Gun Review: Sig Sauer MPX-SD

Photo courtesy of the Sig

The Sig MPX caught everyone’s attention from the very beginning. After having shot one a few weeks ago I can understand why. Man is this sub gun fun to shoot! Probably the best news I can pass along is the civilian pistol model in semi-auto will be available to civilians pretty soon.

The entire idea behind the MPX was to improve on and replace the H&K MP5 and so the MP5-SD is aimed at the military and police market. Now in my mind replacing the MP5 is a tall order. I’ve enjoyed the MP5 for many years and so I wasn’t by any means convinced Sig could come up with something as good. I had an issue MP5-SD for a number of years and it is the gold standard by which all others are measured.

The only downside I saw with the MP5 was that it came in only 9mm (well, there were some high caliber version produced for a while, such as the FBI’s legendary MP5/10 in 10mm Auto, but they were discontinued). The user on the other hand can change the MPX caliber in the field. You can take your MPX and change it to 9MM, 40 S&W or 357 Sig. in a matter of minutes. You can also carry extra barrels of various lengths and change those out easily.


When designing the MPX Sig based it roughly on the M16 but with considerable internal changes. The MPX is also the first sub gun to fire from a closed and locked bolt which looks very much like an M16 bolt. MPX’s are also designed around a short stroke piston system.


Item Number MPX-SD
Caliber 9mm NATO, Converts to .357SIG or .40S&W
Action Type Select Fire (LE/GOVT ONLY)
Operating System Closed, fully locked short stroke pushrod gas system
Overall Length (Telescoping Stock) Min (Closed) 688 mm/28.1 in, Max (Open) 808 mm/31.8 in
Overall Length (Folding Stock) Min (Closed) 653 mm/25.7 in, Max (Open) 838 mm/33.0 in
Overall Width 52 mm/2.0 in
Barrel Length 165 mm/6.5 in
Sight Radius 371 mm/14.6 in
Cyclic Rate 850 RPM
Features Easily converts to 9 mm NATO, .357SIG, or .40S&W, User-configurable stock system: telescoping, folding, intergrally suppressed
MSRP Not Available

There are two types of suppressors for the MPX. One is a threaded short one while the other is integral and wears the name MPX-SD. The SD wears a 6.5 inch barrel. Several butt stocks are available all of which telescope to three positions. Using a small Picatinny rail that is attached to the rear of the receiver easily allows them to be changed.

Going back to the effort to best the H&K MP5-SD. The decibel level on the H&K is measured at right at 135 decibels. The MPX-SD with integral suppressor comes in at 128 decibels. This might not sound like much but it is a considerable difference. This would make the MPX the quietist sub gun in the world, which was the goal. The integral suppressor used at the Sig Academy was so new it was still in the white and not even coated yet.

Magazines for all MPX’s are translucent and made especially for the MPX by Lancer. The magazine is critical to the MPX when it comes time to adjust the rate of fire. The standard factory rate is 850 rpms but can be pushed up to 1200 rpms. The MPX has been tested as high as 2000 rpms.

Shooting the MPX-SD is a pure joy. The rate of fire allows the user to fire three round burst simply by trigger control. After a few runs I was able to fire single rounds with it set to full auto. Leaving it on full auto and dumping a full magazine is easy. Easy in that it’s easy to keep on target. The gun just doesn’t walk around it just sits there banging the target with 9MM ball as well as using the new Sig 9MM HP loads. When shooting subsonic rounds it was ridiculously quiet.

The first photo shows me firing the last mag of the day. You can see from the photo there is no muzzle rise. Two empty cases are in the air if you look closely. Also, my thanks to Sig Forum for use of the photo.

I’ve listed photos of all of the variants. The pistol is the one that will be sold to the public. In conclusion I think Sig, over time, will have achieved their goal of replacing the H&K MP5 SD. This Sig is all you could ask for in a sub gun.

MPX 8 inch barrel

MPX 8 inch barrel

MPX-K 4.5 inch barrel

MPX-K 4.5 inch barrel







Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Why won’t they do the -K version as a pistol too?

    • I imagine they want to make sure the current pistol version sells well before they expand the offerings. Then again they may think going with that short a barrel might be pushing things a bit.

  • Paladin

    I wonder if we’ll be able to get these up here in Canada, the MP5 is banned here, and I think this would fill the MP5 shaped hole in a lot of Canadian’s hearts.

  • TV-PressPass

    “This would make the MPX the quietist sub gun in the world, which was the goal.”
    Well hot damn. That’s pretty cool.

    • Yea it really is. With subsonic ammo you would have to shoot it to believe it. The sound of the internals cycling makes about the same amount of noise.

      • noob

        what’s the heaviest subsonic .40s&w you can get and how does it compare to .45ACP in subsonic?

        • I’ll have to do some research on that one. I’ll do some checking and let you know.

        • 40 S&W 180 grain / 45 acp 230 grain which is to be expected Comparing the two would take some range time. The way I view this is the most effective would be the round that expands reliably. Just my personal opinion, and that’s all it is, would be the size between the two wouldn’t matter that much. Expansion at lower velocities would tell the tale. I hope that helps you some.

    • claymore

      They are going to have to work very hard as the sterling L-34-a1 is very very quiet indeed and will work just as well with supersonic ammo as it bleeds off the excess.

      • iksnilol

        Not a good thing. Subsonic 115 grain 9mm is essentially .380 Auto. Will rather go through the hassle of getting subsonic ammo while keeping regular ammo as an option.

        Besides, I believe a closed bolt is quieter than an open bolt (less slamming)

        • I imagine you’re right about open and closed bolt.

        • claymore

          Ah Dude did you even read it I said it CAN use supersonic ammo. And it has probably killed more enemy than the MP5 no matter the speed of the round. One can hold the bolt closed using the sterling so your point is moot.

