Federal Addresses .22 LR Shortage

Federal 22 LR ammo

American Rifleman magazine talks to Tim Brandt, a representative of Federal Ammunition about the shortage of rimfire ammunition on video.

According to Brandt, rimfire production is running 24 hours/day. Essentially, demand continues to outstrip supply. The good news is he does state Federal is expanding production capacity, which I think will be the only thing that will catch inventories up.

Last year, Steve Hornady did a good job of explaining the overall situation regarding ammo sales:

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • RaunchyDawg

    Richard, a little off topic about an on topic. Your bio says you are an advocate of gun proliferation zones. I know what a gun is, and I know what proliferation means, but I cannot for the life of me understand what a gun multiplying zone is. Could you please clarify.

    • Carl Smith

      More guns per capita?

    • Cymond

      I’d guess that it’s the opposite of a “gun free zone” for political and defensive reasons. Many people, myself included, believe that “gun free” locations are an invitation to criminals that say “everyone here is helpless”. “Gun free” only works in high-security areas like airports, and even then there are weak spots and failures at the screening areas.
      So by that logic, a “gun proliferation zone” would be one in which people are actively encouraged to carry for their own defense and the defense of others.

      • Cymond says it as well as I could.

      • dan citizen

        I think of it like “neighborhood watch” signs. Criminals tend to go for easy victims. Most burglars are unarmed and intent on property theft, vs a home invasion or a lethal confrontation with a homeowner.

      • RaunchyDawg

        Thanks bros

  • gunslinger

    hoarders. plain and simple.

    • AK™

      There have been a few times where someone asked me on “.22 day” at Sportsmans Warehouse,if they could buy my ammo off of me when we get out to the parking lot. I politely tell them no,that I plan on shooting it.

      I’m currently down to less than 800 rounds. My brother in law is sitting on about 2,000. He hasn’t bought any since the incident in CT. I gave a 500 round bulk pack to a friend because she couldn’t take her son shooting. She normally doesn’t get off work until 6 and the ammo is already gone by then.

      • dan

        We have a store that puts half of what they get on the shelves and the other half for the parents with kids. They see a family looking they give them the well let me check the back real quick line see if I can find some. Small enough town they will recognize you of you try and take advantage of it.

    • ClintTorres

      I’m kind of proud to say that I’ve been able to get by without buying
      any .22LR at panic prices. Part of it was that the stuff wasn’t around
      but part of it was that I didn’t want to feed the shortage either. I
      felt I could make do with the 500 rounds I had prior to the panic and
      I’m just now using it all up. I’m not a high volume shooter but kids
      LOVE to shoot .22LR and will blow through it but quick.

      To the hoarders out there…you know who you are…FUCK YOU! You “me-first”
      types make me sick. You are the sole reason why .22LR is $.25 a round!

      Sorry, I just had to get that off my back.

      • nitemarejim

        Not sure where you’re buying your stuff, but if you pay attention to online prices, you can get a brick for about 10c a round, shipped.
        Yeah, not a great price, but not 25c.

        • ClintTorres

          I know prices have come down now but at the height of the shortage crap ammo was over $125/brick.

          • A

            I’m very proud to say that ever since the panic I’ve never paid more than $0.55 cents a round and I’ve have the ability to buy over 10K over the span of a couple of years.

            How? It takes time, patience, and A LOT of luck to get the deals. I don’t wait outside Wallyworld or pay flipper prices, but I do have a pretty good e-mail/forum/family that notifies or buys for me the stuff I need.

            Sure, in an ideal world one shouldn’t have to do all those things. Unfortunately, if you want to shoot .22 your going to have to adjust your shooting habit or find alternatives to get it.

            I personally don’t like it either, but you adapt and overcome.

          • A

            Whoops! $0.055 cents a round….

          • TACZ

            You are proud that you have never paid more than 55 cents a round for .22lr? Yeah thats something to be proud of, you must be a new shooter and CLUELESS as to the value of .22lr..
            Did you run out and buy a dpms AR for $3000 as well.? What a savvy shopper

      • Bullitt315

        I bought a couple hundred rounds at $.20 a round and ran into my first brick in YEARS at a store and had to pick it up for $.08 a round. I only bought one of the couple available.

      • Ken

        $0.25/round? You can find resellers all day long here in CO for $0.10-$0.12 a round on Armslist. Where do you live that 22LR is that expensive?

      • selling 22 for.25

        Typical broke dick that can’t afford to shoot and is dumb enough to think he has a RIGHT to low cost ammo. Read a book for a change asshole. Start with capitalism for dummies.

