Oakley SI Fuel Cell Ultrablend: Hand Painted Camo Shooting Glasses

New from Oakley Standard Issue (SI) is the limited-edition SI Fuel Cell Ultrablend shooting glasses . Each pair of glasses is airbrushed by hand with two different patterns and three different Cerakote colors giving each pair a unique camouflage pattern.

Oakley SI Ultrablend Fuel Cell


I really like the look of these and would seriously consider getting a pair if not for a worsening astigmatism that now forces me to shoot with prescription ballistic glasses if I wish to to achieve an acceptable (in my mind) level of accuracy. But I will have one of the team do a hands-on review of these in the near future.

The full press release …

 FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif., DATE July 15, 2014 – Oakley Standard Issue (SI), a division of Oakley, Inc., today announced the release of SI Fuel Cell Ultrablend™ – a limited-edition line of eyewear the incorporates concealment and camouflage techniques taught in the Army Field Manual 21-75 Chapter 1 and utilized in the battlefield.

Meticulously produced, the SI Fuel Cell Ultrablend™ eyeglasses are hand-crafted and individually airbrushed using two different patterns of netting and three different colors of Cerakote Generation II Firearm Coating. The final product has the added aspects of durability, abrasion resistance, lower NIR reflectivity, and a unique camouflage pattern that could only be achieved making them by hand.

SI Fuel Cell Ultrablend lenses also incorporate Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics® (HDO) and meet ANSI Z87.1 impact standards.

For more than 20 years, Oakley SI has worked in conjunction with the U.S. Armed Services to develop products that have proven critical in the field. Oakley SI has applied its extensive engineering and advanced technologies from this partnership to create the SI Fuel Cell Ultrablend.

“Throughout the years, our warriors have always been masters of improvisation. With nothing more than a can of spray paint and laundry netting, these individuals use whatever limited means necessary to remove the solid colors of their helmets and weapons, and create a blending effect. With the SI Fuel Cell Ultrablend, we knew we wanted to make the products accurate, and our painting process had to be done by hand. Each pair of glasses is a work of art,” said Drew Wallace, Oakley SI Product Manager.

SI Fuel Cell Ultrablend™ comes in black or desert color patterns and will be available on OakleySI.com in July 2014

Steve Johnson

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  • guest

    Can this “gun fashion” thing get any more ridiculous?

    • Zachary marrs

      Woah br0, do you even tier-1 opz?

      • dan

        You need to come over to my house and clean the coffee off my counter you just made me spit everywhere

      • USMC03Vet

        Directions unclear. Got charging handle stuck in beard.

        Calling for QRF….

      • guest

        Finally… now I know. I always wanted to be a real operator, so I
        could operate operationally in an operating operator environment.
        was always bullied, told I was taking stuff too seriously, did not have
        custom dust covers with engravings and not having 50% of my black rifle
        made up from various LaRue gadgets and not having a customized firing
        pin and a 500$ flash hider.
        I rectified that, and I was still
        ridiculed. Other operators wearing latex camo suits, with Glock recoil
        sping tool-balls held in their mouths by olive drab 3-point lanyards,
        drinking skinny lattes from AR-mugs came over and still laughed, saying
        “HelllOOOOO opeator-girlfriend, you gear is like sooooooo 2013”. It
        crushed me. I cried in my ASAT-colored pollow at night.

        But then I
        got these glasses – and it all changed. Now I can frolic with all the
        other real operators, and even make fun of others who are inferior and
        not up to speed with all the gear. I know it’s difficult to get lost,
        but TFB always shows me the way. Thank you! I am saying this trough
        tears of happyness.

  • Marc

    “Fuel Cell Ultrablend”? This raises two questions:
    1.) What does this product have to do with fuel cells?
    2.) Will it blend?

  • tetsujin79

    I’ve got a set of Oakleys I had prescription lenses made for. They even matched the original lens color. I also have an astigmatism and the only issue was on the lens was much thicker, but they milled it to fit.

    Talk to your optometrist.

    • Thanks. My prescription limits the frames I can use and Oakley don’t offer any to suit one of my eyes.

      • TomD

        OK…what frames do you use? Another astigmatism suffer wants to know!

    • I’d love to find a pair of Oakley Radar / M-Frame style sunglasses that would help me with my astigmatism. it makes me trijicon look like a gumdrop, rather than a 3 MOA dot…. Eyeglasses work, but…. I’m a cyclist, and a firearms fan, so having a pair of radar/m-frames is just for style!

  • USMC03Vet

    Not operator enough. Add dynamic into the name and you got yourself a sale.

    Also I’m just going to assume since no price was listed on their domain that they’ve detected through my computer that it’s out of my reach and don’t want me to laugh at the price.

    • Ross

      OakleySI.com is their direct sales website for military, government, LE, fire, EMS. Up to 50% discount on retail price, and some exclusive items.

      • der fuhrer

        Why the discount? Cops, firefighters and especially .gov parasites are the only ones left in the US with good paying jobs.

        • der fuhrer I’ve read other comments you’ve made. We don’t like or appreciate racist comments or individuals on TFB. There is no second chance for this type of behaviour. You’ve been banned.

          • der fuhrer

            Oh really? Banned- huh? My previous statement that was deleted said that cops, firefighters and .gov leeches shouldn’t get a discount because they were the only ones left in the US with good-paying jobs. Do I get a third chance?

          • reinhard heydrich

            I bet you miss the good ol’ days when if somebody said something you didn’t like all you had to do was brain them with your baton.

          • bob pissonme

            I thought pigs had thicker skin-guess not.

          • dan

            Easy to say things like that when you’re hiding behind your computer.

          • bob pissonme

            Fuck off you dumb jackboot licking cunt. Sure I’ll put my real name up here so the local Gestapo PD can come kick my door down and plant some dope. Get a fucking clue.

          • Yes indeed and now banned again under yet another name.

      • bob pissonme

        3rd time. Why should LE, firefighters and .gov slugs get discounts- due to being able to suckle the taxpayer teat they live “high on the hog” as compared to the serfs.

    • Steve-O

      It should be: Oakley SI Dynamic Fuel Cell Pro Ultrablend Limited Edition To The MAX!

      • hkryan

        Don’t forget: Tactical.

  • Michael Valera

    Oakley makes prescription lenses themselves, I would never put 3rd party lenses in Oakleys.

    All my glasses and sunglasses are made by the Oakley factory directly. http://rx.oakley.com/

    • Absolutely, but my prescription limits the frames I can use.

      • Michael Valera

        True. Some of the frames with larger lenses are limed to lower then -3. My Straight Jackets will take up to -4 I believe.

        • Michael Valera

          Actually I lied I have the Five squared glasses, bit I think they both go to -4.

  • Cymond

    I know it’s just marketing, but “Standard Issue” and “limited edition” are contradictory.

  • Phillip Cooper

    I love how people want custom kit… then hire out the job.

    REAL simple, folks.
    1) Buy glasses
    2) Buy cheap airbrush, and paint of choice (hell, Krylon camo would work)
    3) Pop lenses out. Paint glasses. Let dry. Reassemble
    4) REAL custom kit.

    Why is this hard?

  • Core

    You can get prescription lenses installed.