          • iksnilol

            So can the MPX. If it can cycle subsonic then it can cycle supersonic.

            You can hold the bolt closed on any gun but then it is like a bolt action (why bother with a SMG then?).

            How many people were killed with it is not a good indicator of how good it is. By that logic the MG 08/15 is the best gun ever made.

            The Sterling isn’t bad but there are better options like always.

          • claymore

            Right if you are unconcered by the noise level why bother with a subgun? An experienced operator can hold the bolt closed for one or more shots and just eject the spent cases manually makes no difference. And for any dfirearm in it’s class the amount of enemy killed is an indication of how many were actually used and how effective they were in class.

            BTW the amount of difference between holding the bolt closed when using the sterling is not that large is works very well even without doing that. Specs are available online.

            So what do you think is a better integrally suppressed sub machine gun and why?

          • iksnilol

            I believe the MPX is better simply because I have good experiences from anything Sauer made. That and it is smaller and lighter (+ quieter). Also I am not entirely comfortable with a magazine sticking out of the side of the gun (I prefer to shoot lefty).

            The “keep the bolt closed with your hand” was just a red herring from my part. If I am super concerned about sound then I prefer a suppressed bolt action .22 LR. Also I believe that if they can hear the suppressed gunshot (not too hard at across the room distances) then the sound of the mechanism is irelevant.

            Only bad thing about the MPX is that they haven’t made quad stack magazines for it and the AR-like charging handle. Though I can live with that.

          • claymore

            “Suppressed” is not all that it’s cracked up to be the sound of the bullet striking a human body makes more noise than the operation of any suppressed weapon makes if it is used for it’s real purpose not on the range..

          • iksnilol

            Yup, murder and takedowns are always loud. People forget that people tend to trash around when someone is trying to kill/knock them out.

  • Will

    Any word if that stock would be available for those who choose to SBR the pistol version?

    • You mean the wire stock on the one I’m shooting in the photo? From what I heard that’s still up in the air officially. One of the instructors on the range thought they would be available. That was just his opinion though. Sorry I couldn’t be more specific.

  • echelon

    Screw govt/LE only…

    Slidefire and Sig need to get together and make a “brace” that can also be used to bumpfire…not because it’s practical but just to continue to show the lunacy and tyranny of the NFA statutes…

    And for the love of all ear drums everywhere suppressors should be standard equipment on all firearms in the 21st century for the same reason all cars have mufflers…

    • I wish! I’d love to have a suppressor as small and efficient as this one on the MPX.

      • echelon

        Firearms technology would be so much further along if it wasn’t for the draconian laws.

        And you don’t have to wish…this country could be changed in a heartbeat if we the people really wanted it to change…all that needs to be done is starve the beast. Stop paying taxes. Period. Sure if a few people did it they’d be crushed and demonized as “tax protesters” but if several million people did it en masse? You’d have the full attention of the entire government.

        But we’re brainwashed into believing that we wouldn’t be virtuous “law abiding” citizens if we don’t “pay our fair share” and so we will never do so and we will always have the government we deserve, one that is neither virtuous nor law abiding.

        And the last time I checked the term “wages” never equated to “income” until our government changed the tax code to reflect that. Income is interest or a dividend off of an asset. A wage is something DUE to the person. You traded your time and skill and the wage is owed to you as recompense. That should never have been allowed to be taxed.

        • MichaelJohnWilliams

          Compensation for labor is not income. And anything that is fair exchange between two parties is not income.

          • echelon

            Bingo. But just try arguing that with the Federal Gov/IRS!

          • MichaelJohnWilliams

            In light of this, we view ourselves today as completing a task begun forty years ago and hold that, absent an effort to seek enforcement through a federal court, IRS summonses apply
            no force to taxpayers, and no consequence whatever can befall a taxpayer who refuses, ignores, or otherwise does not comply with an IRS summons until that summons is backed by a federal court order. In addition, we hold that if the IRS seeks enforcement of a summons through the courts, those subject to the proposed order must be given a reasonable opportunity to contest the government’s request. If a court grants a government request for an order of enforcement then we hold, consistent with 26 U.S.C. §7604 and Reisman, that any
            individual subject to that order must be given a reasonable opportunity to comply and cannot be held in contempt, arrested, detained, or otherwise punished for refusing to comply with the original IRS summons, no matter the taxpayer’s reasons or lack
            of reasons for so refusing.


          • echelon

            Problem is they don’t care and they are lawless. They garnish wages and slam people in prison for “tax evasion”, non payment, etc. even in light of this…

          • MichaelJohnWilliams

            Once you volunteer on a 1040, your testimony is considered FACT. I quit volunteering decades ago, and they could not address my paperwork so they moved it between 10 different offices in as many states before they just quit contacting me. And that was for $90k.

          • MichaelJohnWilliams
      • FourString

        I’m probably going to get the pistol model with the SB15 brace yey

      • noob

        can you imagine if they banned mufflers on motorcycles saying “it has to be loud for your safety, so that other motorists can hear you coming!”

        I blame that stupid stunt that William Joseph “Wild Bill” Donovan did in front of President Roosevelt at the Whitehouse, shooting a sandbag while the president was looking away and then handing the smoking suppressed pistol to the startled president.

    • KestrelBike

      But think of all the violent crime that has been avoided due to NFA rules on SBRs/Silencers!

      -said no one ever.

      • n0truscotsman

        because thugs use AK74Us and Mk18s to rob banks thats why…according to hollywood film…

        Its a good thing those PSG-1s were banned. One would hate for criminals to have ready access to those death machines to rob 711s with…

    • Smootchie

      The SBR and suppressor crap is anti-logic lunacy. No basis in common sense or reality

      • echelon

        It all is. Full auto included. When one actually starts to look at most of the “laws” on the books…and really those are just statutes, one begins to realize that most of it is fictional nonsense that really doesn’t have a basis in reality.