        • ClintTorres

          So you’re that guy…figures.

      • George

        Hoarders are not the “sole” reason for this situation. There are two other groups involved here; one is the large scale internet sellers (you see who they are at gunbot.com) taking advantage of the situation and selling .22lr at ..60 cents a round. The other group are the opportunists who use their cell phones to buy up stock as soon as it is posted on gunbot for less than .10 cents a round and then as soon as they take delivery they resell that stock on Gunbroker for twice or three times what they paid for it. Your “Fuck You” is directed at the wrong people, champ.

    • Marty Ewer

      Personally, what I see here in SLC are the gougers who continue to perpetuate this “shortage.” It’s people who apparently have nothing better to do with their day than wait around Walmart or wherever, buy up their share of .22, and then go hawk it on local online gun boards at two times the price. They are the ones clearing out the retail shelves and keeping demand artificially high. Until people stop buying from the gougers, this “shortage” will continue. Myself, I haven’t bought any .22 ammo ever since this began. But I was lucky, as I had accumulated approx. 5,000 rounds of .22 over the years. Maybe I am a reformed hoarder. 😉

      • ClintTorres

        It’s not hoarding if you bought it prior to the madness.

        • jcitizen

          Yep, I bet I got at least 10,000 rounds sitting in various storage locations – not because I’m a hoarder but because the prairie dog problem used to require massive amounts of my favorite brands. We used to kill 1000 to 2000 dogs a day at the heighth of the scourge, but now they make poor farmers pay thousands of dollars to poison the whole pasture, and now there are NO animals but cows in those pastures – so I’m stuck with a lot of ammo, and a wish that the sport comes back. I hope someone at least outlaws poisoning for just that species, so they can make a come back. There was no sport more fun to me in this world!!!

        • Anonymous


          I’m only able to shoot my .22s right now because I “hoarded” .22 ammo when it was 3-4 cents a round. I have not resold a single round of it and don’t intend to.

    • El Duderino

      Hoarders? No…it’s the unemployed dudes waiting around in the morning on a weekday to buy it all to sell on Craigslist, local gun boards, or gun shows.

      Gray market, not hoarders, is the problem.

      • Boots

        Exactly. Caught one with connections at the Wal-Mart (On Greenwood/spid) local. They hushed up when I asked if I could buy some of that. 22 ammo. This sucks!

        • Zebra Dun

          Our Walmarts all four in a 25 mile radius have signs stating only three boxes are sold per customer, but there never is any to sell, and they cannot stock it because it’s unavailable even for back orders.

    • n0truscotsman

      It is. It is one of the tough sides of capitalism.

      I also blame those that buy the hoarders’ merchandise. If everybody had the “ah ha!” moment and stopped buying it, the market would drive these guys into reality-land and supplies would normalize again.

      Its amazing. I can buy 7.62Soviet and 5.56 all day long, with no problem, at excellent prices. But 22? nope. Its highly competitive. your 17 calibers are even worse.

      • Zebra Dun

        That’s a fact! I can buy any center fire even .25acp all day long in buckets, no .22’s though.
        I’m even thinking of selling the rifles and handguns for the caliber, they are useless without ammo.

    • TBW

      I have to say that Brandt fellow is a terrible spokesperson for Federal. First, I never understood why someone doesn’t comb their hair and I think it looks unprofessional. But more importantly, Brandt shows all the signs of being a nervous liar and he needs to be water boarded. This video does more to feed conspiracy kooks then it does to dispell them…

    • flintlok

      I haven’t hoarded any ammo and I have enough to get by. I’ve always shot lot’s and reloaded. Lately I’ve just stopped shooting. The ammo prices especially for 22 rim fire are a joke. There’s no reloading components. Ammo such as CCI Standard Velocity and Wolf Match in 22 rim fire is simply unavailable such that those manufacturers could close their doors and quit the business and nobody would notice. They may have for all that I know. I bought some no name brands and paid crazy prices for poor performance. Fine, they win whoever they are, and I now I’ve hung up my guns for now for other pursuits. I’m bitter about the ammo situation and I certainly don’t need to shoot to live. I had enough of this crap. With friends in the shooting business such as the ammo manufacturers who needs to worry about OBama. These fellows stopped me from shooting which is something OBama and US Congress never could do. Screw this parade!!!

