Laserlyte Laser for Hi-Point

Laserlyte has released a laser for Hi-Point pistols. The laser comes with two housings to fit two pistol sizes. One housing to fit .380 and 9mm, while the second housing is for .40 S&W and .45acp. Battery life is 5 hours constant on or 10 hours on pulse mode.

Retail is set at $104.95.

Nicholas C

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  • Thracian Beast


    • Thracian Beast

      BEAST: Hey Thrace!: SPQR ” What is your demand?” BEAST: Why can’t we post pictures here anymore??
      SPQR : “Because 1 ambush 2 time zones turned into a “I need a koala hug festival.”
      BEAST: Talk to the owner, but that shit was funny!

    • Thracian Beast

      Why in the name of +++++AIRSOFT LETHAL++++ would you post this ???

      • Thracian Beast

        They still wont let me post pics!

  • Mr T

    That is Almost as much as the gun costs………..

    • Came here to say the same thing.

    • Thracian Beast

      Exactly why I found it hilarious ;]

    • Cymond

      That was probably everybody’s first thought.

      • FourString

        That and maybe that the Hi Point looks slightly less retarded with the laser attached

  • nick

    I think my homies would be more impressed if I dual wield two of them

  • Ron Fox

    From everything I hear about Hi-points, this is pretty much a useless item.

    • Sam Schifo

      They are actually fairly accurate due to their fixed barrel. Hi-Points also have a surprisingly good trigger and are extremely reliable. Yeah they’re ugly and bulky but considering what you pay for them overall they are good guns.

      • Stephen

        The Hi-points I have shot have not been reliable. The 2 gun stores I frequent won’t buy hi-points new or used because of the reliability issues.

        • Sam Schifo

          How were they unreliable? Were you having failures to feed, fire, extract? I would honestly like to know because I’ve never had any problems with mine.

          • dan citizen

            I have “worked” on a few of them as a gunsmith. Usually it was just cleaning, as cheap guns they get thrown under a car seat and ignored.

            Worse one I saw had soda spilled on it in a car center console, then had acquired a furry coating of lint, cigarette ash and even a couple goldfish crackers.

            That $60 gun shot as tight a group as my Springfield Armory.

        • JT

          I haven’t had experience with hi points, but the old 9mm carbine one of my buddies used to shoot had it’s trigger group fall apart. I prefer Hi-points philosophy to Kel-tec’s though. Basically, make cheap, ugly, guns that work as opposed to pretty guns that don’t.

          • abecido

            Where can I find these pretty Kel-Tecs? All the ones I’ve seen are as ugly as Hi-Points.

        • BryanS

          The stores are pretty foolish then, as the factory offers a lifetime warranty on those guns no matter how many times the firearm is transferred. If they got it in and it didnt work, then it is easily remedied.

    • Thracian Beast

      The 9mm carbine is a beast. Probably the best in their product line.

      • Zachary marrs

        On the hipoint 995 carbine, that thing is tougher than a mosin nagant, the only time ive had trouble with mine was putting underpowered handloads in it, even then it cycled 75% of the time. Id buy another, but my first one is still going strong, 13 years later

    • mosinman

      i love my Hi-point in .45
      i had mine jam a couple times….. because i didn’t clean much at all over 2 years
      they really shoot well if you can get the sights dialed in.

    • dan citizen

      A Hipoint is designed to shoot a bullet accurately, reliably, and as cheaply as possible.

      * They are insanely overbuilt.
      * Their fixed barrel produce better accuracy than most pistol shooters can use.

      They are ugly, but the bad guy who stops 230 grains of justice out of a hipoint will be just as dead as if he stopped it out of an HK45.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Dan, no-one could have said it better!

  • Stephen


    Laserlyte has released a laser for Hi-Point pistols. The laser comes with three housings to fit three Hi-Point pistol sizes, anvil, toolbox and boat anchor.


  • mosinman

    this is almost as much as a brand new Hi-point but this has to be step up from all the other lasers available for them

  • Zachary marrs

    Yo man, I got dem beemz on my looga

  • Dr. Daniel Jackson

    If you would have have saved that $150-$180 for the pistol and the $105 for the laser you might have been able to actually get a decent used handgun.

  • Tenacious221

    Polishing a turd?

  • chuck mosin

    They’re kiddin’, right? duct tape a flashlight.

  • dan citizen

    The hipoint is the Mosin Nagant of pistols.

    Accurate, reliable, cheap, insanely sturdy. People who can’t afford a Les Baer deserve protection too.

  • 1911a145acp

    So you can see where your round SHOULD have gone…….