1,000 yard shot with 9mm

It is no longer a surprise when Jerry Miculek raises the performance bar in every new video he presents. This time he hits a steel plate at 1,000 yards with his S&W 929.

Nicholas C

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  • strongarm

    Balloon Pops need no exact hit. Fairly near air vibration will easily make them exploded. However, this is a brilliant success and shows us only a few degrees muzzle elevation is necessary to take up the bullet drop at that distance.

    • gunslinger

      you can miss the balloon and still make it pop?

      • strongarm

        A projectile crossing near a few centimeters will make it pop. Try and see. This is a very old trick aerial balloon shooters know well.

        • Julio

          Honestly. I don’t care that a near-miss made it pop. It was a near-miss from 1,000 yards away.
          A lot of people would just be happy to hit the steel using a scoped rifle at that range.
          I would really love to know how JM worked out the dope for that shot: what he says in the last part of the video has to be a long way from the whole story.

          • The plate is smaller than the “NRA No. LR” target used in the 800, 900, and 1,000 yard rifle matches. In fact, I think the plate is smaller than the replacement centers for that target.

          • Another thing to consider is how far Jerry had to hold off above the plate to even connect with it. Even if he had a custom mount that allowed him to sight on the plate directly, the Vortex Razor’s 3 MOA dot would have obscured most of the plate at 1,000 yds, and the 6 MOA dot would have covered it completely.

          • Anyone else note that Jerry fired the shot with a double action stroke? There is no spur left on the hammer to cock it.

          • Shane

            Yep, I noticed it. That shot would be extremely difficult to hit shooting single action with the hammer cocked. He does it double action on the second shot. Guy is amazing.

          • Kaiser Derden

            between the hold (at least 140 feet) and windage there is no way he’s aiming at anything at 1,000 yards … you’ll notice he doesn’t realize the second shot hit the balloon … his spotter told him about it …

          • nadadhimmi

            I’ve noticed that if you turn way down the brightness of many Red Dot type scopes, you can see objects THROUGH the Dot. The Dot in effect becomes a form of Ghost Ring.

      • Nicholas Chen

        Also the bullet splatter off the steel is popping the balloon

      • wetcorps

        The bullet impacting the plate might pop the balloon with shrapnel. It’s clear in the video he didn’t hit it head on, and I think he should have mentioned it.

        Hitting that plate is still extremely amazing 🙂

      • sianmink

        He just needed to hit the steel to pop the balloon.

  • mechamaster

    The most amazing things in the video is :
    1st = Jerry Miculek skill, and
    2nd = cal 9 x 19 mm in the revolver still accurate in 1000 yard.

    ‘Banzaaii !!’

    • Phillip Cooper

      Don’t know if I’d call it “accurate” at 1000 yards. Mr. Miculek just lobbed it out there and figured out how high to lob it so gravity would do the best (and I’m betting the bullet was tumbling at that range)

      I say he “just” did it… no, I don’t mean to imply I stand any chance in hell of doing same… 🙂

      • John

        Technically speaking, a Trident Missile is just “lobbing it” too, but it’s darn “accurate”.

        • mikee

          A MIRV from a Trident II D5 missile hits within a circle 100 meters across up to 4600 miles away.

          Jerry would need to be 26x more accurate to match that.

      • mechamaster

        Well, ‘still hit’ the target is the most appropriate word. ^^

  • ChuckyTee

    Glad the tone of this article is better than when you guys posted this on facebook yesterday. Seriously the person that does your FB posts is a jerk that thinks airsoft guns are real guns.

    • Martin Grønsdal


  • Phil Hsueh

    I love how he makes sound so easy at the end, I know I’d be lucky to see the target at 1,000 yards much less hit it.

    • Kaiser Derden

      nobody can see the target at that range … he couldn’t see that the balloon had popped you’ll notice … his spotter told him …

      • sonny

        You mean the shooter told him??????

    • hmmm

      Yea but the first shot probably killed some innocent by-stander in the next town over.

      • FUBO&HRC

        No genius, because at these events (and for anyone following the basic rules of firearms safety) we never shoot at anything without a substantial berm behind the target or unless we know that no one can be behind the target.

        Now go back to Bloomberg, if you can get an appointment with him while he’s busy paying for his 24×7 armed bodyguards, and tell him you need better material.

        And also please search google images for “attention criminals gun free zone signs”. Be sure and print some of those signs and place them on your home and office doors, and on your car bumper.

    • Rick Smith

      Yeah, Most people wouldn’t believe people could hit a target with a muzzleloader at a thousand yards. If you doubt ,go and see. I watched my son the first time shooting at Friendship range in Indiana hitting targets at 600 yards. Of course he was given bullets that had already been poured, loads that had already been worked up, he had some good help at sighting the rifle in, but it was his eyes ringing the targets. Go to some of the thousands yards matches with open sights. There are some in Indiana ,and I know there is a big match in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. And no, you cant see when you miss, your spotter has to tell you what adjustments need to be made to your rifle.

  • redsleeve

    Amazing shot. I would like to know what is behind that 1000 yard backstop when he has to hold that high and that much bullet drop.

  • Mr.T

    This one is quite fishy

    • Phillip Cooper

      I’ll admit, I checked the calendar for April 1st, myself…

  • Patrick Mingle

    that man is a national treasure

  • Phillip Cooper

    The man uses 9mm as ARTILLERY. Good lord, he’s freakishly accurate… my hat’s off to him…

  • John

    I probably couldn’t do that with glock 18, trijicon RMR and 1000 rounds. The guy is the Michael Jordan of shooting sports or should I say Michael Jordan is the Jerry Miculek of basketball.

  • Hank Seiter

    I’m a long time shooter and I think Jerry Miculek is an extraordinary shooter. However, to posit that a 9x19mm round can be accurate to 1000 meters strains the definition of “accurate”. Accuracy is an extremely malleable term to be used in this context in that the bullet will land with a certain CEP given it’s meager weight and initial velocity with many other variable and environmental factors coming into play which outweight any alleged long-range accuracy of the round. I can routinely hit 200 meter plates with a 9mm Glock 17 but I wouldn’t call that “accurate” shooting.

  • Kaiser Derden

    1,000 yards with a red dot in 2 shots ? why not iron sights … I’m calling BS … I calculate a hold of somewhere between 124 and 144 feet FEET …

    possibly if he zeroed a scope at 1,000 yards …
    with the required hold and possible windage its just luck … that could have been the 100th attempt for all we know …

    • Spencer Whetstone

      Look up Elmer’s Little Mortar.

  • riff_raff99

    So if there were a 50ft tall pane of glass midway between him and the target, he could hit the target without breaking the glass.

  • sonny

    How many shots, Jerry? I know you didn’t get it on your second shot………….

  • Will

    Jerry Miculek is an amazing shooter but also a very nice guy. The ONLY time he surprises me is when he misses, which is not very often.
    Just hitting that steel plate, with a handgun, at 1K yards is extraordinary in itself!

  • Secundius

    What was the velocity of the 9-mil bullet at the end of 1,000-yard, flight. And if the velocity was just high enough to puncture the balloons. Then, what was the point of the shoot.