  • Dudeinretail

    I work for a big box shop. It is coming in every week now. It never used to. We try to distribute it evenly between weekly shipments vs throwing it all out at once. In hopes that that will detour those who are hordeing from simply trying to buy it all using a buddy system. It makes me mad to see the same guys in every morning too. So we started putting it out at different times as well. It feels good to get a brick in the hands of a dad taking his kids out to shoot vs some ahole with 10k in deep storage.

    Also what was said about new shooters is probably the most truthful part. Add all the new shooters up and put them under all the manufacturers. It doesn’t add up. Same ole cats making the stuff, no new plants popping up to make 22 like there were to make AR lowers when that panic happened. Until there are more plants cranking out more, the same cats playing on the same machines will continue to barely meet the demand.

    • Problem is, .22LR has one of the thinnest profit margins in the ammo business, so expanding production facilities (as opposed to switching to 24/7 production) makes NO sense, unless the company is CERTAIN that the demand will stay at the elevated rates for several years — maybe as long as ten or more.

      I think this idnicates that Federal (at least) is predicting that current .22 sales levels are actually *below* a “new normal”, and it is actually cost effective to expand their physical plant to accomodate.

      If Federal is correct (and I think they may be), and they can do it fast enough, they will end up earning approximately “all the monies”. . .

      • jcitizen

        You can look at it this way too – if they don’t meet the demand – every little sawed off runt company world wide will meet it for you. Then you are stuck with a shrunken market and a huge price crash! It may already be too late – I’ve never seen so many competing world brands coming out now – and some of them shoot better than Federal too!

        • All those brands were already out there before.

          People prefer familiar, US based brands, honestly. I’ve watched people pass up perfectly good imported .22 Agula to buy Thunderduds, I mean, Thunderbolt, at higher prices because they trust US ammo (in rimfire, anyway) more than “that foreign crap”.

    • JLR84

      Unfortunately I suspect that “10k in deep storage” is probably a severe underestimate for the hoarders. That’s really not that much 22LR, and if that was all they would have stopped buying and hoarding ages ago.

      I suspect there are a substantial number of folks who have hoards in the hundreds of thousands of rounds.

  • Blake

    Methinks the buddy system buyers going to GreatWall Mart & LGSs snapping the stuff up & shifting it on GunBroker for 100% to 200% margin are partially responsible.

    Brass Badger to the rescue!

  • dan

    I about went to blows last night with a guy bragging about having over 12K rounds and him using his oldest kids and wife to clean house when it is available and selling some online for profit. Bragging about that in public makes me wish someone listening has a side career of robbing houses while the owners are away.

    • ClintTorres

      I wish you would have punched him in the face in front of his family so they could see that there is a karmic price to be paid for hoarding.

      • nitemarejim

        I think you have the wrong idea about what’s “karmic”.
        Having sh*t happen to you is karmic. Telling someone to feed the sh*t isn’t.

        • ClintTorres

          Hehe, maybe it’s kismet then?

    • Blake

      Figure out what he’s hoarding (probably the 550rnd Federal “valu-paks” that they package specially for GreatWall Mart), tell him a bunch of lots were recalled, and wait for the reaction &ltgrin&gt

      • jcitizen

        I quit using Federal way back when they stopped making the red and white label boxes. That crap won’t even work in any 22 I shoot!

        • Blake

          Try AutoMatch, it’s really great stuff.

  • Ernie Shipman Renaissance Fire

    I totally disagree. As the owner of a medium sized retail gun store, i am getting about 10% of the 22 ammo I used to get 2 years ago. My thoughts: either a) manufacturers are making more profitable types of ammo (center fire, premium pistol & rifle ammo) and not producing the amount of 22 they were making; or b) the big box stores are getting the lions share & it is not going to distributors (the normal channel of how ammo is distributed…) I talk to a lot of dealers & they are experiencing the same problem. I go to a large distributor show every year & place large orders for the year, but the last 2 years the supply has been a trickle…

    • redsleeves

      You are right. My local gunshop has the same problems you do. They get in maybe 1 or 2 bricks a week. It is a small shop but they used to have all the 22 lr you needed.

      • Jon

        I was at an Academy store in the Dallas area this past weekend and they had plenty of .22lr in stock(behind counter). The one thing I did notice though was that the .22lr they had were the 50 round boxes only.

        • Rooftop Voter

          I recall walking into a Western Auto store and buying 50 rounds of 22lr for maybe 50 cents a box. But that was years ago. I think it was Remington Kleen Bore or something like that. Greasy little things but that was cheap shootin back then.