        None of it does really anything to stop or curb behaviors. Most statutes are designed to do one thing. Take money from “citizens” and give it to the government. Seems like a pretty good ponzi scheme to me!

  • JR

    I’d like one, but I fear the price will be North of $2k. No facts, just gut feeling, LOL

    • I doubt you’ll be very far off. We shall see:-)

      • Cymond

        I’ve seen some suggestions/evidence that they’ll be around $1600. That could make them major sellers, considering the cost of a MP5 clone. Heck, a Colt 9mm LE6450 sells for about $1100-$1200.
        The people over here seem pretty excited about it.

        • If were talking the civilian model then yes $1600–Max $1800 would be very close.

          • eddie d.

            Phil, any word on mag prices?

            Not may people think about it when a new platform comes out,
            but the lack of quality magazines and/or the price can kill a firearm,
            or prevent it from gaining popularity with civilian shooters.
            ($80-ish for an MP5 factory mag for instance.)

            The ca. $1600 price for the pistol sounds good, and Lancer mags are not that expensive either, is it safe to ballpark a price range of$20-35?

          • Nothing positive but in the area of $35 would seem about right. I doubt they would be any lower. They did put a lot of work into the mags so they will function no matter what the cyclic rate is set to. They developed a special follower and spring.

          • eddie d.

            Thanks for the info Phil!
            $35 would be a decent price for the mags.

            I hope the MPX project will work out well for SIG and they’ll stand behind their product, because this line of guns is really promising, but in the last few years SIG seemed to be a bit disorganised. Maybe it’s the raids and everything, don’t know,
            but they made quite a few big mistakes recently.

            First the 7.62×39 fiasco with not one but two generations of the 556R, then they discontinued almost the whole 516 series inspite they were awesome piston guns (I had the luck to hold one, it just screamed quality), and started the 556Xi thing.
            The way they rushed the 556R into production and then left the owners out to dry wasn’t too nice IMHO.

            Well, let’s hope they won’t stash away this model after a couple of years, because it can only be an MP5 killer if it stick around! 🙂
            HK has been supporting their platform for at least 40 years now, without a hiccup.

          • Eddie I just posted a reply about mag prices. I felt I owed you guys a firm answer and the news isn’t good. $69.95. I hate to hear it because I don’t see why.

          • big daddy

            That just broke the deal for me, that much for a mag and believe me I can see having trouble finding them. I can see them going for $200+ on gun hoarder I mean gunbroker. For that kind of money I can get a Daniel Defense M4, a lot of Pmags and ammo. Though I’d rather this than that Paki MP5 but really, I can’t see spending that kind of money unless it was a true SBR and full auto. Since there is NO way I can do that I’ll pass and keep firing my 9mm AR pistol with SB15 and enjoy every shot, it’s a fun gun. I just wish they would make parts for a .40/.357 SIG AR like the 9mm.

          • I hope they don’t let rounds loose when you insert the magazine with any force, like my Lancer L5 and AWM 5.56mm magazines.

            Lock the bolt back, and try it.

          • Totally new design so I wouldn’t think so.

          • Eddie I just had to find out for sure what the mag prices will be. I did find out and it’s not good news–ready? $69.95!

          • eddie d.

            Now that’s not good. Damn.
            Well, thanks for letting us know anyway, Phil!

          • Yea sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The civilian model retail is indeed $1600 confirmed also. That’s with the optic—

        • I confirmed the price $1600.00

  • Cymond

    “The pistol is the one that will be sold to the public.”
    Wait, I thought they were also going to produce a carbine version with a 16″ barrel and ginormous muzzle brake. There was court case about ATF’s classification. Of course, the pistol will probably be biggest seller.
    Any word on the rumors about a new arm brace?

  • Hedd Wyn John

    It’s a shame this won’t be available in 10mm.

    • Nope no chance. One of the instructors said “I know somebody will ask you guys so I’ll tell you right now there will be no 10mm”

      • Frank

        Seems weird given how many PDs use 45 ACP to not make a larger version in 45/10mm. Didn’t the Penn. State Police just buy a lot of P227s?

      • iksnilol

        What about .45 ACP (so that I can convert it to 460 Rowland)?

    • Cymond

      Yeah, but the 10mm is longer than 9mm/40S&W/357Sig so it would be a different gun.

      • Entirely different and just not worth all the cost to develop. They don’t feel that it would sell well enough to make it worthwhile.

      • Hedd Wyn

        If sig developed with the 10mm as a starting point then all you need a barrel change to switch from 10mm to .40 through to.357 Sig. Instead Sig designed it on the 9mm platform which is too short for 10mm. I believe that’s a mistake as the 10mm has excellent ballistics, the extra recoil and larger platform that has held 10mm back in the pistol arena is less significant for SMGs.

        • To be honest with you. Of all the companies I have dealt with the opinion of the 10mm ranges from indifference to outright laughter and a comment of not that again! Companies just have zero interest in the 10mm. It’s just not going to happen.

    • n0truscotsman

      Why would it be?

      10mm is being abandoned because of all the attributes and disadvantages to the caliber. It was a FBI fad that has outlived its usefulness.

      and if you need more “oomph”, SBRs are widely available and very reliable.

  • bbmg

    It looks about the same size and shoots the same bullet, is it an improvement on the MP5 or is it something slightly better but essentially the same, just “new”?

    • seans

      I have used the MP5SD on deployment, the thing is dated. HK really hasn’t done much to keep updated. Which considering sub guns are on the general decline for most militaries and even for the police, makes sense.

