no serial number that was legally made by a nonlicensee.

    • David Sharpe

      As long as the gun is for him and him alone, no serial number is needed.

      It meets the requirements of a shotgun, that’s all that matters.

    • dan citizen

      I’ll get in on that pool, chalk me down for “never”

      He explains the specific criteria he has met to comply with BATFE.Here are the basics for a homebuilt long gun for personal use….

      Shotgun, 18″ or greater barrel length
      Rifle, 16″ or greater barrel length
      Overall length of 26″ when in firing condition
      Fires only one shot at a time

      This cover federal aspects. Local ordinances may be applicable.

      • Matheus Grunt

        All you sheep are just alike, mentioning the govt statutes that violate our rights left & right, sun up to sun down. I see this crap on these videos all the time, a bunch of fake do-gooders mentioning fed statutes but then saying it might violate local ones. STFU.

        • Guest

          Well I can’t be called a “sheep” and let it stand! Let me redeem my standing in the eyes of a some random 14 year old on the internet! I will detail all the cool criminal things I do…..

          NICE TRY NSA

        • dan citizen

          -Many of us deal with BATFE on a regular basis.
          -Many of us have insurance, insurance that could get pricier if we make statements without the typical warnings.

          -Many of us have businesses we have built over decades that rely on a smooth working relationship with the public, LEAs, Government agencies, we work with regulations and regulators.

          You seem to think people who don’t have the same radical view you claim to have are “sheep.”

          TFB is not really the place for this sort of grandstanding. Their views and policies are pretty clear on the subject.

          You’d probably fit in better at one of the following sites….

 (50/50 chance your just a bait-bot)

          • Matheus Grunt

            Those of you who voluntarily comply with unlawful agencies & other people who have no business violating the rule of law in this country are part of the reason why we have so much loss of liberty & why the govt does what it does. Nice try though.

        • dan citizen

          Well I can’t be called a “sheep” and let it stand! Let me redeem my standing in the eyes of a some random 14 year old on the internet! I will detail all the cool criminal things I do…..

          NICE TRY NSA

          • Matheus Grunt

            14yr old? Little man, keep dreaming. And keep reciting unconstitutional statutes.

          • dan citizen

            So now anything quoted on TFB has to have passed a constitutional test?

            DO you:
            have a drivers license?
            Register your car?
            Pay income tax?
            Use US currency?
            Bank in the US electronically?
            Use our medical system?
            Obey labor laws?
            Buy interstate agricultural goods?
            Use telecommunications, like the internet?
            Utilize public education?
            Obey DHS, TSA?

            I honestly do approve of the point you make. I do not think you are wrong. I am just old. The fight in me is long past. 25 years ago I was a fireball and I stood for what I believed. Now I just don’t care, I’ll be happy to live out the rest of my days as things are. We lost.

    • valorius

      Anyone not prohibited from owning a gun is Allowed to build their own gun.

      • Matheus Grunt

        Nobody can be legally prohibited either. So even “felons” have the same rights we do who never were convicted. If they did their time, and get out, their rights are intact. This kid owes no explanation for nothing, he has a RIGHT that is lawfully protected to make anything he wants concerning weapons.

        • dan citizen

          “”felons” have the same rights we do who never were convicted”

          There is a third class of citizen, those neither convicted, nor guilty. Not all of us have committed felonies.

          • Matheus Grunt

            I do not view in classes as you do. I view us as human beings with rights protected by the Bill of Rights (laws). Nobody can violate those.

    • Rusty Shovel

      Interested in a pool? Sure! I’d love to see him shoot that thing at a pool! Er…wait, are we having the same conversation?

    • Guest

      It’s the same reason why there was a big uproar about 3D printed firearms and 80% lower receivers. There is no law for serializing a personally built firearm. It doesn’t mean you can start making your own and give them to your friends or sell them. But manufacturing your own as a private person does not require serializing it.

    • Joe0000

      He does not need to put a serial number nor “register” that anywhere, There is no such legal requirement.

  • valorius

    You would not want to get hit with one of those!

  • gunslinger

    they just sploded