          • GunTotingLib

            exactly and I am still shooting from the stash I made from back then.

  • Martin M

    This is why I haven’t bought any new .22 firearms. What’s the point if I cannot find ammunition at a reasonable price.

  • Cal S.

    Laughing through my teeth after hearing for soooooo long that rimfire firearms were oh-so superior because “You can get ammo for them anywhere, even in a hardware store!” Yeah, well, where are those voices now that the “most available” ammunition is now some of the hardest to find?

    • Cymond

      It was a true statement at the time. You can’t seriously hold it against someone for failing to foretell a future crisis.

      • Cal S.

        But there was still the underlying presumption that .22LR came from a never-ending cornucopia; that it was the most available round and would therefore never run short (even purported as bearing up in the context of a Discovery’s “Zombies: A Living History”-type apocalypse). Now it’s interesting watching the reactions as that false premise falls to the ground.

        Not that I’m sadistic, I went through some lean times myself with 5.56NATO before I discovered Gunbot.net and Wikiarms.com.

        • jcitizen

          Fer sure – when the SHTF, there won’t be any 22 ammo around, and at east with all the brass around – reloading can be accomplished. Making bullets is not to hard to do, and in fact I use old 22 shells as jackets for my rifle bullets! There are plenty of ways to recreate primers too.

  • M

    Incidentally have people started hoarding russian made ammo (aside from surplus 5.45)?

    • jcitizen

      Well they should be – but now the Putin is on the rampage, you can bet that will go away soon. Thankfully there are still old Soviet satellites willing to sell to the world market. I bought my stuff 20 years ago, so I don’t need to add to the hoarding problem, I’ve slowly been hoarding for years. That is the way everyone else should have been doing it.

  • Bill

    One man’s “hoarding” is another’s “I was smart enough to see what was coming, bought accordingly and continue to do so.”

    I can tell you this, I buy as much .22 ammo as I can. In the past two weeks that’s around 1000 rounds. Yep, some of it is stored for a day when I may not be able to buy it at any price. Right now that’s about 5000 rounds. But a lot of it is shot in practice and low cost training. Two to three hundred rounds in a day’s time isn’t unusual for me. I make no apologies for understanding human nature nor for desiring to maintain my shooting skills. Does this make me a pariah among my fellow gun enthusiasts? If it does, so be it.

    • Jon

      Agreed Bill!
      I have not bought any .22lr since before Newtown. I currently have just under 10,000 rounds on hand, but I was buying it when there were stacks of the 550 round boxes and no shortages. It is all you whiners who waited until Newtown to decide you needed it that have caused this shortage. A little advise, currently the market is awash with 5.56, the time to stock up is now not when the next Newtown happens!!!!

  • Limonata

    It works two ways, hoarders buying ammo for no good reason and selling online, and people stupid enough to purchase it.

    I donated all I had to youth programs and then purchased a .22 air rifle and pistol.

    I am not the only one either, several parents and their kids do the same and come to range to shoot. You can still teach all of the basics and it is much much cheaper. Our range allows us to put clay discs and you can have fun picking away at the clay disc until it is all gun. The kids seem to like this better than just shooting at paper.

    If everyone did the same, the hoarders would ALL go away. There is plenty of supply, simply look at gun broker.

    And since primer and powder are available, I purchased a 223.5.56 CZ bolt gun and shoot and reload out to 200yards. Just as fun.

    The whole 22lr situation is such BS, because it WILL continue to perpetuate. Because those who have long been looking for ammo will now when they see it will hoard themselves. Federal should expand, this WILL go on for years.

    • BeGe1

      That might be part of it, but I genuinely believe that there’s simply a significantly larger demand nowadays. I know MANY people that had kinda settled into shooting maybe 20 rounds a year that are now all back into target shooting now that they’ve realized there really are people out there that would wish to take this right away from them. Now they’d go through 1,000 rounds of .22 LR a month if they could find it.

  • Oldude

    Too simple…They make more from larger bullets and would rather spend the effort on them and all the idiots out there camping out at walmart aint making it any better.

  • Thomas S

    I prefer shooting my 300blk but at a minimum of 60 to 75 cents a round, I shoot my 10-22 much more, even at 10 cents a round. Even at today’s inflated prices I can afford to stockpile it, center fire rounds, not so much.

  • lifetimearearesident

    Most of the comments here point to hoarders and gougers as the cause of the 22 ammo shortage. I disagree. In my view these are symptoms not the cause.