      • No they really haven’t done much to change them in a long time. I would choose the MPX for the features I cited as well as the MPX being lighter weight.

    • It’s an improvement. Fires from a closed and locked bolt,it is smaller at least with the suppressor pictured. The short stroke piston I would say is an improvement. Then as I mentioned you have the ability to change calibers,barrels and stocks in the field. If a situation changes and you have time you can configure it to meet the needs you now have.

    • n0truscotsman

      The superior modularity makes it a incremental improvement to existing SMGs in my opinion. Im unsure of its long term reliability and dependability, as time will only tell (and its got a tall pole to vault over. MP5s have withstood incredible numbers of rounds during their service lifetimes).


    Is there any news on the release date. Sig promises since over a year that the pistol version will come but nothing happens. Rumors last month said end of july but still nothing.

    • Possibly in October— November

      • AZGER

        So what is the fuzz that SIG is doing all about. Just talk and nothing happens. I have a literally a dozen of SIG but also 2 mp5 clones. I really wanted to buy the pistol version but if it takes till oct, they won’t get my money. Since a year they promise and not deliver. SIG USA is far from being SIG Germany in terms of customer service and far from HK. I’ll stay a SIG guy but on this i’ll go for anotherMP5 SD clone i guess. And they seriously should fire their PR guy

        • There are some companies like Cabelas taking pre-orders on them. It might be worth a call to them and see what they expect as the first delivery date.

          • AZGER

            They all say the same. “Communication with SIG sucks. No definite answer. Only promises but no clear answer” Even the dealers are disappointed. Like the P232 in 22lr. Only promises. I think SIG just tried to make a fuzz to impress HK, but realized there’s more to it than just posting some pics on FB or having a few prototypes made for the show. They should have just shut their mouth and come out with it when it’s ready. And the pistol version has no problem with ATF, so that’s no excuse.

          • Blake

            Kinda like trying to pre-order 22LR ammo…

        • The PR folks don’t have the last say. The PR department pretty much makes the decisions happen.

  • 1leggeddog

    What… niche does this gun fill that a PDW AR build or conversion to 9mm can’t do?

    • Steve Truffer

      As it is more or less dedicated, it is smaller, lighter, and does not require a buffer system. You get better performance in something that is built to be what it is rather than altering it to be something else. Also, the excellent suppression system makes it quieter than an AR in any centerfire configuration.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Actually quite, less blowback, appropriately sized parts for the caliber, lighter.

      • Yes indeed all of the above—

      • eddie d.

        And it’s a lot more friendly to suppressors than a 7″-9″ 5.56 PDW, not to mention it’s heck of a lot more friendy to the shooter when firing without one.

    • It’s smaller, quieter by a good deal than an AR PDW. You also have to consider penetration in a crowded environment such as dignitary protection.

    • Nicks87

      It does fill a niche but the question is, does that niche justify the price and logistics of owning/fielding another weapons system when an AR could basically do the same thing? I could maybe see replacing old MP5s but why spend that kind of money when, like I said in my previous comment, most LE agencies are moving away from sub guns and towards SBR/PDW sized AR15s.

      • 1leggeddog

        Exactly my point. If the end result is the same performance-wise and parts sharing is great… why go towards this?

  • AJ187

    So do you have to use a different mag to convert from 9mm to 357 sig/40 cal? Most interested the 40 cal conversion but not a lot of info about release of the 9mm version yet. I’m literally building a custom MP5 40 through a builder but I keep contemplating this which would actually seem cheaper than the Mp5 route.

  • Again that would require a new gun. The upper would have to be upsized.

  • They are referring to a sub gun and all others in that category.

  • Patrick Mingle

    I need one of these so badly

  • Lance

    Cheap MP-5 knock off buy HK cough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • punctuation

    • It’s anything but cheap Lance. I like the MP5 as much as anybody but I have to be honest and say it’s had it’s day unless some changes are made.

    • Gyufygy

      Your mother tells you you’re special, doesn’t she?

  • ozzallos .

    So $1600 for what again? A few rails and the ability to take more than 10 rounds? I mean that’s nice, but I hope it fails in the civilian market for that alone. It’s like the pistol caliber carbine market is a haven for greedy, amoral weenies or something. And God forbid you add the word “bullpup” to your product line. That’s license to charge $500-$1000 more right there. Seriously, this is getting old.

    • Nicks87

      I agree, the “cool” factor seems to be the only thing bumping up the price tag. Sub-guns and pistol caliber carbines just arent that effective. They are much easier to shoot accurately than a pistol but are more difficult to conceal. They are smaller than most rifle caliber weapons but lack the stopping power and range. Compact AR15s (SBR/PDWs) are much more versatile weapons. Good for CQB but also the ability to reach out to 200 yards+. Plus they use more common and readily availible parts(stocks, triggers, mags, etc) which makes sense logistically. Most police depts have made the switch to SBRs for that reason.

      • My old PD actually uses P-90’s

        • Nicks87

          Now that’s definately a cool factor gun. I’m sure their logic is in the lack of over penetratration of the 5.7 round. The secret service uses the P-90 as well I think.

          • Blake

            50rnds in the gun & carrying another couple hundred without too much trouble probably has something to do with it, along with being able to sustain full auto without much muzzle rise.

          • The P-90 hardly moves at all. Pretty high rate of fire also.

          • Come to think of it the USSS does used the P-90. I’m sure over penetration in an urban environment has a lot to do with it.

    • Cynic

      You tit…. stropping off and hoping a gun fails just because you don’t like the fact the market will bear the prices you complain about. Tool… no different from the occutards. I hope this thing works out and we get to handle them soon. I would love to see a .22 conversion and he’ll maybe an AS one for force on force stuff.

      • ozzallos .

