Megapistols takes a look at 7 megapistols. Hybrids of rifles made into the pistol category. The obvious benefits are high powered and no Class 3 ATF license and tax stamp. Most of the 7 are a form of an AR pistol.

Here are the ones that stand out.

CzechPoint SA Vz. 58 is an interesting option. Not quite an AK as it is based of the SA Vz. 58 but chambered in 5.56.


According to author Doug Larson:

The AK-47 incorporates a rotating bolt in a bolt carrier that is permanently attached to the gas piston, and the bolt has two locking lugs that engage recesses in the trunnion or receiver to solidly lock the bolt in battery. The vz. 58, however, uses a bolt that is locked into battery by a camming block that drops into two slots cut into the receiver—in a manner similar to the locking mechanism of the P.38—and the gas piston is a separate piece that is not attached to the bolt carrier. While the AK-47 uses a long-stroke piston, the vz. 58 piston is a short-stroke design that imparts a sharp blow to the front of the bolt carrier, sending it backwards for the extraction stroke. The carrier is then propelled forward by a recoil spring, permitting the bolt to strip a fresh cartridge from the magazine and feed it into the chamber. In the meantime, the piston is returned to its forward position by a coil spring.


I find the MasterPiece MPA930 9mm an interesting choice.  I do not see much benefit to a Mac10 styled pistol over, say, a Glock 17, with red dot and 33 rd magazine. I think they should have added the KRISS Vector SDP pistol instead of this.



Tactical-life also included the Mossberg 715P .22LR

I would not consider this a “megapistol” but more in the category of a fun range toy. It doesn’t catch my fancy but you may have a different preference than me. 25 rds of .22lr just doesnt seem like much when compared to my PMR-30 with 30 rds of .22WMR.


Nicholas C

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  • duho7761

    I recently got an Extar EXP. I love it. Once I’m proficient with it, it will be my main HD tool.

    I can shoot it accurately using a Weaver stance. If I want a little bit better accuracy over longer distances, I can put my left hand in front of the magazine well.

    Cool little pistol……even though it isn’t really little… get the idea

    • JSmath

      Interesting weapon. Mistook it for a PLR-16 knockoff at first glance, but it does seem to have a few good points going for it. It’d be a great training weapon for youngins breaking into rifle sized weapons, I think, especially with the commonality in design/controls to the AR and especially the upper/lower receivers.

      With that 8″ barrel, I think they’d have a real winner chambering 300BLK. Otherwise, I personally wouldn’t use it for HD, since that puts it’s muzzle velocity well under 2700fps.

    • ClintTorres

      Please put ear muffs next to your Extar or you will be deaf after shooting it indoor without ear pro. Heard the comp on those make them LOUD.

      • duho7761

        Ridiculous loud.

  • Only the bureaucratic and ridiculous gun laws in America would classify these this pistols, and a glock with a stock as a rifle.

    • JSmath

      Well, that is true, but I’d rather have I’ll take our bureaucratic and ridiculous gun laws than the outright bans many (most) other countries have.

      The only thing worth mentioning the 715P for is that it somehow made it on the list. The mk107 and P516 are instant recommendations for anyone considering a “megapistol”.

      I’m a huge fan of Vz.58’s, but I don’t quite think I’d recommend the 556 pistol variant ~ too much extra modding work/cost to bring it up to the baseline of modern AR15 pistols. As a basic weapon, sure. But if anyone’s thinking they want to throw extras like a red dot, flashlight, AFG OR a STANAG mag adapter (to use AR15 mags) at it, it’s just too much in and not enough out. Emphasis on “OR” not being an “and”.

    • Hoff

      Bureaucratic and ridiculous gun laws in America? Try Russian gun laws:

      1) You’re not allowed to own a pistol.
      2) You’re only allowed to own a total of 10 guns, 5 ea. of smoothbores and rifles.
      3) You’re only allowed to own a rifle after 5 years of owning a smoothbore gun.

      Etc, etc.

  • Man pippy

    Forget the weaver stance, just follow what the SAS and Australian boarding crews use, HK MP5K pistols with sling drawn tight by pushing the gun forward, good accuracy at indoor distances.