    We need to look no farther than our political enemies (Obama, Bloomberg etc.) for the true cause of the 22 ammo shortage. These are the gun haters who started the panic by threatening us with ever increasing gun control. By adding an expressed interest in banning lead as a bullet material for so called environmental reasons they have really created a perfect storm of panic in the gun owning community. Additionally, their moves have created a situation where the ammo manufacturers are reluctant to add to production capacity because added capacity fixed costs need to be amortized over a long period of time (perhaps 20 years) in order to be profitable. If an ammo manufacturer thinks that it is possible for the liberals to control the Congress/Whitehouse at any time in the next decade then they have to face the possibility that their product could be strictly controlled or even outlawed. This increases their investment risk for new ammo plants and suppresses supply.

    If I were Obama or Bloomberg I would be very happy with the situation I created. Those awful gun owners have to waste time looking for ammo – and as an added bonus they are fighting within the gun community looking to blame each other.

    I know this is an old saying but I believe it applies here: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” It’s time to stop the infighting and focus on the real enemy – Obama and his socialist minions.

    • GunTotingLib

      LOL…when the truth does not make you warm and fuzzy, make up a nice warm conspiracy. .22s are the most used ammo, it is being bought at record numbers and is being hoarded and still is the cheapest ammo to shoot . I am still shooting from my 40,000 round stash I collected back in the day when it was less than 2 cents a round. No one is going to take your guns or stop you from buying .22 . And if some sensitive areas outlaw lead than they will just cast the projectiles in a composite material like is already available today. ammo companies will adapt. Folks like you are the reason why there is panic buying.

      • Mike the Limey

        The assertion that “no one is going to take your guns” rings hollow when that is EXACTLY what has happened in several States.
        Replacing lead with another material will inevitably lead to a significant price increase – look at the cost of “lead free” shotgun ammunition for an example.

        • GunTotingLib

          What state is confiscating ( taking) guns wholesale from law abiding citizens? I would be interested in reading about that. As far as I am aware every state in the union allows the right to keep and bear although some are more “well regulated” than others.

          “lead free” shotgun ammunition is not significantly more expensive in my area, maybe a couple cents per round. A small percentage of the total increased cost that hoarding and fear mongering have increase the prices of ammo. Places where new ammo is required the price will drop just like any new technology as it matures and manufacturing adjusts.

          • Mike the Limey

            You’re changing the parameters; the word “wholesale” wasn’t mentioned. Several States have had de facto confiscations through registration & gun bans, including MA, CT, CA, NJ, NY…..
            Steel shotgun shells from a major discounter are $0.44 whereas the lead equivalent is $0.28.
            Rather more than “a couple of cents” & for a product that is less effective & leads to more wounded birds flying off to die later.
            Yes; the restriction on using lead over wetlands IS sensible & reasonable but pushing the same for everything is environmental fascism.

          • GunTotingLib

            registration & bans on specific guns ( which I don’t support) are not confiscations . I find no where were the government is removing guns from the hands of law abiding and duly allowed owners. The supreme court has ruled that the “well regulated” clause allows certain restrictions and we have over a hundred years of such regulations such as full auto, sawed off ect. No one has tried to take my collection or keep me from buying my annual birthday gift to me. This september 24th I will being adding a western style single action revolver in 45 long colt, happy birthday to me.

            I haven’t priced steel shot in my town, but my favorite store has pallets of lead shot which I shot at the range. At $0.22 a round . lead poisoning of our game is a real problem and can poison our friends and family who consume it. especially bad for kids.

            Non lead bullets are new, the technology and price will come into line as demand advances and it will advance significantly by 2018 when the US Military is scheduled to go lead free. I know many see lead free as an anti gun conspiracy, but lead is a very dangerous toxin And lead is bad for folks health especially destructive to growing kids. That is the reason we no longer have lead paint and leaded gasoline.There are two ways to die from lead poison, A quick way and a slow way.

            I guess as a liberal I support a few regulations others don’t, and while I know there are those on the fringes that would like to disarm america, I don’t see boogy men behind every tree waiting to confiscate my guns. I do see new types of ammo pushing out lead, possible mag limits and a few restrictions on so called assault rifles in some areas and better background checks on the horizon. BUT the government taking our guns is nothing more than fear mongering in order to keep them campaign checks flowing and to keep all the single issue voters voting republican.

            There is no way to take 300,000,000 guns from 100,000,000 americans with out millions dying. Then we will have much greater problems to worry about.