        No, I hope people are smart enough to realize how gimmicky this crap is and not bear the price of said overinflated market, you tit. Or something. Bollox. Haggis. Yeah.

        • Cynic

          Basic economics lesson for you then. Outside of a market with price controls by law a price is set based on what the market will bear. Ergo if an object is selling for 1500 it doesn’t matter what the RRP is it could be higher or lower. Like when the Scar was released they went for 3-4k and sold bloody quick at that price.

          So looking at the market price for equivalent guns. (Mp5 clones, 9mm ar15’s and similar) tactical 9mm carbines basically. An Mp5 clone is about 2k I can do a home build ar for around 1200 plus tools. So at 1600 the sig pretty much slots at less than most of the competition bar indirect comp like that jr thing or the 9mm m1 carbine which don’t fit the tactical market or the folding Kelty which fulfils a different niche.

          So what you call ‘greed’ is irrelevant to be honest as it’s pitch at what the market will bear. As for amoral….. setting a market price is not a moral choice unless you are selling neccesities in a time of hardship.

          As for bullous prices look at the small batch accurized a15s. Small batch production a small market share and a limited appeal. They are in th 2500-6k range and a bullous shares most of these issues added in with shipping costs in the case of the tavor and cost of building a production facility in the case of the Aug.

          Basically taking into account the fact guns sell at the price you are talking about and the market doesn’t leave thousands of unsold bullous on the shelves of the LG because people won’t pay 2k per. You seem to know slighty less than fuck all about what it costs to bring a Firearm with niche appeal to market. If they were guaranteed to sell ar15 quantities they could knock them out at 700 per easily but they won’t and so to make a profit they have to carry a higher unit price.

          You don’t whinge that so called high end 1911’s are 3000 to 8000 and yet the market is saturated so I must conclude it’s some irrational dislike making you spout stupidity as fact.

          As for hoping a company fails to idk teach the rest a lesson or whatever you think it would do other than kill innovation and mean companies are wary or releasing anything differing from ‘accepted norms’ I hope whoever you work for goes bust to teach people a lesson about employing idiots.

    • Sig has already dropped the price prior to it even being released. They decided to cut the margin and go from just over $2000 to $1732 which equals to roughly $1599 street price. Having shot the crud out of one I have no problem paying for that kind of quality.

  • hydepark

    I have no interest in anything Sig MPX related except for the release date and price my LGS is going to charge me.

    • Some companies are taking pre-orders. Look for them in the fall. The cost will be $1599—$1699.

      • Andy

        Pretty reasonable considering what an mp5 costs to build.

        Also, any news on the Sig MCX? I think that’s the closest thing to a Honey Badger I’ll be able to get in my lifetime.

        • Yes indeed. We shot the MCX extensively. One of the guys shot a video of the presentation of the MCX. The next article in the Sig series will include the MCX

        • iksnilol

          What about SBR AK? same ballistics, cheaper parts (not as fancy though).

  • Gotcha–we’ll just have to see how this one does.

  • True enough:-)

  • joedeats

    Looks interesting, I won’t go 9mm that’s to weak I do wish it was offered in .45 but 10mm looks good. Price…..meh a bit high but it’s an odd market segment that’s going to be a money maker for Sig.

    • Blake

      Looks like you’ll have to settle for the 40S&W / 357Sig version…

  • Does the arm brace fold to the side for storage? That would be awesome.

    • If you look at the last photo in the article you’ll see a large button that appears to allow the stock to fold if depressed.

      • Thanks Phil, great to hear.

  • noob

    please can they make one with a stock and a 16″ carbine barrel.

    pistol caliber carbine options need to be expanded beyond the highpoint/keltec/ar-15 for camp and survival guns.

    this sounds like it could fit the bill, especially with the extra range that .357sig could provide.

    • mig1nc

      .357sig, looks like ~15″ is the sweetspot for barrel length. Would be good to see maybe a 15″ with a pinned flash hider and retractable stock.

      • noob

        this i like 🙂

      • iksnilol

        Wonder if they would make a version with a wooden stock for hunting?

        • I don’t think there’s any chance at all of that. This is first and foremost a sub gun for military and police use. I’d be very surprised if a carbine version for hunting ever crossed their mind.

          • mig1nc

            Well, they look to have a version with the Sig Pistol Brace, so civilian sales are obviously something on their minds. I think it makes sense to offer a 16″ version. Even if they don’t offer a 15+pinned FH one could always send it in to Adco to get done, relatively cheaply.

          • It’s on their minds no doubt about that. Maybe they’ll have a carbine down the road but again it’s not on the website with the other MPX models.

          • iksnilol

            It was meant as a joke. Only semi auto PCC that is legal for hunting in Norway is the Marlin Camp Carbine. So of they added a wooden stock (sans pistol grip) and sold it with short mags (5 or 10 round mags) you could have a modern camp carbine.

          • Well it is the Internet so you never know:-)

  • mig1nc

    Hmm… .357sig is more than 300 fps faster than 9mm, even +P at that barrel length for the same bullet weight. Besting it by a good 170+ ft-lbs from a 6.5″ barrel and 200+ ft-lbs from a 16″ barrel. Could be very interesting as a PCC round. I know, all pistol calibers suck. I use a 5.56 SBR for HD.

  • interwebs762

    How’s the accuracy compared to an mp5?

    • Just as good at least out to 50 yards.

      • iksnilol

        SMGs generally aren’t that accurate. Pistol bullets have low B.C.

        If you are good you can probably use 9x19mm to about 150-200m

  • mechamaster

    I imagine to load 9x19mm 7N21 / 7N31 or similar P++ ammo in MPX for better stopping power…

    Oh well, never mind

    • It’s considerably louder with 9mm +P. The MPX we shot was primarily fired with subsonic. I did fire one mag of fairly hot 9mm just to clear the pipes a bit:-) They actually advise a mag of higher pressure rounds be fired from time to time. It’s good for the suppressor.

