Cryptic Coating Grand Opening

Ever wanted a gold plated BCG? Cryptic Coating can help with that.  Using PVD (Physical Vapor Disposition or CVD (Chemical Vapor Disposition) to coat AR parts, they are creating ultra hard but durable coatings.  On top of the normal NiB they are doing black, gold, bronze silver and a manganese phosphate.  Personally I am fond of the high gloss gold and bronze.

On top of just looking cool, they do offer lubricity properties as well as wear resistance, easier cleaning and increased cyclic rates.  If you want more info on their coatings, and what they offer, they have a very good link that explains each one and all the info for here here:

If you want more info, or pricing check out their press release below, that contains a link to their site.

cryptic_coatings_bolt_carrier_group_02__17657.1404419273.1280.1280 cryptic_coatings_bolt_carrier_group_04__73564.1404419271.1280.1280

Conover, N.C. – With ties in the performance coatings industry, Cryptic Coatings, Ltd. enters the specialty firearms coating industry by offering complete full auto Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG) for AR15, M16 and M4 firearms coated in their specialty Physical Vapor Disposition (PVD) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) processes.

Founded by retired veteran Army Master Sergeant Gary Huffman and his wife Karen, Cryptic Coatings specializes in complete BCGs coated in one of their six available coatings each designed to provide reduced friction coefficient that not only lowers operating temperatures but also increases overall performance and BCG life.

Available CVD / PVD Coatings

  • Mystic Black
  • Mystic Bronze
  • Mystic Silver
  • Mystic Gold
  • Nickel Boron
  • Manganese Phosphate

Back by a lifetime guarantee, Cryptic Coatings is confident that their coated BCGs will increase lubricity and wear resistance while providing a smoother recoil, improved accuracy, faster cyclic rates and reduce carbon fouling.

Cryptic Coatings may be found online at


  • Risky

    Makes me want to put together a gold plated AR15 ala Saddam Hussein style.

  • Daniel Prickett

    Somewhere a cartel leader just got a boner.

  • J.T.
  • Andrew

    There’s an almost identical post to this TWO POSTS BELOW IT. Shit like this is what makes us not believe you when you say, “we don’t do paid reviews.” Yet you spam the hell out of *certain* cheesy products.

    • Andrew- Good feedback but off-base.

      All the writers have to find their own source material and Sam and I ran across the same Press Release. We missed the duplication.

      “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

  • iksnilol

    Can’t justify it from a tactical perspective but it is so cool.

    • Freedoooom

      You sure can. 3000 vickers. 0.01 CoF.

      Oh wait… You’re probably one of those “if them boys who shoot guys in the face use phosphate, then its good enough for me!”

      • Mack

        If its rated 3000 larry vickers, it must be legit! just one of him is pretty decent!

  • Lammo

    I don’t think that word means what you think it means.
    I believe the third word in the description of these coating methods should be deposition not disposition.

  • Ross

    why no slide coating?

  • ems-92

    I can has a bronze, silver or gold AR? I don’t care who you are thats pretty awesome

    • gunslinger

      the next middle eastern tyrant/dictator.

      throw some diamonds and other bling

  • Squirreltactical

    Semi-relevant: I got a Fail Zero BCG for my new BCM upper. Gonna be finishing putting it together in a few weeks. Can not wait to see how it runs. All I’ve every shot are phosphate coated guns.