          • Mike the Limey

            “Well regulated” has nothing whatsoever to do with restricting firearms ownership, or the SC judgement.
            Bans on specific guns & magazines ARE de facto confiscation & disarmament, or do you consider it reasonable that all law abiding citizens be restricted to muzzle loaded muskets with a single reload?
            Lead poisoning is an issue with waterfowl & possibly carrion eaters, not game in general, nor is the ingestion of minute amounts of lead from meat a significant health risk – read the studies.
            Assault rifles are already highly restricted & have been since before they were invented, or do you mean the mythical “assault weapon”, a term invented by the gun banners?
            Bans on semi automatic rifles & magazine limits ARE an unacceptable restriction & should be opposed by all means.
            You are indeed a supporter of the removal of citizens’ unalienable rights, no matter how you paint it.

          • GunTotingLib

            Increased lead in our food chain is of increasing danger to the point where it is recommended children under the age of six and pregnant women should not consume game meat harvested with lead bullets…..




          • jcitizen

            Jesus Christ – who is stupid enough to ingest a lead bullet? Didn’t anybody learn how to clean their game? I bet I’ve only bitten one lead pellet two times in my whole life – but I didn’t clean those birds either. I doubt very seriously, that even no. 12 shot could make it past my teeth!! Even if there were no coatings on lead shot, there is no way the lead can be release soon enough in a dying animal to permeate the blood. They are losing blood too fast. I don’t know any hunter that leaves any projectile in his game – I mean NONE! Even if the bullet made it to my gut, it would not release lead into my blood stream before elimination, because all lead rounds have copper or other types of coatings on them that can pass the system easily. Ducks are the exception, because the lead gets stuck in the craw(gizzard) and breaks down slowly that way. The wetlands restriction is the only one that makes any sense.

            But even that has resulted in fewer hunters because they refuse to wound geese and wetland game species, and now they have become pests! They are close to a lead substitute, but an acceptable one that only the rich can use, so there goes another past time and right of self determination lost to the lords of the bush!

          • jcitizen

            Those studies are pure bunk. No hunter I know will eat a sick game animal that has been previously wounded. No hunter will eat even a rabbit that shows liver disease. Everyone that hunts where I live know this. Why would anyone in their right mind eat a game animal with previous bullet fragments in it? The tell tails signs would be obvious. The animal would not even be fit to eat or shoot in the 1st place, and any previous wounds would be obvious upon cleaning. Cleaning an animal for consumption is done just like a USDA meat inspector does it at the butcher mills. No meat with severe bruising, signs of parasites, old bullet wounds , fragments,or other wounds, are acceptable – the meat is thrown away. If the wound is fresh, the fragments are removed with the butcher knife.

          • jcitizen

            Banning lead for anything but wetlands is just stupid. Lead exists in nature everywhere, and in fact some wetlands have natural lead contamination. When you look at the teenie tiny amount of lead a bullet adds to a natural habitat(that already has quite measurable natural lead in it most of the time), you are just doing the most laughable thing I can think of. In fact our local soil and water is contaminated with uranium, which degrades to lead after several thousand(million) years. We have a lot more to worry about besides lead on this earth. I will always say it is stupid and it would take a lot of convincing to change my mind.

            If most people knew the dangerous natural contamination we have all over the world, they’d probably be afraid to walk outside with out shoes on!

            I can understand the wetlands problem because of the feeding habits of ducks, but I’d wager a lot of them have lead in their gut because of the bodies of water they inhabit – just like mercury poisoning in fish. I’ve been reading science studies in reputable sources like Scientific American that very little of the Earths mercury levels are industrial sourced, and the dangerous metal has been a factor of sea water every since the post Triassic period when one of the worst volcanic extinction events ever, happened.

          • GunTotingLib

            Sorry but lead is very bad for people especially kids,That is why we banned lead paint, leaded gasoline and most indoor shooting ranges won’t allow unplated or unjacketed lead bullets to be fired. the lead fumes and dust is extremely hazardous. And lead does not exist naturally in our water and air. we put it there.

            And as far as mercury poisoning in fish goes that is not natural either. Most mercury contamination in fish and water comes from coal fired plants and metal smelting. Why do conservatives hate clean water, clean air and healthy animals?