  • USMC03Vet

    Is SIG Sauer the new HK? Except for, you know, actually selling in civilian markets.

  • Several readers have emailed about the need to wear hearing protection even when firing a suppressed weapon. Outside of a suppressed 22 LR I agree. Any shooter should wear some type of hearing protection even if it’s marginal protection.
    Studies have show that even though the shooter feels no pain damage can still occur. If you note the photo at the beginning of the article I’m still wearing electronic hearing protection suppressed weapon or not.
    Over the years I’ve lost a good deal of hearing from flash bangs as well as the usual gunfire and I sure don’t need to lose anymore. I don’t want to see any of our readers suffer hearing loss when it’s so simple to prevent.

  • hydepark

    So I’m confused. Why is the 4.5″ unavailable on the civilian market? Sorry if this was already discussed. That is the only version I would be interested in. I know there are benefits such as muzzle velocity with the longer barrel, but personally I’m more interested in conceal-ability etc.

    Also, below, why is there any uncertainty as to the availability of the wire stock? When exactly did that come into question? We’ve been told for almost a year now (maybe more?) that it would be a standard available option and thus was part of the “modularity” of the design???

    Also, $70 per mag is outrageous pure and simple. And the jacked up thing is I’m sure the agencies that purchase these things will have a footlocker full of free mags for the taking when acquiring even a moderate stock of the actual guns. Shame on Lancer and Sig.

    And fellas, I wouldn’t hold your breath on the October-November date just yet. I was on the phone with a rep not two weeks ago who told me August.

    • August sure isn’t the impression we were given but I’d be glad if it turned out to be this month.

      If you get the wire stock then you’ll be getting into NFA territory and all the expense and paperwork associated with that. The brace is the only way to get a short barrel without going through the hoops of a tax stamp (except you can’t purchase them as a civilian)

      If they do come out with the MPX with a sixteen inch barrel then sure why not have any stock you want. The only mention of that in the Sig literature refers to the pistol and carbine being the only ones available to civilians.

      It’s a moot point since any SBR’s are Gov/LE only.

      This is the text on the Sig website and catalog: “Available in four LE/MIL ONLY Variants and one Semi-auto Carbine version”.

      • AZGER

        Yeah, august would really surprise me. In the sig forum some say they need 3-4 more months for testing. If that’s true, it proves that SIG isn’t ready to compete with HK on the SMG market. Till then a lot of the customers won’t trust the product and will wait till there’s more experience with the guns. Which probably will make’em sell less guns at the beginning and halt the rest of the production/versions. I really can’t wait to see the gun, and hope it’s at least as good as an MP5 on the long run, but SIG should fire whoever is responsible for bloating the whole project beyond the stage it actually is.
        There’s a lot of frustration out there just because of their constant promises of new products that never get released. Looks like an amateurish company and doesn’t reflect the seriousness SIG should reflect

      • hydepark

        Ok I guess I’m kinda surprised at being treated like a child at my LGS in Phil’s answer. I’ve successfully completed and received a suppressor on a Form 4 and currently am in processing for a Form 1. Not trolling here but I am fully aware of the NFA laws. At least the ones that affect me. NFA does NOT equate to gov/Leo only. Why is a senior writer for this blog telling people that tax stamps aren’t available for civilians?

        My original question is why the 4.5″ version would not be made available as a pistol (ie non NFA item) or SBR that would be transferable on a Form 4. And again I ask why there was mention below about the wire stock’s availability is in question? There are articles and videos showing a slim folding stock, the wire stock, and an AR type stock being available for this platform. Take the barrel length and other configuration details out of it.

        Honestly not trolling here but I get the distinct impression that either Phil didn’t read my entire comment/question or maybe I didn’t word it quite right. I am extremely excited about this platform and my goal is to start with the 4.5″ pistol, submit a Form 1, then get the stock after I get my (third) stamp. Or just let it sit in jail while a Form 4 processes. But I’m reading all over this blog entry and its comments that this configuration is restricted to gov/leo only.

        Just want a little clarification is all. Thanks.

        • It’s a company decision most anytime you see the Mil/LE only statement. The company can decide to sell or not sell to civilians. That’s what I meant. If Sig sold you the various parts you wanted then you can take care of the tax stamp business depending on the build.
          I was in no way saying civilians can’t get tax stamps. You misunderstood my statement.

          • hydepark

            Hey Phil, no need to get wound up. No need to act like the jerks we all come across now and then behind gunstore counters. I think Sig is having difficulty making clear statements about this platform as it is, which is where I see most of the frustration in this comment section originating from.

            I think there’s been a misunderstanding not just on my end. Here is your statement above verbatim; “It’s a moot point since any SBR’s are Gov/LE only.” On it’s own, that is not a true statement. If what you’re trying to say is that Sig Sauer doesn’t sell factory SBR’s to civilians, that would be news to me. If they won’t sell factory MPX SBR’s, I think that’s a different statement all together. I’m just trying to figure out what’s what.

            So yeah. Wow. Maybe we should try this one last time. All I want to know is if the 4.5″ version will be available in ANY CONFIGURATION on the civilian market. This will be the third time I’ve asked this question in a simple and clear way. I don’t think I’m just not taking no for an answer. I think there’s some confusion on your part about what I’m asking. And I’ll say again, I’m not trying to jerk you around, I think these are fairly basic questions that could be asked about ANY big new platform release such as this.

            When was the last time any of you guys saw a company restrict a semi-auto SBR to Mil/LEO purchasers only?

