Strike Industries AK Strike Lock Ambi Bullet Button

If you live in a state like California where bullet buttons are a must, then you know just how much bullet buttons suck. I knew of this pain and I don’t wish it upon any of my fellow gun enthusiast. It doesn’t have to be so bad however, some companies have produced products that have relieved the pain, somewhat. Strike Industries recently released a bullet button for the AK-47 that should make mag changes a little easier. Their new Strike Lock bullet button is ambidextrous and very low profile and allows the user to fully engage the mag release with one quick motion. It retails for just $19.95 over at Check it out in action in the video below.

The Strike Industries’Ambidextrous Strike Lock is the most proficient, low profile, ergonomic magazine release lock on the market. Our unique design ensures flawless operation unlike other bullet buttons on the market that can be quite challenging either by not being able to fully engage the mag-release or the bullet slipping away. The SI AK-SL-AMBI installs in minutes with no alteration to rifle. Easy install on the trigger guard and over the magazine release button of an AK-type rifle with no gunsmithing required it retains the magazine in the receiver to comply with CA. Code of Regulations §978.20(a).The Ambidextrous AK Strike Lock prevents rapid magazine removal. It’s constructed of heavy dutysteel.

Package include
– Strike Lock
– Mounting hardware & instructions

– Ambidextrous operation
– Heavy duty steel construction
– Ergonomic low profile design
– Easy Installation




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  • cheeshead

    has anyone ever thought of attaching a steel peg to the bottom or side of a magazine? I think it would make a mag change way faster. Luckily I don’t have to I’m dutch we’re barely trusted with pictures of guns. but for the Californians it might be handy.

  • Timothy G. Yan

    It looks like a knock-off of Solar Tactical bullet button w/ a different location for the slot.

  • simon

    why dosnt some one just make a mag that falls out when empty or put a lighter spring on the mag release and have a bit added on to the follower push it and release the mag?

    • Cymond

      California law restricts “detachable magazines” and a magazine is not “detachable” if it requires a tool to remove. The systems you describe would not require tools.
      However, a magazine that ejects itself when empty might be cool, if it were reliable. (I mean outside of California)

      • FourString

        kind of like a stripper clip ejecting after the last round?

        hit the nail on its head. making it too easy to engage the mag release with just your hands defeats the purpose of making a tool required

      • 11B30_INF_Retired

        M1 Garand does just that but use a 8 round clip. Last round in the clip ejects it away from the rifle.

  • Does anyone make a bullet-button device where the bullet/activating nub is built into a glove?

    • BryanS

      If its part of the glove, I dont believe it counts as a tool. The law says a tool must be used to remove the magazine.

      • Can a “tool” fit around your finger like a ring?

        • Greg

          As long as the “tool” is not attached to the rifle (including via lanyard) it would be legal. The “tool” being attached to the magazine has been done in several ways, and is legal as the tool being used is not attached when used (the attached “tool” is unusable sine it is on the installed “locked/fixed” magazine, it would have to be on a second, separate magazine).
          The finger tool ring has been made, and there is even a glove tool. I do not know how well it would work in this application as they are mostly made for the AR15 style bullet button.
          Yes, I live in Kalifornia and have to play by these rules.

    • CA.Ben

      I have a bullet button glove that I made myself using a mechanic glove and a roofing nail. It works great, and is perfectly legal. You only run into legality issues if the tool is attached to the rifle.

  • USMC03Vet

    California is ridic.

  • iksnilol

    Isn’t it easier to just build a featureless AK? I know you can remove the pistol grip and use the stock just fine.

    • FourString

      The Saiga sporter rifles were always a good bet, if you didn’t mind the less than stellar trigger pull, and maybe converting the magwells to doublestack. Unfortunately they’re banned now. Looks like a Californian would have to settle for Mini 30’s..

      • 11B30_INF_Retired

        You can still buy American made AKs…. Century Arms C39 American-made AK-47 is a good one.

        • iksnilol

          Legal in California.

          C39 I doubt is legal in California.

    • 11B30_INF_Retired

      Why??? Its stupid! This is the way the Ak was built! Would you change your car to a featureless design all because some stupid politician(s) don’t like it?

      • iksnilol

        Whether you follow or break the law is none of my business. If you want to follow the law in California it is either bullet button or no pistol grip if you want an AK. Personally I have a halfway rocky relationship with laws but that is none of your beeswax and I can’t encourage people to break laws. That would make me a bad role model.

        Also, I doubt the AK was built with the bullet button.