Red Hot Muzzle Brake vs. Frog-Lube & Break Free CLP

MattV2009, famous for pushing Glocks and AK-47s wayyyyyy past their failure points with twinkies, hot sauce, and Silly Sludge has found a new calling testing gun cleaners with a red hot muzzle brake after killing his G17 with marshmallow.

While I was hopeful that the red-hot brake would come full full-auto fire, I am okay with his chosen methodology.

Frog-Lube was up first and succumbs to the high temperature, actually catching on fire and blowing up the cup.


Break Free is even more interesting, splitting the glass clean in half.

Nathan S

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  • An Interested Person

    I find it most interesting that it broke right at the fluid level. Super cool!

    • Phillip Cooper

      Of course it did- that’s where the thermal variance was greatest. The liquid sucked away the heat, making the part below liquid cooler than the part that was exposed to direct flame. Boom.

      This video is right up there with “Stupid Human Tricks” though. Of no real benefit.

      “You don’t want to eat anything that’s flammable”. OK, so you don’t drink? Most food IS flammable….

      • You’re a real life Dwight Schrute ain’t ya?

      • Tumtum

        You must be a real hit at parties

      • Cool I want to see you light a watermelon with a match:-)

        • gunslinger

          only if you can light thermite with a match

    • Kingofthehill

      Want to do it yourself? real easy and pretty safe actually. Get some cotton string like used for a kite, dip it in something like lighter fluid, wrap it around a glass bottle of your choice, tie a knot and light it… when the string fire goes out (which is pretty quick) dip it in cold water and it snaps RIGHT at that string marker with a super clean cut line as if it was factory done.

  • There is a YouTuber who does things like this using a “red hot nickel ball” (RHNB) and various liquids. It’s interesting to see that methodology applied to muzzle brakes…

  • Indrid_Cold

    Man… Ninkasi is a great brewery. Why’d he have to go and ruin that pint glass? 🙁

  • Another reason why I dislike Frog Lube. It burns out faster than other lubes and guns lubed with Frog Lube do not store well. The stuff is trendy and popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. When I tried it, I was highly disappointed.

    • Soless

      Not that I’m a die hard frog lube fan, but my results are completely opposite.

      • Kingofthehill

        has worked great on ever gun ive used espeically noticeable on my carry guns here when its 110* outside and extremely humid and after a week no surface rust even in a leather holster unlike other lubes in the past ive used. Its been legit for me.

  • B3ASTofThunderHill

    Notice that there was enough volume of Break Free to completely submerge the muzzle break where there was not with the Frog Lube. Assuming the specific heat of the BF and FL are the same, which I’m sure they are not, then you would need to have an equivalent volume to absorbe the heat of the muzzle. We would also need to know the temp of the muzzle.which Im sure was less with the BF cause you can tell when he starts to heat it that it had cracks and fissures in the surface so it would not have taken the same temperate to get it “red hot”. He does mention that he could not get it as hot even though he never temps it so how does he know.
    Most irritating thing is when he says “this is all for science” when there is ZERO science involved.

  • educatedman76

    CLP Rocks! Now I feel confident I can use it on all my Colt AR and other firearms. Thanks for the video.

  • Dean Carpenter

    It’s clear that FrogLube failed this test. Any comment from the manufacturer?