          • jcitizen

            Sure lead is bad! I worked in Agriculture research, and we had to deal with natural contaminates all the time, because it threw off our data points, and we had to do statistical analysis to cancel out the garbage data. I’ve read volumes in science studies about how the oceans have been contaminated by vulcan activity every since the Earth was formed. It is silly to assume every location on the Earth was totally pristine from the beginning of time. We have uranium in our water that I guarantee no man placed in there. We have to filter it using reverse osmosis. There are many places in the US that suffer from natural contamination, there are also Superfund sites attributable to human activity too – I’m just adamant about disseminating the truth and not some cool aid someone else is drinking. I’m am also resigned to regulations on lead that make sense – I’m just not crazy about over doing it! It seems some of the green earth proponents have made this into a religion, and it gets weird that way!

  • Gars

    The world is full of “me first” types. We have to get past that. That’s just capitalism. Greed is good; greed works.

    This is nothing to panic about. It’s a hobby. When food, water, shelter, and medicine become scarce, that will something to panic about.

    And here’s the light at the end of the tunnel…. Imagine what 22lr will cost in a few years when the panic dies down! or when people start dying off and all of that hoarded ammo is being sold off by their uninterested heirs! Today’s hoarder, tomorrows cheap source!

    Remember the Beanie Baby mania? Can’t give those things away now! Some were selling for $500 to $1,000 dollars. Same thing.

    • meadmkr

      Hoarders? Some folks maybe, Those that put a few extra bulk-packs away 3 years ago are likely the only ones out this on the range shooting today and this weekend.

      I just have enough ammo for my future grandkid(s) to enjoy their 22 rifles I have for them in the safe as they get older…

    • Unlucky Eddy

      That reminds me I need to toss some rice in the bottom of my ammo…

  • Zebra Dun

    I have not seen a box or less of .22 lr, .22 Magnum or any .22 rim fire ammo for sale anywhere stores, flea markets yard sales or private sales in about three maybe four years.
    The stuff is so scarce I don’t even shoot what I have else it would leave me with a large number of firearms as nothing but dead weight and non shooting decorations.
    The stuff in my area is non existent at any price.
    It has curtailed shooting fun with my Grandkids to the point we shoot center fire instead.
    Squirrel hunting is done with a shotgun, instead of the rifles.
    The Grandson’s enjoy this more, plinking with Dear departed Aunt Mary’s .25 acp Galesci-Brescia just tickles them to death! The oldest gets to plink with the .45 1911 Dang he does like that!
    Expensive though.

    • WritinLeft

      How is it scarce? See pic. Sorry it is selling for higher prices than you’re used to, but so is gas. ‘Non-existent at any price’? Pah-lease. 22 ammo is everywhere. Grow up and realize you’re not entitled to cheap ammo. Way too many ‘Independent-minded conservatives’ flood these boards, wasting their lives away crying over a couple hundred bucks in ammo.

      • Zebra Dun

        I’m saying that inside a 50 mile area in most common ammunition supply stores there are NO BOXES of .22 lr to be had at any price.

        How did you find a way to add “independent minded conservative” tag to my post on the scarcity of rimfire ammo?

        I am growed up Bubba, I growed up long ago when you were still pissin’ and shattin’ your big boy britches, I grew up in a place that made a boy into a man right quick. I ain’t cryin’ and I ain’t lying, Mister I ain’t no Boy, No, I am a man.
        See my avatar?
        That’s what I do, shovel manure out of stables, hop in, your due to be dumped.

        • WritinLeft

          Lol. An exacting demonstration in contradiction. Is it scarce or not? Is
          this the reason that ‘you don’t shoot what you have?’ So, $.10/rd that
          you can buy right now (and with an extra 7.5 mins research, you can find
          that including shipping) is too rich for you? Again, lol. Well, Mr. Growed-Up, do yourself a big favor, actually go to work and
          you’ll have the whole extra $25 a brick these days is going to set you
          back. Lastly, I’m so happy that your manly, rugged upbringing and
          current state has led you all the way to whining about .22lr ammo
          prices. The grand kids must be proud.

          • Zebra Dun

            I don’t whine either Bubba.

            I wasn’t talking about shipped.

            I am a Man, I know that’s hard for you to understand, but that’s the way I was raised up. Now I ain’t a Man like my Dad or his generation for sure, they knew what it took and what to do then did it. Those were real Men. My Grand Dad was even more a Man, horses, chicken houses and checkers at the Fire Station every week end, turtle soup on Sunday after a night of giggin’ Hell yes He was a Man.