          • Oh heck no I’m not wound up at all–far from it. To answer the question on the 4.5 inch barrel it’s not listed as an available option on the civilian model with the arm brace or any other model.
            All of the models with that short of a barrel are listed as restricted to Mil/LE sales by Sig. That’s a company decision only and in no way reflects a restriction by the BATFE. If Sig decided to sell all models to the civilian market then you could certainly purchase one with the correct paperwork tax stamp.
            I think that’s where we got off on the wrong track is the difference between a company decision and federal requirements for owning an SBR etc.
            Whether Sig will change the models available to civilians or not we’ll just have to wait and see.


    What is the capacity of the shorter magazines??? 15rnds 9mm? Thank you.

  • Timothy Chaffee

    What a shame, I would have liked a 10mm version.

  • Vitor

    I shame they wont show the BCG, it is always the most interesting part of a gun IMO.


    Interesting info

  • jmark80

    Does it bother anyone else that so many firearms are not available to civilians? Doesn’t that sort of go against the intent of 2A and the “common usage” standard of SCOTUS?

    • It’s been that way for a long time. H&K comes to mind on selling not only select fire guns but semi autos as well. It’s usually a company decision.

  • South

    The more I read about it the more I like it but the economics just won’t be there, I’m afraid. I see this selling for a minimum of $2,000.00 and more likely $2,500.00. An arguably quality Uzi is now around $1,000.00 and POF is bringing us HK94’s for around $1,500.00. IMO both of those are overpriced as well since neither have the modularity of the AR platform.

    Of course if I decide I have the money I will buy one but have always feared the machine pistol market just isn’t where we need it to be from a pricing standpoint. This is why the AR continues to win so many experienced and first time long arm buyers.

    I am still looking for that AR magazine that allows us to use pistol ammo so the mag block is a thing of the past making pistol caliber AR’s even easier to build and more intuitive.

  • hydepark

    Just got off the phone with a customer service rep named Jim and he said in no uncertain terms that the only version that would be unavailable to the civilian market would be the select fire models. Then I called back and got ahold of a different rep who parroted the same thing. I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong here but I wish they would get their shit straight this close to release.

    Phil, just curious as to who told you about the restrictions. Like I said that’s the only model I’m interested in so it’s a bit of a deal breaker if it won’t be available. And I remember them showing the modularity system of barrel and hand guard swaps so it makes even less sense.

    • AZGER

      Did they mention any release date? Or the usual blabla?

      • hydepark

        I asked both. I mentioned the timeframe suggested here and neither would comment one way or the other. Very unhelpful considering this is a company attempting to make monetary profits from the distribution and sale of product.

        • You have to remember that the customer service reps can be restricted from commenting on the release dates, prices etc if management tells them not to release the information yet because it hasn’t been set yet or they have a press release pending. There can be any number of reasons.
          The customer service people are there primarily to help with questions on guns already in the gun shops or a gun you own. Add to that warranties and such. Chances are good they won’t have much information to share on products that haven’t been released.

      • In the fall approx. October

    • That’s what I’ve said—the model that will sell to the public is the MPX P SB or arm brace model. All of the others pictured above that say Mil/LE are select fire weapons and will not be sold to the public. It’s saying the same thing in a different way. All of those in the pictures I posted are select fire except the arm brace model which is the only semi auto at this point. The 16 inch semi auto carbine isn’t shown on the website so whether that will come along later remains to be seen.
      Upper management is where my info came from. Tell you what. If I have the time tomorrow I’ll call and verify again what I was told. If I can get that done I’ll post it to clear the air.

      • hydepark

        A clarification would be awesome. I know that plenty of companies sell select fire lowers gov/leo only but that has no bearing on the upper assemblies. That’s me assuming the fcg has no parts in the upper though. I think Sig would be foolish to limit it’s main market (civilians) to two models.

  • Not interested

    Way overpriced.

    • Cymond

      Very fairly priced compared to competing products.

  • hydepark

    I would also like to point out another inconsistency with Phil’s source’s info presented here. Again, I am in no way trying to cause an argument here. I just find it fascinating how Sig’s story can change literally day to day and person to person. All I would like to know is the truth.

    Phil “confirmed” the price point would be $1600 for the two alleged civilian-available models (their website shows one model). This is in direct contradiction to Sig’s own website shown in the link above. The price there is $1732. A bit of a strange number if you ask me. The description of that model is
    actually a description of the Sig Brace, not the MPX or any of its
    variants. And it’s interesting to note the jump in magazine price Phil quoted below from $35 to $70. Where / who did this info come from? If I find another random rep will he tell me mags will be $18 OR $140???

    Also, while the reps Phil spoke with may not have confirmed or mentioned another brace model, I would like to point out that it’s been confirmed independently through various other blogs / sources for quite some time now as shown in the links below. The first link suggests that a Sig rep at the NRA Convention said the old brace will be phased out sometime next month, and the new design should have been available the first half of May. Why is a multi-billion dollar international arms manufacturer that’s been around since the 1800’s confused about its own products?

    Part of the reason I’m commenting about all this stuff is so that one of TFB’s readers doesn’t confuse what’s written in the article above with the truth. I think I’ve shown enough here in this comments section to show that the info you get depends entirely on which rep you speak with and what the date on the calendar happens to be. Ridiculous is an understatement at this point.

    • One of the readers talked about the price and mentioned $35 which I said sounded reasonable. I also told him and others I’d check for sure which I did and gave them the actual price they are being sold at $69.95.
      The actual selling price of the civilian version is $1599 at one retailer and $1699 at another. I didn’t list the retail price from the website since items never sell for the full price.
      The brace I believe you refer to is on the MPX in the last photo in the article which is from the Sig website. I didn’t see one in the Sig Pro Shop. We were pretty rushed for time though I could have missed seeing it.


