Viridian Reactor 5 for Kahr Pistols

Viridian r5 kahr

Viridian announced they are now selling Reactor 5 (R5) green lasers for the Kahr 9mm and .40 S&W pistols. The Kahr version of the R5 lasers will ship with a hybrid-style holster (leather backing with polymer shell to hold the gun.) Prior versions of the R5 did not ship with the holsters. This model is an outside-the-waistband model.

Viridian kahr

The R5 mounts to the trigger guard of the Kahr pistols. I’ve had a chance to examine other Viridian R5 models and found the mounting to be very secure. The new laser package will retail for $239.

One of the features of the R5 laser is an “instant on” technology. A shooter can turn the laser on, and then insert the gun into the holster. The holster will deactivate the laser while it is carried. When drawn, the laser will instantly come on. The laser can be carried in an off mode so that it does not instantly come on when drawn.

Richard Johnson

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  • sianmink

    I honestly don’t understand why they don’t design these lasers to have the emitter as close to the bore as possible. Having it so low means if you zero at 10 yards you’ll be 2 inches over point of impact at 20, and closer than 10 yards, the laser will be hidden by the sights and gun. Crimson Trace does it right, putting the laser right up close to the dust cover.

    • whskee

      What you say is true but the laser isn’t intended to be POA=POI as most would (rightfully) assume. The laser is to get you on target in adverse conditions, ie, if it’s lit it’ll hit within an acceptable circle. Whenever possible the laser should be zeroed parallel to the bore such that the round will strike within the maximum point blank range, usually 3″ is acceptable.

  • valorius

    Waaaay too much bore offset.

  • Bill

    Hey Viridian! What about us .45 fans? I was really looking forward to adding a Reactor to my CW45.