Gun Review: Sig Sauer P938 – More Caliber For The Buck

For two years now I have had the Sig Sauer P238 in .380 as well as the Sig Sauer P938 in 9mm. My husband bought the 238 for me, per my request, and I bought the 938 for him, per his request. Since, I have pretty much claimed the 938 as mine as well. To be specific I own the P938 Nightmare. An all black color which features a black hard coat anodized frame and Nitron coated slide, black G-10 grips with nickel accents. The 9mm Sig is almost the same size as the .380 but it has more caliber bang for the buck. I own this gun because of its size and to use as a concealed self-defense gun. As a woman I am picky about the way I dress. I still want to wear fashionable and fitted clothes. I have options of holsters I use for the 938 so that I can still dress the way I want. In this case size does matter. Of all of the pistols I have tested to conceal carry with I kept coming back to the 938.


First of all I am a fan of the 1911 style of pistols. This is what I was trained with from the beginning. I have muscle memory of the external safety. If you do not want a single stage trigger or external safety in a carry gun, than this one is not for you. It is a mini 1911. Measuring only 5.9” long and 3.9” high and about 1” in width the 938 fits in the palm of your hand. As a gal that is 6ft tall I have big hands. This pistol is reasonably comfortable to hold. I can get a solid grip with both hands and not feel like my pinky fingers are dangling below the grip. I know two other women who own a 938 with smaller hands than mine and they really love the gun. With a magazine it only weighs 16 ounces. I have found this to be the perfect size pistol to conceal. I can wear just about anything and get away with hiding it.


Of course this is a great gun for men as well if you need something smaller to conceal. My husband still carries it. But I want to be able to carry a pistol with me anywhere no matter what I am wearing. The collection of holsters I have for the P938 make this possible. For women there are so many options we have now there is no excuse not to carry. Get the pistol out of the purse and on your body. This 9mm fits in the Flash Bang bra holster, the Ava IWB holster and the Femme Fatale thigh and ankle holster.  There are more brands out there as well. I gave a lecture about concealed carry for women recently and wore a fitted skirt and tank top. Just to prove my point that there are many ways for women to conceal I wore three P938s at once! I did the entire lecture before I announced this and the audience was speechless. I had the bra, thigh and IWB holster. You could not do this with a standard sized pistol.


I have put only 300 – 400 hundred rounds through my P938. I have to be honest that the only reason I have not shot it more is because it is not really pleasant to put rounds down range with. It is snappy. In fact even a little more so than the Sig P238. 9mm vs .380 in the same size gun makes a difference. It is not horrible but after a box of ammo my hand is sore. I would not use this at a USPSA match. But that is not what this gun is for. For me it is a self-defense concealed carry gun. Now my friend with much smaller hands loves her P938 so much she actually competes at bulls-eye matches with it. The guys think she is nuts but she loves it. I test groups at only 7 yards since I personally believe a gun fight will be close range. The groups are fine and with rapid fire I am still in my bulls-eye zone. The sites are SIGLITE night sights and glow very well in the dark.


The P938 comes in ten different colors and textures. Magazine capacity is six plus one rounds of 9mm into an all-metal frame. There is a 7 round magazine available with the “pinky extension”. It has a single-action only trigger and an ambidextrous safety. The trigger weight is heavy but crisp at 7.5-8.5 lbs. The Barrel length is 3” and the sight radius is 4.2”. There are specific Sig Sauer universal holsters available but they are very basic and nothing I would use. The MSRP of my Nightmare is about $836 and will change depending on the finishes you choose.

Anette Wachter

From Seattle, WA, Anette is a Member of US National Rifle Team, 3 NRA national records 300 yards, 2014 – 3 National Team Palma Championships.
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  • sianmink

    238 is such a nice shooter, I probably could put 200-300 rounds downrange without discomfort. I’d expect the 938 to be a bit.. snappier. I really need to get out and try one.

  • Rob English

    I’ve owned one of these for a year now and love it, very accurate too for a small 9mm. I also installed a stainless steel trigger and reduced hammer spring. It’s a very nice little set up.

  • Dave Riegler


    • EmptyJay

      Thanks for the well thought out, insightful and useful feedback!

    • Mine has never jammed or had any malfunctions of any kind. If there’s one thing about a Sig is they are reliable.

    • echelon

      Most “jamming” on small compact or sub compact pistols is due to limp wristing or other improper grip or shooting technique rather than the gun itself.

      I have dozens of anecdotal stories of “jam-o-matic” pistols from almost every brand you can think of that friends and colleagues owned and loathed and then magically when put in my hands or others and we shot them they ran perfect!