            I do work, I worked all my life Started at 16 at a cabinet factory, real wood too, and despite a service connected disability continue to work. I’ve done a lot of different jobs, some paid good, most did not yet I raised a kid on the pay.
            I shovel Manure, I keep the stable clean and all nice for the horses. I groom the horses, do light vet work and make them healthy, happy and beautiful.
            The Grand kids are proud, they know how to ride a horse, take care of horses and how to shoot.
            They know how to discern manure from manhood.
            Manhood they strive for, manure they shovel out the door.
            As I said before, In the most common ammo stores around this area I have been unable to find or purchase .22 lr at any price.
            That was the original direction of this thread.
            Now mail in?
            I have not tried that. Will check it out though.

  • Dog soldier

    @ clinty torrez: I buy all I can get. I like watching you squirm! LOL 🙂

  • Larry Wilson

    I just bought some plinking 22lr for $.05 around. So there!!

  • Brad Ferguson

    I Have not SEEN a .22 round (other than my own) since the Sandy hook incident. It made me re-evaluate my weapons. So I gave my son a bolt action .22 a (Daisy) and a old Remington .22 Pistol. I Kept a New 10/22 and a new M&P M4 style .22’s. They are both round eating machines.
    But I don’t run “Plinking” stuff thru my 22’s, I only run high velocity ammo, that was hard to find prior to the crazy boy going off in Ct. So the ammo I was interested in was already hard to find. It’s crazy when a box of 5.56 is cheaper than a “box”……..not a brick, of .22 is.

  • jcitizen

    I saw, I believe, on the NRA show, that they still make the primers for 22 by hand. They showed the process on TV. I couldn’t believe that they haven’t found a safe way to make these things automated. I realize that safety may be an issue, but machines can be designed to be safer than humans. Why not take this opportunity to automate the process?! The equipment will last just as long as the machines that make the shells and the bullet machines, it is just that a microprocessor will control the process more efficiently. Its like 22 ammo manufacturing is still in the 17 century or something!!

    I’ve repaired robots that had a harder job that this!!

  • jcitizen

    Maybe it is high time someone made a camdex tool to build the shells our selves! Making a 22 shell is not that challenging, and a guy might even make some money if you get a license. The hard part is making the priming compound and squishing it into the finished shells without blowing up your whole operation. Join a pyrotechnical club and you will be amazed!

  • James Lykke

    It’s the NRA who is spreading all the conspiracies. It is all that simple.

  • VayaconMuerte

    Everyone (from the NRA screaming ‘It’s YOUR fault’ to the general blogger screaming ‘Hoarders’ has to point a finger at each other and accuse the retail customer of causing these shortages, but I’d like to point out a few things that once-again, proves, this is not the case. Go on Gunbroker, go to .22LR ammo, and look at the 30-pages of bidding. Yeah, lots of stuff listed. NOW, look at how many are actually being bid on. NONE. Through 30-pages, just a minute ago, I searched and found less than 100 buyers on over 1500 lots. Most are zero-bidders at a dime-a-round rates. Why? Because we are sick of scalpers making markup on retail. Now, if you are a scalper, you can’t keep buying if you can’t sell your current stock. None are on store shelves. Where’s all the production going? I know I’ve seen more than one off-the-clock Wallie World employee buying .22LR with admitting he was ‘auctioning it’, but if there are no real sales, this is futile. Again, no bids showing. So, where is the ammo, and why is Wallie world staying empty-shelf for months on end? Maybe, JUST MAYBE, it is the Feds doing massive grabs? You keep coming back to this answer. They don’t need them, they just don’t want them on the shelves, either. This is gun control by ammo control. If Wallie World is only getting 3-crates each week (you have to ask for them now, as they are a ‘behind-the-counter’ item, like Playboy), but Federal says it is ramping up production, then where is it at? SOMEONE is sucking down the production, and strangely, no one is asking the big mfgs’ to ‘show your top 20 customer list’. If they did, you’d see Federal purchasing in that list.

    • Cal_Grimalkin

      I agree with you 100%. Think about this, if every retail outlet was was x amount of .22lr at the same rate that they were a year and a half ago, why would they sell it to obvious re-sellers at $2.00 when they could either sell it for $4 or $5 a box themselves, or they could continue to sell it at $2 a box and draw in buyers to their store by having a 5 box per customer limit.

      Now, maybe in some large big box stores where there might be some lax oversight on employees buying up the 22lr and putting it up on auction sites, but Bob’s local gun store that used to get several cases a week would certainly not sell his whole allotment to a re-seller at pre panic prices.

  • justme

    I won’t buy gouged. But I have no problem paying 4 1/2c per…

    As long as the gougers have people to buy it, they will sell it for those crazy prices. So avoid them like the plague. (or should I say like the Ebola?)