    I just remembered that ATF is deciding today if the will go on with the MPX-C muzzlebrake interdiction. Might that be the reason why SIG sucks at disclosing a release date? Since, if the ATF drops their intention to classify it as a NFA item, SIG would be legal to offer the C version from tomorrow on. And then launch both versions. Just a thought.

  • Over the last couple of days one of the readers has called into question what I’ve passed along as release dates, models etc. Well I did what I said and spoke with Sig this afternoon on the phone. These are facts and should you read otherwise or be told otherwise feel free to tell the person they are mistaken.
    1. The release date is just what I wrote and that is October/November in other words 4th quarter of the year.
    2. The MSRP is $1732 which was dropped from just over $2000. Actual street pre-order price is $1599—$1699. After being sold for a period of time they expect the price to drop about $50.
    3. NO full auto models will be sold to civilians now or in the future.
    4. The only model being sold to the public at the time of release will be the pistol model which comes in two variations no stock at all pistol and arm brace pistol. semi auto only.
    5. There will be NO 16 inch barrel carbine model.
    6. The only carbine version will POSSIBLY be the one with the 6+ inch barrel and flash suppressor of 9 inches which totaled together will equal the legal 16 inches. This is the model the ATF ruled against. A 3rd determination is being made and most opinions hold that the first and second ruling will be reversed allowing this model to be sold. Should the ruling work to Sigs favor these will not be available real soon but will be available. There is no speculation on that release date since at present the ATF still has it on hold.
    7. So the pistol model in it’s two variations listed above under #4 are the primary release to the civilian market this year. An SBR model WILL be available but not until next year most likely (NFA rules apply on this MPX). Semi-auto only. At some time it may be possible to purchase an SD in semi-auto only. This will be the integral suppressor version. That’s a maybe only and is under consideration. No promises on this one right now.
    8. People have asked about purchasing various parts so they can build their own. At some point (time unknown) parts will most likely be sold to civilians (stocks and such) but that won’t happen until the number of civilian and Mil/LE versions are well underway in production. Sig wants to ensure they have enough parts for production units to fill all orders before they start selling parts. That’s just good business sense. You want to make sure you can fill the demand for complete guns before you start selling parts.
    9. Again ALL MPX models sold to civilians will be SEMI-AUTO only.

    So, there you have it. I hope this helps.

    • hydepark

      Also just wanted to kinda point out that I was never under the impression that select fire weapons were ever going to be available to us if manufactured since 1986. Guess I should have put a disclaimer that I wasn’t 12 years old in one of my posts. If you’re so inclined you can go back and read my posts and nowhere in any of them did you mention those were exclusively select fire models, and nowhere did I ever mention anything of the sort. What I found weird was that they would sell an 8″ version, but not a 4.5″ (SEMI AUTO). Thanks again.

      • I just took the extra time to make sure all of the information I passed along was correct. I made the phone calls and spent the time to keep my word to you and provide exact detailed information.
        The ATF has the model you mention on hold. The only civilian model close to what you describe is the 6 inch barrel with 9+ inch flash suppressor.
        I haven’t been talking down to you I honestly don’t know how you got that impression.

        • Cymond

          I think the model he’s referring to is the MPX-K, which has a 4.5″ barrel. He’s wishing for a pistol with a 4.5″ barrel instead of the standard 6.5″ MPX pistol barrel. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 6.5″ could just be cut down 2 inches without affecting reliability, but I really don’t see the big deal with 2″ one way or the other.

  • hydepark

    Thanks for all the info Phil. You guys are always my #1 source for gun info. Sorry to be such a bother but in the age of information Sig should have a better handle on what does and doesn’t get out there. Glad to see someone at Sig has enough knowledge and permission to share at least this much info. And it sounds like Sig is playing it safe to start which seems smart. I hope I don’t have to wait three years for the configuration I (and I’m sure many others) want but if so it is what it is. I’ll let the people who don’t mind paying well over msrp for early (and frequently buggy) models go at it for a while.

  • hydepark

    Just came across this video again.

    If you’re interested, scroll to the 1:30 mark and you’ll see that they present overviews of various models, including the MPX-K. In the description of the “K” model, the words “Semi-Auto and Select Fire” appear. And earlier in the video, it goes somewhat in-depth to describe the modularity of the platform, including various available barrel lengths. NO models are restricted. Sorry to keep on this subject, but I refuse believe that Sig (which HAS and still DOES sell SBR models to “civilians”) will not be selling the complete upper in the “K” version, the parts to build it, or the full pistol / SBR “K” model. Especially considering all the confusion Sig has already surrounded itself in. Hopefully sometime between the end of this year and the beginning of 2015 we will have a better understanding of what will and will not be available. Thanks again for taking so much time on this, Phil. I think we’ll just have to give this clusterfuck some time to clear up. At least that’s my hope.

  • I have waited forever for something other than a handgun chambered in the IMMENSELY UNDERRATED .357Sig cartridge…
    My prayers were answered! Thanks, SIG!

  • MCM

    10rd MPX-P-9-PSB – Will these be out in 2014? or 2015? Any info on the release date on these?

    • MCM

      Are these included in the Oct / Nov release? Thanks

  • cruiser

    China type 79(1979) 7.62x25mm is another gas-operated and closed/rotary bolt sub-machine gun. In fact, its core mechanism is a minimized AK-47(china Type 56). Though more than 300,000ps Type79 are still in service in China LE, it’s not a successful product. Many soliders and policemen accuse.its unreliability and high shoot speed which in fact is more than 1200 round/min and makes the gun very hard to handle in full-auto mode. It was used as aux weapon for Chinese scout at the beginning of China-Vietnam war(1979-1988), but soon after China army abandoned it because its unreliability was an more deadly threaten than the true enemy. (in Chinese)