    • John

      Reminded me of Chuck Norris and his Uzi slings

    • iksnilol

      Using the sling is smart much more accurate&controllable.

      Are any of these in 7.62×39? Something in x39 with a 12 inch barrel and scope is good for a general purpose rifle.

      • JSmath

        Yep, x39’s what the vz.58’s started out on (as the little quoted snippit above eludes to)! If you hit up czechpoint-usa’s website, you’ll find they stock ’em in 556 and x39.

        Before you ask, the vz.58 uses a different mag than AKs do.

        • iksnilol

          I know what a VZ58 is, just stupid of them to not mention the PWS pistols (which can be had in 7.62×39) while mentioning 3 AR pistols.

          Also I am a bit jelly of all the short barreled goodness.

  • Man pippy

    Ferfans should come out with a pistol in auto, with their rate of fire reduction system, it’ll lower it to 600 shots per minute. Should be controllable in tight confines, though 5.56 SBRs indoors is brutal.

  • dan citizen

    No Draco?
    My last Draco shot tight groups, functioned flawlessly.

  • Mickey R

    Not to be pedantic, but there is no such thing as a “Class 3 ATF license.” You receive a tax stamp indicating you’ve paid the amount required to transfer or make and register the NFA item, not a “license” to own the item.

    • Havok

      Well…there is such a thing as a Class 3 license from the ATF….it is what a Dealer is required to have in order to sell any NFA item.

      • Mickey R

        It’s a Class 3 Special Occupational Tax (SOT), not a “Class 3 license.” Federal Firearms Licenses are distinguished by Type, SOTs are distinguished by Class. Class 1 SOT is for importing NFA items, Class 2 SOT is for manufacturing/dealing NFA items, and Class 3 SOT is for dealing NFA items. In colloquial use, however, “class 3 license” is said by many to be what one needs to have in order to own any NFA items. And that is simply not correct. I own many NFA items, and don’t have a “license” for any of them… Class 3 or otherwise.

  • Ken

    Someone needs to make an M14 pistol, since M14 rifles are banned in MD, but not pistols.

  • M@

    What the hell is up with all the spam crap popping up on the mobile site? I gotta deal with candy crush crap here now too? Weak sauce.

  • RaunchyDawg

    I’m sorry but if I’m taking that much barrel off my rifle I’m ditching the 5.56 for a 300 BLK or similar. IMO, we all have them, a SBR or pistol 5.56, (sub 14.5″ in this reference) is simply a novelty.

  • El Duderino

    I’m not even a big fan of 5.56mm in anything less than a 20″ barrel (what the cartridge was designed for). An AR pistol in 9mm has been on my list for a long time, and with the SIG braces I REALLY want to put one together. 10-12″ is pretty much the optimal barrel length for 9mm velocity-wise.

    • Ergo

      I built a 10.5 pistol in 556. The sig brace really tied the room together

  • J S

    I took a PSL rifle, had the barrel cut to 11″ and redid all the weak points.
    If you ever have the need to punch a fist sized hole in something, and set it on fire at the same time, boy, do I have the tool for you.
    Lots of fun, not very practical, and the 10 foot fireballs from the biz end kinda says it all.
    Man, I love being a redneck….

  • torr10

    I love my MPA 9mm. It was probably added because it’s not overpriced to feed the greed hungry corporations out there and it still looks pretty bad!!

  • Panzercat

    The tac-life article is complete cheeze. Except for the CzechPoint, everything is either an AR build or completely lacking in the “megapistol” department. .22LR? Are you serious? Throw a Extar 556 in there. Maybe a PLR 16. There’s a 45-70 Contender pistol, but i guess that’s not tactical enough.

    • ClintTorres

      By “Mega Pistol” I think they’re referring to ones that are too big to fit in a regular sized holster? Who knows what criteria they used.

  • TV-PressPass

    As a guy who owns a Vz58 pistol: heck yeah

  • JT

    I think you’ll see the advantage of the mpa once you get the folding buffertube and arm brace for it 🙂