Video: Airsoft Gun & “Real-Steel” Shoot Each Other

I’ve made no secrets that I am a fan of airsoft. Yes, it has its training limitations but it is an excellent force-on-force substitute for those without access to sim rounds.

RatedRR put put a video showing the differences between an airsoft gun (which fires with about one Joule of energy) versus its “real-steel” cousin a .50 Barret (which fires at 18,000+ Joules). The two “rifles” battle it out seeing who can destroy the other first.

The results are highly entertaining. Incendiary rounds are beautiful in slow motion.

Nathan S.

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  • scw


    To be fair, if you shoot them fast enough airsoft BBs can be pretty destructive too:

    • Doom

      I like how you could see the plastic shards coming out the back. 😀

  • Wiggles

    Now to work on the problem of getting the 50. cal to accept as much ammo in its magazine as its airsoft counterpart

  • mechamaster

    The cool part is the airsoft barrel get flexing when the body get hitted by real bullet.

    • Agreed. Frickin cool.

    • Moustache-Patrol

      Speaky engrish much?

      • mechamaster

        um..English is not my main language. pardon my bad engrish.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Fun and excellent videography! I thought, though, that the video was going to be about using airsoft for training

  • guest

    What camera did you use?

  • Muela

    Well, at least it was only a Snow Wolf Barrett.

  • Doom

    im more impressed by how well it held up to a .50 cal rifle…