      I’m sure there are many others who can chime in on here with similar stories…


    I had one for about a year. Hated the thing, too heavy and it would not feed anything. Federal ball would not go thought it, had to send it into sig twice.

  • valorius

    Im a fan of this gun, but i wish it was a few oz lighter.

  • SD3

    That little gun is a joy to shoot. I just wouldn’t trust that safety, IWB with one in the pipe. Opted for the p290rs.

  • Lance

    Cheaper and better alternative get a subcompact Glock 9mm.

    • Lance a Glock is huge compared to the 938.

      • Guest

        The 42??

      • echelon

        Maybe width-wise, but he wasn’t saying anything about size…I’ve carried the smallest of small 9mms and carried an XDs for a while and I can still conceal my G26 just as well as any of those and have double or more rounds…

        I’m glad that everyone can choose what to carry and what they feel comfortable with and how much they want to spend on said tool, however I would probably fall into Lance’s camp on this one…

        • You won’t catch me arguing that point. It’s always a personal choice. I just found the 938 to be easier to conceal and gives me a better grip. A Glock in that 36 size always leaves a finger hanging off the bottom.

          • echelon

            I put the plus one extensions on my G26 mags and all my fingers can grasp the grip firmly. I see from your pic above that you also favor pinky extension base plates as well so that doesn’t seem like a real knock against the Glock then…

            Tomato, Tomahto I guess? haha. 🙂

          • Yep that’s it alright—LOL!

    • Hey Lance which Glock do you have?

  • Wetcoaster

    If you had shown me a picture of that pistol, I wouldn’t have associated it with concealed carry of that nature. There just seem to be a lot of protrusions to potentially snag on things. Safety, hammer, and sights all seem to protrude out of the holster pictured.

    • I’ve never had any problem with snags etc. It’s pretty much a mini 1911 on the outside.

      • Sulaco

        Cocked and locked in an ankle carry…..brrrrr no thanks.

        • No way I’d wear any gun on my ankle. Just my opinion but a good friend and fellow officer was wearing his gun in an ankle holster and he was unable to get his gun out in time. He was killed in the line of duty. I hate ankle holsters! I’m sure losing him has had a big effect on my opinion but I just don’t see them being a viable carry method.

          • n0truscotsman

            Knives or guns on my ankle has never been desirable to me either. Hell, i even loathe thigh holsters or any subloads on my legs.

          • I’m with you on thigh holsters also. They flop around unless you tighten them down so much they’re uncomfortable.

          • claymore

            I had a similar experience with a partner not being able to get to his ankle piece but fortunately his ended better. That being said I did wear my second gun on duty in an ankle holster for many years with no problems.

          • Yea this was his primary. I wore my number two gun on my vest strap.

          • claymore

            My adventure is one heck of a story but just about ankle holster access not sure if it would be considered proper for here. I will check with Steve and see what he says. Don’t want the readers in another uproar over OT stories LOL.

          • I hear ya—you can just email me if you want–check the contacts page

  • Cymond

    FWIW, Sig released (is releasing?) a 22lr kit in 2 different barrel/slide lengths, as well as two stand-alone rimfire models of the 938. Yeah, I know 22lr is rare and expensive right now, but it’s still about half the price of 9mm.

  • Joshua

    Anyone tried wearing these as a ankle gun?

    • A friend of mine does. He said it wasn’t a problem wearing it on his ankle. He’s also about 6’3″ and 250 pounds!

  • Martova

    girl telling me to use a girly round, in a tiny girly gun. you are so cute *pats head*

  • gunslinger

    now with 66% more bullets!

  • BillC
  • Rick Burkemper

    I’ve had a 938 Sport for just about a year now, it’s a great little gun for the money. Decided to spruce it up a bit and had my LGS install the GP trigger, spring, and tune the action. I liked it before, I love it now!!!

  • Cherryriver

    We participate in the annual “Factory Shoot” at one of the largest dealers in the region; we’re one of the “home’ instructor groups.
    My partner, who’s a nationally-known USPSA competitor and a 1911 shooter of high order, tried the Sig rep’s own 938 on the demonstration range. The store had plain bullseye targets at five yards. TD was given a large supply of ammunition as she was taking lots of store customers into the range to try out this, that, and the other thing, and loaded up the 938’s two mags, barneyed up, and promptly, and quickly, put all fifteen rounds into a single ragged hole that measured under an inch across the outside.
    Several 938s were sold in those few seconds. The numerous onlookers gasped (let’s say, they let the pro violate the no-rapid-fire rule) and the 4473s flew.
    I grabbed a snap of the target but can’t find it. I’m used to hanging around with a pro, and even I was startled.
    Well, yeah, she sure likes her regular 1911s.

  • Pawel66

    I got mine 4 weeks ago. Love it!