Dynamic Pie’s Ultimate Hi-Point

Dynamic Pie Concepts provides tongue in cheek firearm videos. However it is somewhat intriguing to perform modifications on a Hi-Point.

Nicholas C

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  • gales


  • crisara772

    pov 4300

  • Verner

    It seems, even a crap gun can be turned into something usable. If you have the time and cash.

  • gunslinger

    well mythbusters did prove you can polish a turd

  • Asdf

    Finally, I can spend $4300 to get me a gangster race gun, or I can buy a multitude of other quality handguns and rifles for that same $4300…that’s it, I’m getting the Highpoint.

  • Andy

    How am I supposed to hold it sideways with those big-ass optics on the top?

    • dan citizen

      yeah, could they get it any higher?

  • dan citizen

    There is plenty of good in the hi-point. Fixed barrel, nigh-indestructible (look what it took iraqveteran8888 to get one to fail) cheap. Sturdy? You can extend the chamber on a .40 and it will handle 10mm ($100 10mm, yay!). Often if you get a good one, they are tack drivers. I have even seen one at the range in .45 with a large form 1 suppressor. With it’s fixed barrel it functioned perfect and boy was it quiet.

    Best use ever? My buddy took a hi-point, greased it up good, and threw it in an ammo box with 100 rounds of cheap ball ammo. That box sit under the floor boards in his hunting cabin.

    To all the haters out there, next time you see one at the LGS or pawn shop for under $100, buy it and try it.

    • El Duderino

      I’ve been hoping to run across a .45 for cheap. They feel OK in the hand and that single stack isn’t a big of a minus as it is with the 9mm. Might be fun to try that 10mm chamber ream-out…how do the mags work? 10mm is quite a bit longer.

      • dan citizen

        To convert a .40 S&W hi-point to 10mm you need to use a 10mm chamber reamer to lengthen the chamber by .142

        The magazine outer body on the .45 and .40 hi-point is the same. A plastic filler strip is used on the .40 to shorten the inside dimension. Simply remove this and open up the feed lips a teeny bit and presto… hi-point 10mm mags.

        the 10mm overall length is actually .015 shorter than .45 so there is enough room.


        liability-wise I must point out that anything you do is a great idea, and there is no way someone could get hurt changing their gun to a caliber it wasn’t designed for… Other than the risk of frostbite… Because you’ll be so cool!

        As to the worry prone… Grab a beer, buy a 4×4, drive it through a park, kill and eat an animal, spend your day off in wal mart wearing a wife beater shirt and cut off jeans….. THIS IS AMERICA

    • supergun

      Can you change the 40 cal. carbine to a 10mm?

      • dan citizen

        apparently yes.

        • supergun

          What is so apparent about it? The Hi Point carbine is different than the Hi Point pistol.

          • dan citizen

            I say apparently it is possible to do the carbine because people have done it, but I have not personally seen/shot one.

            I have read of it being merely rechambering, but I have also heard talk of increasing bolt weight.

            I personally would not hesitate to convert a hipoint carbine and pistol if I wanted a matched pair. I would do it, see how it functioned and if bolt speed seemed high I would increase it’s weight.

          • supergun

            Thank you for the information. I wonder if the added power of the 10 mm would be worth the effort and money to change from the 40. Have you seen any 40 +P bullets?

          • dan citizen

            Since .40 is at the top of it’s pressure range there is no SAAMI stat for +P .40 …

            From what I understand there are .40 loads that are effectively +p from companies like buffalo bore.

            Because of the small case capacity small differences in seating depths can dramatically raise pressure. I have read that 10mm with it’s larger case volume is more forgiving. I have not loaded either so this is all hearsay.

            I’m guessing a person could find .40 ammo that would be really close to 10mm out of a rifle length barrel.

          • supergun

            Thank you for the information. The 40 cal. is an intriguing bullet. I have the Hi Point 40 cal. carbine and I love it. It does not kick, it is very accurate, it is a short and sassy rifle that my wife loves to shoot. So you make a good point about the 40 being shot out of a rifle barrel making it close to the 10 mm. Great compliment to my Smith & Wesson M&P 40.

  • Fruitbat44

    Go faster stripes on a Trabant?

  • David Sharpe


    Honestly, that’s the only way I would buy a hipoint, to do crazy, funny crap like this!

  • dan

    every post on firearmblog I see 2 days prior on ENDO or Soldier Systems. I

    • dan

      And what? Are you upset because you are not getting what you paid for here? Wait? Oh yea nevermind

  • JWeezey

    HiPoint “90% of the time it works 50% of the time” or “most of our guns are found at the bottom of a lake”

  • 1911a145acp

    Assailant Arms I see what you did there …heh heh.

  • Charlie Brown

    sometimes its fun to be included in just some good old fashioned fun- Thanks DP for providing some summer comic relief and helping us to not take ourselves to seriously
    looked to me like the HP did ok, even after being hacked up

  • Will

    “Silk purse and sows ear” comes to mind here.
    You can put doo dads on a Hi-Pointe but it’s still a Hi-Pointe.
    You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

    I suppose it’s better than no gun!

  • maodeedee

    New York is suing Hi-point for the death of someone who was killed with one of these guns.

    The Union should secede from New York.